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Hybrid Bike Sizes For Women, Everything You Need To Know

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April 04, 2019
Hybrid Bike Sizes For Women, Everything You Need To Know

Hey guys, Dustin here, Sixthreezero CEO. I'm here with my lovely model Alana today, and we are going to talk to you about bike sizing for women, and specifically today, hybrid bikes. We're sitting here with the Sixthreezero Pave n'Trail, and Alana's 5'1"; so we want to show you what someone 5'1" looks like on a women's hybrid bike, and then specific to our Pave n'Trail, so everyone at home can get a sense of what the fitting is like for the height ranges, especially women in the shorter category closer to five feet.

So Alana, if you can go ahead and step on here ... and we do have a suspension seat post on this bike; so as she gets on, that seat post is gonna come down a little bit, and it's gonna make it easier for her to stand over the bike. So you can see now, as she's standing over the seat, she's on the very tips of her toes. So I would say, generally speaking, this is okay if you're a fairly experienced bike rider, and you're comfortable balance-wise. If you haven't ridden in a long time, or you are not too confident in stopping, and you're worried about keeping your balance, then this would not be recommended in this current setup like this.

So, for Alana, I think she's comfortable. She could ride this bike and it would work for her. Now, Alana, step your leg off and I'll show them how we can adjust this ... or pull your ... get completely off the bike. So, you can see, on all the Sixthreezero bikes, the Pave n'Trail comes with a reflector right here; so, a little secret is if you're not riding at night, a) you really don't need a reflector. You can also get a rear light that goes somewhere else on the bike frame to alleviate needing the reflector under the seat post.

So, we're gonna basically gain about a quarter of an inch if I go ahead and pull this off; so let's go ahead and just unscrew this. We can leave those there, don't worry about it. And so now, it's quick release, so we can go ahead and you can see right here; there's about a quarter of an inch, we can go ahead and drop that right down, and just clamp that back. Okay. And just hop right back on there, Alana. And there you go.

So now, this makes this bike a lot better. You can see she's down on basically ... if you can zoom in on her foot, she's basically got the front pad of her right foot down, which is pretty much exactly what you want. Now, her leg is maybe a little bit more extended than is completely ideal, but in this case, for her, if she's comfortable, that's a good fit.

So, the Pave n'Trail can accommodate someone who's 5'1", and that's it. So, if you have any specific questions about your body type, or need any expert advice on fitting, please give us a call, our phone number, 310-982-2877, or shoot us an e-mail,; also, don't forget, enter your dimensions into our body fit calculator. It's gonna tell you if that bike fits you or doesn't fit you. If you have specific questions about fitting to your body type, reach out to us, 'cause we want to make sure every bike is a perfect fit for you. 

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