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How to Turn a Tricycle | Sixthreezero Trike Guide

Hi, it's Allana and Max here with sixthreezero and today we're going to teach you how to turn on a trike.

For today's video, I have my brother Jacob here to help demonstrate how to turn on a trike. Jacob knows how to ride a bike, but he has never written a trike and so this will be new for him. And if you're going to try these tips at home, it will be helpful to have someone helping you out. But if you don't have anyone to help you, you can definitely practice on your own too.

To get started, we are going to have you mount the bike. To mount the bike, you're going to engage the brake, step through, and sit down.

All right.

Perfect. He's a natural. Before we get started into the actual turning, make sure that when you're practicing, you're practicing on somewhere that has a level ground. If you have an empty parking lot to practice in, that would be great. Somewhere where you have a lot of space to practice, riding slowly and making your wide and sharp turns. So oftentimes when someone is just starting out on riding a trike and they go to take a turn, they will tend to lean opposite the turn. So say Jacob was turning right. The natural instinct is to lean to the left, but actually, you want to avoid doing this. You really want to try to stay centered the whole time. And I know your instinct tells you that you're going to tip over if you don't counter the turn by leaning out, but actually, you can practice getting used to how stable it is on a trike by doing this.

So what you will want to do to get a feel for the stability of the trike and to build your confidence, knowing that you're not going to tip-over turning, you can practice first by turning your wheel to one direction. So in this case, the left and also leaning to that direction. As you can see, go ahead and put your feet on the pedals. So as you can see, Jacob's really stable. The trike, all three wheels are still on the ground, safe, fine, flat. You can practice it in the opposite direction too.

The trike is not tipping at all and either direction. So you know that you're really stable. Now, you can go ahead and stop, when you're going into a turn, you know that you don't have to counter it by leaning out. You just want to focus on staying centered. All right. So now that you know how stable the trike is, you can practice moving. If you have someone to help you, like in Jacob's case he has me, what you can do is start by pedaling slowly and having your helper guide you. You're just going in a straight line for now, at a slow speed. So let's do that. All right, you got it.

Okay. You've practiced forward movement, remembering to stay centered, keeping your eyes ahead, not looking down. Now you can add in some turns with your helper guiding you. If you don't have someone to help you, you can just practice slight turns first in each direction and then build from there. Right now, we'll practice going, you can guide with the handlebars, and I'll just be here for assistance.

All right.

And remember to stay centered.

Once the person riding feels comfortable, then the assistant can go ahead and back off and you can go ahead and practice on your own.

You'll want to practice that, making sure to practice turns in either direction. And remember when you're taking a turn, you're going to have a wider turn radius than you would with a bike, so make sure you have enough space for that. And make sure to go slow into your turn, especially to start out. The more you practice, the more comfortable you'll be turning before going out for a longer ride. Just to remind you, we have another video that goes over the basics of riding a trike from start to finish. So make sure you watch that before getting into this because you do want to make sure you know how to brake properly before getting going. That should cover turning. Hopefully, this is helpful to you and gets you out on a trike, feeling comfortable, and confident, and having fun.

Thank you for watching. If you have any video topics that you'd like us to cover about trikes, e-trikes, e-bikes, anything, let us know in the comments below. Don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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