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How To Transition From Bike To The Office In 10 Minutes

Triathletes have transition cycling down pat, but they still have nothing on a business professional who is pulling up to their building and due to a meeting in 12 minutes. Getting between the road and the office swiftly is indeed an art form. If you are a bike commuter who is also committed to punctuality, it’s important to have a game plan. Here are some ways a new bike commuter can learn to get from bike to office in just 10 minutes:

Have a Bike Storage Plan Ready

The first obstacle you’re likely to encounter as a bike commuter is where to park your chariot. Have your bike lock in an easy to access place in your bike storage or briefcase and have a list of bike racks near your office. Should your go-to bike rack in front of the building suddenly be full one morning, what would you do? Have a plan ahead of time to avoid a nervous scramble.

Not sure your office will have reliable bike storage? Consider a folding bike, which you could bring upstairs in an elevator and keep in the office without getting in anyone’s way.

Minimize Your Clothing Quick Change

Easy access to bike storage will certainly help you get to the office on time, but there’s still the important matter of changing from bike commuting clothing to your professional attire. The best strategy for getting ready quickly is to combine clothes left at the office with smart riding attire.

For instance, you may want to leave a blazer or cardigan at the office along with a few pairs of appropriate shoes. That leaves you to ride into the office in wrinkle-resistant fabrics like cotton pique or rayon and then change your jacket and shoes in just a few minutes. Riding in hot weather may warrant changing your shirt at work as well; you can transport clothes folded in a waterproof backpack.

Organize Your Toiletries

No matter how lovely the weather is, you may want to freshen up once you arrive at the office. Have deodorant, makeup, fragrance, and any other touch-up products you need to be organized in clear (and labeled) zip-up bags. This allows you to be in and out of the bathroom quickly. Searching through your briefcase or backpack for your hair tie or cologne will delay your time from bike to office!

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