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How to Switch Out an Electric Bike Controller

Hey everybody. This is Peter at Sixthreezero. What I'm going to show you now is how to remove and replace the controller. The controller is inside this part, the controller housing, which is what the battery slides into to connect in with the controller. The controller is basically the brains of the e-bike. It kind of tells... It gets power from the battery, but then what it does is it gets information from your LCD and your throttle, and then it tells the motor how much pedal-assist or how much throttle power to give you. So, it needs this brain in here to get that going. What we're going to do is just take that out right now and then replace it. It's a pretty basic job. It's not too difficult. All we need are two tools of Phillips and some snips. All right. Let's get going.

We'll go ahead and snip the wires free. They're held by zip ties in three or four places. Here we go. Snip those. There's one down here that goes to the motor. You just want to be careful that you don't snip the wire itself, of course. I hope that should go without a thing. Now, what we can do is go ahead and there are two screws here in the front. These are Phillips. They're very easy to remove. There's one, and then number two. And these holding the front panel of the controller housing, this black part, you'll also see that there is a little plastic tab on either side. We can just use the screwdriver to push those in like this and then pull that front panel out.

Front panel comes out, and now, the controller will actually come right on out. We can pull that right out of the front here like this, and there it is connected to everything. Now to actually change out the controller, we need to disconnect it from all the wires that are holding it still onto the bike, so we can replace it with a new one. What we'll first start out with is we have two leads going to the battery prongs. They are black and red, kind of like you might see in a car. Now, here we have this one is wrapped in electrical tape. We'll go ahead and take the electrical tape off. And then, actually, the next step would be to pull the leads apart at the clips, which just happened when I pulled on the tape just then. Obviously, the red and the red go together, and then we'll undo the black one as well. With the black leads, we'll just yank those apart as well.

And now, the controller housing is actually free of the controller. So now, we just unplugged the rest. We have this connection here, and then this one here. This yellow one here goes to the pedal-assist, actually. And then, this one is for the throttle. It has a little clip right here. You just push down that little clip, and they will slip apart. And now, our last one is the longest one. There's one that goes all the way down to the motor right here. We want to pull that part right there, and then, there's one more zip tie there. Little sneaky one right here.

Now, the controller is free, and then, all we have to do is feed the wire that goes to the motor. We have to feed it through the frame here. There's a little bit of cable management plastic right there, and I'm going to push this connector part through the frame, do it over here. There's one more zip tie, guys. I don't know if they all have the same amount of zip ties. I feel like sometimes they get a little happy with the zip tie. Throw some extra ones in, no harm in it. Okay. And then, we're just going to move these other wires out of the way. Okay, there we go. And then, just pull it right through this part of the frame. It's coming out. Here we go. And now, here we go. We have the controller free of the controller housing and of the bike, and then we can replace this controller.

Now, we can go ahead and put the controller back in, or put in the new controller. What I would do, I would just go ahead, and first, you can connect the red and black lead. It's going into the controller housing. They're very easy. They just snap together like that. That's red and red and then black and black. Here we go. Then next, there's yellow here on this one. You can match that up with the yellow one for the pedal assist. Let's put those between the rack arms. There's also a little direction. There's there is a directionality to the clips. You'll see a little tab that will fit in there, and there are also a little arrows. You can line up the arrows and then just slide those back together.

For the motor connection. That's this long one. It will have to be feedback through the frame. So, it will put it through between the seat stays, and then down into the fairing on the rear of the seat tube and push it. That's going to be the trickiest part, just getting this part fed back through down through there. And then, here we go, then this connection for the three-way part that goes up to the LCD monitor and to the brakes. Where's my connection? Right here. So again, just find out the way those line up. There is a little tab you can see, and there are also arrows. It's best to line up the arrows but do it very gently as well. You don't want to hurt these parts. They are fairly delicate, the connections are.

And then, the throttle one's very easy to see because it looks different than the other ones. It's this clip, like that, snaps together with a nice positive snap. So then, now that we have the motor wire fed through the fairing, go ahead and line those two arrows up again. Again, gently find the fitting, and then firmly push them together. Okay. Now, all we have to do is we will put the controller back into the controller housing, tuck the wires away, and then the black wires coming out will be centered. And then, you'll notice on the front plate of the controller housing, there's an opening area here. Just put that where all the central wires are, click the front plate into place, the little snaps, and then, we'll secure it with those two little screws. Put in screw number one, and put in screw number two. That's all there is to it. We're done.

All right. Thanks for watching. I really hope that was helpful. If you need any more help, please don't hesitate to contact us at (310) 982-2877 or Sixthreezero is spelled out, S-I-X T-H-R-E-E Z-E-R-O. Also, subscribe to our channel. And remember, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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