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How to Secure a Bike Seat With a 6mm Allen Bolt

Okay. Let's learn how to adjust a seat that is secured with a six-millimeter Allen bolt. Stay tuned.

Here at sixthreezero, most of our seats are secured with two nuts on either of the clamp. However, some are secured the same way that most road bikes and mountain bikes are, which is with a six-millimeter Allen bolt. So let me show you how that's done.

This is what it looks like. Get a close-up with the mechanism here. And there's only one bolt here instead of the two nuts here. You can see the difference. We have other videos for this guy with the two nuts. If you have the one that's secured with the six-millimeter Allen bolt, then you will need a six-millimeter Allen wrench or Allen key, they call them. And you can loosen it. I'm going to loosen it a bit more so I can disassemble it a little bit for you so you can see what we have going on. It's really quite simple. Simple mechanism, like a lot of things on a bike. So, let's keep going.

Okay. So the seat is removed from here. And then what we have is there's the bolt. And there are two sides to the clamp, which will clamp onto the rails on the seat or saddle. And then there's just this little threaded chalk here that the bolt goes into. This can swivel around. So when you want to put it into the seat, it'll go this way, the bolt will be towards the back of the seat. And then to fit it in there, you can turn the top part perpendicular and then slide it in between the rails. Then you can turn the top piece. Oh, hard to do and also show the camera here. I hope you all can see this. I'm going to turn the top part of the clamp so that it grips the rails, just like that. Okay. Like so. And then you can start to tighten it down. You can tighten it down a little bit, but not all the way yet. Because what we'll do is then we'll adjust it and then we'll tighten it down all the way. This three-way Allen wrench isn't the best tool for it. There are better Allen wrench configurations you can use. But this will get us going.

So now it's a little bit tight, and you can see there are markings in case you want to remember where you have it. But you can slide the seat back and forward depending on what's most comfortable for you. And then it can also tilt. Let me go ahead and put it on the bike. Both of these fill in the same type of seat posts, so they can both go into the same bike, which is cool. Here we go. Now you can see it's tightened down a little bit, but it needs to be tightened more. But this allows you to go ahead and situate it how you like it. You'll know after you ride if you want to tilt it up a little more, a little down a little more. Usually, as a thumb rule, you'll just start it off as level with the ground like I have it right here. Maybe tap it down a little bit. And then it can also be slid forward or backward also to increase your comfort. So you can really dial these in just like with the other type to exactly how you want it.

And then once you're done, and I'm not going to be able to finish this off, to keep the video short with the three-way. Should have got a different type of Allen wrench, actually. But then you just go ahead and secure it all the way down. When you do it, you really want to go ahead and, with a regular Allen wrench, make it about as tight as you can with your hand. There are Newton meter specifications, but they're not really that important, because you're not going to over-torque this with your hand. Just don't use any power tools. Okay. So that's all there is to it.

All right. Thanks for watching. I really hope that was helpful. If you need any more help, please don't hesitate to contact us at (310) 982-2877, or the team at Sixthreezero is spelled out S-I-X-T-H-R-E-E-Z-E-R-O. Also, subscribe to our channel. And remember, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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