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How-To: Rotate the Fork

Hi, this is Luis from sixthreezero, and I want to explain how to rotate the fork and the brake pads for proper handlebar installation.

So when you receive your bike, straight out the box and once the packaging is removed, the fork itself has a curve, and that is curved this way to save space on the actual box. But what we want to do is always make sure that the fork itself is facing outward.

How could you tell? The curve. If it curves out and it's facing forward, that is the right way. If it is rotated back and you see that the curve is facing inward towards the rear of the bike, it is incorrect. So make sure to spin that. And that's the first part. Make sure that curves out and the brake pads are facing away from the bicycle.

Now, this is a tricky part. When you have the handlebars here, the handlebars sometimes get tangled in between everything. So what you want to do is make sure, one, if this is unattached, make sure to leave it unattached, and then we can go ahead and solve that issue. And what you want to do here is install and make sure that the brakes and the cables are outside of the handlebars. In this case, they're inside. So we want to do is take them out and rotate them, and bring them under and out. So we always want to focus on these cables being on the outside of the handlebars. So once we angle this and we bring it up, you'll be fine. So we've untangled these, and now for the brake pad, you just have to go ahead and attach this over to the gear lever.


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