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How-To: Rotate Handlebars

Hi, this is Luis from sixthreezero, and I'll show you how to rotate your handlebars.

Once you install the handlebar stem into the headset, you'll notice that the handlebar levers are rotated inwards, so what you want to do is grab a three-millimeter Allen key, and underneath, you're going to rotate and start spinning and unlock the Allen key. So you see the screw here? This is what you're going to untighten. So once you have that, you want to rotate it about a 90-degree angle, and you can go ahead and tighten it one more time. So you might need to adjust once you actually get on the bike just for proper fitting, but it is that easy. So we're going to do one more. Just untighten it and rotate outward and tighten it one more time. This lever you want to get it as close to the shifter itself, and it might be a few degrees lower than the left lever, but that's okay. So as you could tell, now our handle brakes are leveled and rotated property.


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