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How to Ride an E-Bike Manually | Electric Bike Basics

Hi, everyone. It's Alana here with Sixthreezero. Today, we are going to talk about riding e-bike manually. Why you would even do that and how to do it?

There are a few reasons you would want to ride your e-bike manually. The first, most obvious reason is if your battery dies or you forget to charge it. So in that case, the motor is unavailable to you. You'll have to ride your e-bike manually. Additionally, if you are using your bike riding as a form of exercise to get in shape or lose weight, then that's another reason when you might want to use your e-bike manually.

Also, if you are going on a particularly long ride and you know that your battery is not going to last for the duration of the ride, you might want to switch between using the motor and using your bike manually just to make your battery lasts a little longer so that you have it, especially for the ride back when you are more tired and might want to use pedal assist more.

The first way to use your e-bike manually and the method that I use most often, especially when I'm exercising with my bike is to simply set pedal-assist to zero. If pedal assist is at zero, then the bike is operating completely manually. It's up to you to pedal, use the gears. You're relying solely on your own power. You won't even be able to use the throttle in that case.

I like to keep it in zero. In the event that I come to an intersection, I can quickly switch on pedal assist and use it if I need it. If I come to a big hill, it's really easy to switch the motor on when the motor is on and the pedal assist is set to zero.

Now, if you really want to challenge yourself and you don't want to rely on your bike's motor, then you can simply switch the battery off. If the battery is off, you won't be able to turn it on with the display here. You'll actually have to stop, turn it on, and then press the power button here if you do end up wanting to use your motor. So that can be a little more of a challenge for you if you really want to try riding without relying on a pedal assist or the throttle.

Lastly, you can always remove your battery. So turn off the battery, remove it. For sure, you definitely won't be using the motor at all during your ride. So definitely a good idea if you are using your bike to work out and you want it to be a little lighter than it would be with the battery on, just remove it. You're not going to need it. If you know for sure you're not going to need the battery or the motor at all, it's a simple way to lighten the load a little and use your bike manually.

It's really intuitive to use your e-bike as a manual bike. Even though it is an electric bike, it really is just a bike. So, feel free to use it however suits your goals. Personally, I use a mixture of manual, and pedal-assist, and throttle in essentially every ride. When I am exercising, I think I use about 80% manual, 20% relying on throttle and pedal assist. So, it's really up to you. Play around with it. Get used to switching between manual, pedal-assist, and throttle.

For more advice on how to ride your e-bike and get the most out of your rides, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and join our exclusive Sixthreezero Pedalers Group. It's filled with tons of Sixthreezero owners. Everyone is great at giving advice and tips, and everyone loves to share their ride photos. It's a really fun place to be, a great welcoming community. So make sure to join and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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