How To Prevent Your Bike From Getting Stolen

October 07, 2019
How To Prevent Your Bike From Getting Stolen
How To Prevent Your Bike From Getting Stolen

Your bike is practically your best friend. You wouldn’t leave your best friend alone and vulnerable on a busy street for hours on end, would you? We hope not! Keeping your bike safe from thieves takes some savvy planning and know-how. We’re here to help. Here are some tips for preventing nefarious characters and bored kids from stealing your bike: 

Stick with U-Locks

Cable locks are lightweight and easy to transport. It’s why so many cyclists choose them as a theft prevention tool. However, they can also be snipped with wire cutters and other tools – so they aren’t going to put up much of a fight. 

U-Locks are a more durable option. Their thick metal construction can’t quickly be sawed through or broken. Just make sure you’re strategic about where you put the lock. Weaving through both your wheel and frame is an ideal position. 

Two Locks are Better Than One

Some might say that having two locks signal to thieves that you’re going to be away for a long time. We say do anything you can to make it harder to steal your bike. If you’re able to fit two U-Locks around your wheel and a bike rack – go for it. 

In the rare event that a thief is able to get one lock free, you want there to be something more standing in their way. Most people out to steal a bike won’t even bother with yours if there are multiple obstacles. Thieves are out for easy targets. They want to be able to nab your bike and ride off before anyone has a chance to notice that something seems amiss. Having two locks makes your bike a challenge not worth undertaking. 

Switch Up Your Parking Spot

If you have a sweet, custom bike, someone near your home or office may start to keep their eye on it. They’ll be waiting for you to lock your bike poorly or attach it to a loose bike rack, etc. You can combat this menacing habit by switching up your parking habits. Though we can all be creatures of habit at times, it’s worth finding a few reliable parking areas and rotating them throughout the week. Whenever possible, bring your bike indoors from time to time so no one can quite figure out your routine. 

As with parking your bike with multiple locks – keeping an unpredictable parking schedule will present a challenge that most thieves won’t bother with. They’ll move on to an expensive bicycle that’s easier to locate and grab.

On top of these tips, you can protect your bike from getting stolen by never locking in onto a tree (those can be chopped down, have you heard?) or parking your bike in a secluded area where thieves have time to work uninterrupted. When in doubt, pick up one of our bike locks today for added security. 

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