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How To Increase or Decrease Pedal Assist on an E-Bike | Electric Bike Basics

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Today I'm going to tell you and show you how to increase or decrease the pedal assist on an e-bike. Stick around.

All right so today I'm going to show you and tell you how to increase or decrease the pedal assist on an e-bike. But before I do that, hit that subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero, and be in the know about all the content we're putting out. And also contests we do weekly and monthly for giveaways, bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. So hit subscribe. All right, so electric bikes, different types of electric bikes, some just have pedal assist, some have a full-throttle, some have full throttle and pedal assist. Today I'm going to show you how to increase and decrease the pedal assist on an e-bike, and I'm going to show you how to do it while you're riding, and also how to just do it stationary. So adjusting or increasing, decreasing the pedal assist on an e-bike is super easy. Most e-bikes or all e-bikes that I know of have some up and down buttons that you have on your handlebar located usually on the left-hand side.

Okay, so most of the e-bikes, you're going to have controls here by your left-hand side. You're going to have something with up and down arrows and not always going to look exactly like this, but it'll look similar. And if it has a throttle, usually have a throttle right here as well. So in this case, we have our up and down arrows on top, and then we have our indicator here on the screen, you can see it says PAS 2, so Pedal Assist 2. Now very simple, you can set the pedal assist either being stationary or while riding. So I'm just going to show you, hit down, this changes to one. Now, you can come back over here and you can push this up. So you don't have to be moving to change your pedal assist, you can do it at any point. If you want to start out in Pedal Assist 4, you can set it to that, then get going.

Now, the one thing I'd say is if you are not comfortable with your pedal to assist or you haven't done it, don't start with anything above three absolute max, and I would just suggest that to anybody, don't start out in anything above Pedal Assist 3. It can be a lot of power and it can really jolt you, so starting out in Pedal Assist 1 or even 2 is fine. And then as you get moving a little bit, you can increase it on your own. So I'm going to hop on the bike and just show you what it will look like while I'm adjusting it when riding.

Okay I got my helmet on, I'm all ready to ride, so I want to show you guys, probably can't see the screen maybe, but I got it in Pedal Assist 2, and let's go. And I'm just going to have my hand here, and I'll just show you how easy this is. So... Okay, and after you get a little power, honestly, I don't even need to pedal that much. I get coasting from the power and I can just go, so I'm going to go ahead and shift to three and that's it, click the button and go. And then I get going a little more, just hit four, now I'm going 11 miles an hour, 12. Hit it again, now I'm on five, now I'm really flying, I'm going to break a little bit. Come to a stop, let's just cruise down here for a second.

And so I'm in five, I'm going to get back down to two. Now for my weight, I'm about 220. Having it in above Pedal Assist 2 is a little better. So I'm going, I'm at 10. Pedal Assist 3, now I'm up to 12. Pedal Assist 4, I'm up to 13. Pedal Assist 5, now I'm up to 15, 16. And I'm barely exerting. So you can see it's really just as simple as clicking the button and going, and then you can brake and stop in any pedal assist level you want, you don't have to have it in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And then the minute you stop pedaling, when you're in pedal assist, the motor stops. So you don't have to worry about cutting the motor or doing anything like that. When you stop pedaling, the pedal-assist stops. So the other thing I'll show you too, that's unique, to pedal-assist is you can actually put it in zero, and zero is no motor assist.

So it's basically a normal bike right now. And peddling is easy. So I hope that helps. I hope that was a good demonstration on how to increase and decrease the pedal assist on an electric bike. If you have any questions at all comment below or email us, the team at Call us at (310) 982-2877. Take our body fit quiz on our website. It's going to help fit a bike, an e-bike, or a bike perfectly to your body. Our proprietary algorithm. We'll ask you some questions about your body and your life and fit you to the perfect bike for you. You can browse all of our electric bikes on our website, And we have a 90-day test ride your bike policy on e-bikes. If you don't love your bike in 90 days, your e-bike, send it back. No questions asked no money out of your pocket. And we have a 365-day test ride policy on standard bikes. You don't love your standard bikes. Send it back. No questions asked after 365 days.

Lastly, join our community, our Facebook Peddlers group, and download our app. You can talk to other Sixthreezero riders, track your rides, ask them questions, see how others are riding. Whether you jump in there before you purchase or after it's a great resource and a fun community to be a part of. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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