How to Fix Squeaky Brakes on a Bicycle

Hey guys. Oh, you hear that squeal? Don't worry about it. That happens to almost any bike. We can fix it in a few minutes. I'll show you how. Watch this.

So the trick to squeaky brakes all you have to do is the brakes you're hitting too flush against the rim, which is causing them to chirp or squeal. We're just going to go ahead and adjust the brakes so that the front part of the brake hits first. This is called toe-in the brakes it's quite normal.

So you can move the angle of the brake like this in relation to the rim. All you want to do is make it so that the front part hits first, it's called toe-in the brakes. And it's kind of like the brakes are going to be pigeon-toed. So now the front part is hitting and there's a little bit of a gap in the back. And then that allows the rim to slide right into the brake as it's going and we'll eliminate that squeal.

There you go. That's all it takes. No more squealing of the brakes.


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