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How to Brake on an Electric Tricycle | Adult E-Trike Tutorial

Hey, guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. And today, I'm going to show you how to brake on an electric tricycle. Stick around.

All right, guys. So today I'm going to show you how to brake on an electric tricycle, but before I do, hit that subscribe button below. Be the first to know about all new content we're putting out here at Sixthreezero, new products, giveaways, everything. So hit subscribe. Okay. So today I'm going to show you how to brake on an electric tricycle. Tricycles can take a little bit of getting used to. A lot of things are similar to normal bikes, but I'm going to show you how to properly brake on an electric tricycle, and what's the safest best way to do that.

So, first and foremost, I'm going to get my helmet on because safety always comes first. And now, on our electric trike. And I don't know if all trikes will be the same, but ours has a front caliper brake and a rear brake that is on the axle. It's a roller brake. And that's going to basically brake on the axle and stop the rear wheels from spinning. So you have your rear brake right here and your front brake right here. So just like on normal bikes, it's always important to engage the rear brake first. Ease into that and then ease into the front brake to come to a complete stop. Now on a tricycle, you don't have as much opportunity to flip over as you would on a normal bike. So it's a little safer in that regard. On a normal bike, just because of the weight and the two wheels, if you hit that front brake, there's a possibility if you slam on the brake to go over the handlebars.

Now, on a tricycle, that doesn't really exist, which is great, makes it more safe. But the key to an electric trike is really braking into turns and braking how you start. Now, I've got some other videos about how to ride an electric trike, but what I'll say is, keep everything turned off when you mount any electric product, whether it be a tricycle or a bicycle. And then once you're on, you can engage and turn on your motor. Now,

I'm going to keep it in zero while I'm stopped. And then as I get going, I'll turn the motor on. So the key to braking on an electric trike, number one, you have to stop pedaling, obviously, but you also don't want to be pushing the throttle down. So when you come into the brake, you want to disengage everything that can create motor assistance. So stop pedaling, and if you are using the throttle, let off the throttle. If you try to brake while you're hitting the throttle, you're going to wonder what's going on. And it sounds crazy, but I've seen people do that before and they didn't know why the bike didn't stop.

So just like a car, in order to brake in a car, the foot comes off the gas and goes onto the brake. Now in a car situation, you're using the same foot, so it's hard to do both at the same time. In this case, you've got your left thumb controlling the throttle and your right hand or your left hand doing the brake. So it's two things going at once. So remember, if you're using the throttle, off the throttle, rear brake, front brake. Okay. So let me show you. Now, the key on a tricycle is when you're braking into turns, you want to brake, ease into the turn, and then slowly into the turn, then when you come out of the turn, you want to accelerate. So let me get going.

And I'll just do a quick turnaround and come back. Now, I don't even have the motor going right now. I will engage it once I turn around. Okay. All right. Now I'm going to put the pedal assist on. Okay. Now, pedal-assist five is on. Okay. Now I'm coming in now. Now stop pedaling, engage the rear, engage the front, and we stop. And the beauty also on a trike is you don't have to put your feet down, right? Because you're already here. Now, when you get going, just start pedaling. Okay? Now I'm coming into this turn, off the pedals, ease the rear and front, turn. Now I'm out of the turn, I can accelerate. Now I'm coming to a stop pedaling, ease the rear, front. And once you engage the rear, the bike will start to slow. And then when you clamp that front, you're going to really stop. So that's my strategy there. So now let me show you on the throttle piece, okay? Now we're going to get going. And I'll go ahead and turn around right here.

So now I'm going to stop pedaling, ease front, ease the rear, give a little bit of the front. Now I'm pedaling. Okay. Now I'm doing the throttle. Okay, here's the throttle. So, no, pedaling. Now I'm off the throttle, right? And engage the rear, engage the front. Okay. Let me show you that again. Okay, I'm coming into the turn. Ease the rear brake. Now I'm out of the turn. I'm off the brake. Now I'm throttling, throttling. Okay, now watch me. Now I'm off the throttle, rear brake, front brake, stop. Now, when you're stopped, just for safety, put it into zero. Now the motor cannot do anything. And let me show you this one more time. So now I'm going to get going. I'm going to get a little more runway here and just show you.

Okay. Now I'm on pedal-assist five. Okay? I'm coming in. I'm pulling the rear brake, the front, let's ease into this turn a little bit. Okay. Now I'm out of the turn. I'm off the brakes completely. Okay. Now here we go. Now, full throttle, okay? Now I want to stop right at the cameraman, off the rear brake, front brake, stop. And I'm going to turn this down to zero. Now nothing can happen and I can safely... I'll turn it off completely before I get off, mount and dismount. So my two biggest takeaways are number one, ease into the stop. The rear brake first, then pull the front brake. And on turns, a lot of times you're only going to need maybe to do a little bit of the rear brake into the turn, but remember, brake into the turn. Soon as you make that cut, you can let off the brake and either engage the pedal-assist or hit the full throttle, it's up to you.

But the key is when you're stopping, if you're using full throttle and you come to a stop, let off the throttle. Do not try to hit the throttle and engage the brakes because that could be confusing. You might not know what's going on. So I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, comment below or shoot us an email, or call us at (310) 982-2877. And don't forget, browse our electric trikes on our website, and take our body fit quiz. Our proprietary algorithm will ask you a few questions about your body and your life and fits you to the perfect bike for you. And we have a 90-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love your bike within 90 days, your e-bike, you can send it back, no questions asked.

Lastly, be a part of our community, either on our Facebook Pedalers group or our app on iOS or Android. It's so much fun. You can share your rides, talk to other riders. It's a great place to join before you purchase an e-bike from us because you can see what other people's experiences are like, how they're using their bikes, and even post and ask questions if you're curious to know something about how does a bike fit, or how does it perform, or how do you like the e-trike? And then once you're up and riding, you can post photos of your bike, make new friends and even track your rides on the app. So I hope this helps teach you how to brake properly on an electric tricycle. Thanks for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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