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How sixthreezero Rider Over 60 Worked Up To Biking 20 Miles Daily

This is sixthreezero's My Journey, My Experience Podcast. And so, tell us then a little bit about your riding habits now, over the last year? How many miles do you think could you estimate? I mean, We could check the app, actually. I don't have that on hand. But how many miles do you think on average you do a week when the weather permits outdoors?

So, when I first started riding, of course, I wasn't going as far, or I wasn't being out as long. So, I worked my way up to doing 20 miles. But when I look back at the app, because I think that came out right about the same time I got my bike, because that was probably last year, wasn't it? Yeah.

Yep, yep.

And so, I think it was September before I got to do 20 miles.

In a week or in a day?

A day, a ride.

A ride. Okay. So, when you started, though, what were you doing per week? Any idea? Like five miles, 10 miles?

I would go out every day, try to go out every day, weather permitting. And I think I started out with eight miles because you don't know what you can do. I hadn't been riding consistently. This is last year.


I got my bike in early May of last year. So, she had her birthday.

Happy birthday. Does she have a name?

Yes. And I never named my bike before, but I'm part of the Facebook group. And when they named their bike, I said, "Okay, I can name my bike." And I even got her a license plate with Wisconsin... like a Wisconsin license plate, I found on Amazon. Her name is Lady Tealia.

Lady Tealia. I like it.

It's a teal bike.

Yeah. Well, and if you're listening at home and you have a bike, don't be afraid to name your bike. It's fun. It just makes the experience that much better. 


So, Lady Tealia. So, you started out eight miles a week or eight miles a ride. By September, you worked yourself up to 20 miles a ride. And what are you doing now? Usually about 20 miles. And seven days a week?

Yeah, weather permitting. Yes.

And every day, same time, same routine, same route?

It's the same route. And I think this is a good suggestion for somebody who wants to go farther, but they don't know if they can go farther. My route, when I look at what it looks like on your app, it's like this little dot. And that's because I'm never more than five miles away from home. If the weather changes on me, I can go home. 

So, if the weather changes on me, I can go home. There would be a certain part where, okay, if I go home now, I'm home in a mile-and-a-half, or I can keep going. So, that's how I work to add miles to my rides. I worked up to 15, pretty much stayed at 15, got myself to 17, and then I went to 20. And I actually did a couple, a 23 and a 25. I think I did that this year already because I think I can go further.


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