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Had Knee Replacement? These 4 EBikes are a Great Option: Electric Bikes That Can Help Rehab

Have you had a knee replacement? I've got four great e-bikes that'll help you get riding again.

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. Today I'm going to show you four electric bikes that'll be great for you if you've had knee replacement surgery. All right, I see a lot of comments on our YouTube channel and other places about riders that have gone through a knee replacement surgery, and now they wanna get back into cycling or riding a bike, and an electric bike is a great way to not only rehab your knee, but to get exercise and to get out back on two wheels. I'm not a doctor. If you have a specific rehabilitation plan, talk to them. But I do know cycling is a great way, a low-impact activity that can get your joints moving again. With a pedal assist option, it can take some of the pressure off of your knees and assist you in the pedaling as you build your strength back up and the motion back into your knee after a knee replacement surgery. So, I've got four e-bikes right here. This is our Relaxed Body electric bike, our Simple Step-Thru e-bike, 26 inches, our Simple Step-Thru 20 inches, and our EvryJourney. And I'm going to walk you through exactly why these four e-bikes are great for you if you've had a knee replacement. All right, we're gonna start down here with the EvryJourney step-through frame.

Now this option currently is available in navy, cream, and teal. We also have a matte black option with the higher-top tube. So you can check that out. This is a 500-watt rear hub motor with a 10.4 amp hour battery. So top speed with your throttle only will be 20 miles an hour. Pedal assist is going to be about 22, 23 miles an hour. You're going to get a range of up to 50 miles depending on how you use the pedal assist and the throttle and also the rider's weight and the terrain you ride affect the range. Now, the cool thing about this e-bike is it has a forward pedaling design, meaning the pedals are shifted forward from the seat. Typically, the pedals fall directly below the seat. In this situation, they are moved forward seven inches. And what that does is it allows the rider to be low to the ground while still getting leg extension. So if you've had a knee replacement and you are not comfortable being up on the balls of your feet to get proper leg extension. This is a great option. Secondly, it puts the seat in a lower position so you can be lower to the ground. The top of the seat is just under 30 inches and the step-over height of the frame is 19 inches. So you can step through and sit down easily, and your feet can be flat on the ground while still getting leg extension. So this is how you can feel safe and sturdy, but you're still gonna get the necessary leg extension, especially if you've had a knee replacement. You wanna make sure you've got a good rotation.

Now the seat is far too low for me right now. You have a lot of play with the seat here as well. So you can bring this up. And this bike can accommodate riders five foot, to six foot four because of that forward pedaling design. The other benefit, is you're gonna have an upright riding position so your back's gonna be upright. The bars come into your body so your arms will be nice and relaxed when you're riding. So you're not gonna have that pain in the lower back, upper back. And again, you'll have nice leg extensions for your knee so you can make sure you're not in pain. You have the option of getting the electric assist while you pedal or there's a thumb throttle up here that you can press and the bike can go without pedaling. So the cool thing is if you are rehabbing your knee, you can utilize the throttle to rest your legs if your knee gets sore on a ride and not pedal at all. Or you have five levels of pedal assist and you can turn it up to level five and let this assist you at the highest level. So in that situation, your legs can be moving to make sure you're rehabbing, but the bike can do a lot of the work. So the beauty of it is that you can decide how much you work your knee or not work your knee, how much you work your leg muscles as you dictate the level of assist that you use. So really good option if you want to be low to the ground on Evryjourney. We do have some options with a little bit lower step-through, but this has one of the lowest seat heights in the lowest position. So again, sliding on and off is easy. You've got 2.125-inch tires, which are a little bit wider than standard to give you some extra balance. And of course these nice brown accents, we have the black version with the black seat. It's a cool bike, very comfortable.

And again, if you've had knee surgery, great option. And one last thing, this has seven speeds here, a derailleur like you'd find on a standard bike. So the other cool thing is, If you don't want to use the motor, you've got seven speeds that you can utilize and power it completely by yourself. Also, you have the first gear to climb hills and seven speeds if you want to get up. So you can gauge or increase the resistance of the pedaling by using the gears as well. So another great way to rehab and utilize all these adjustments as you ride and get the strength and mobility back in your leg and knee. All right, now let's move on to... the simple step through the 20-inch version. Now, we have two versions of these. We have a 26-inch and a 20-inch. Everything I talked about is the same as evryjourney in terms of the motor size. All three of these are 500 watts. That amount of power is going to be good enough to power riders up to 300 pounds up hills. Now, if you're 250 to 300, you may want to consider a 750-watt depending on how much you want the bike and how much effort or work you want the bike to do for you. But in pedal assist mode at 500 watts, you will be able to climb hills. So, again, 250 to 300 may want to consider a 750 watt. I like 500 watts because it's enough power, not too much power, especially since a lot of riders that have had knee replacements are over the age of 55, and 60, and I believe that's a safe amount of power to still give you the assistance but not overpower you freak you out on a ride. Now, so as I said, all of them are 500 watts. The range is gonna be up to 50 miles on all of these.

The top speed is going to be about the same, 20 miles an hour with the throttle. The pedal assists in the 20-inch is gonna be 20 miles an hour. These two will be the same as the EvryJourney, which is 22, 23 miles an hour in pedal assist. In addition to that, they all have the throttle option and they all have five levels of pedal assist. So let's talk about the simple step through 20 inches and what makes this different. Now, this one also has a forward-pedaling design. It's just not as extreme as the EvryJourney. You can see here it's only moved forward about five and a half inches. And the seat in the lowest position is the same as the EvryJourney at 30 inches. But the huge upside is the step-through right here. That is only nine inches. So if you have very limited mobility in that knee, you want to be able to step through the frame and get on and slide onto the seat. And this makes it very, very easy with the low step-through. So this is a phenomenal option. If you are five foot to really five foot to even six foot two, you can be accommodated on this because of how high up the seat post can come. Also on the handlebars here, you've got these mini ape hangers that can be adjusted out and in and up and down. And we have a sizing video on our YouTube channel if you want to check that out for the 20-inch where we size riders 4'11 to 6'2 on this very model. So if you're 4'11 to 5'5 this is a great option for you but it will accommodate riders up to 6'2. Or if you have very limited mobility in your knee, mounting and dismounting is so simple on this. Now the other thing you can see, well that's a little bit high for me.

Okay. You can see here when I sit, these bars come right into your body, and it's very comfortable. Now a little bit different than the EvrJourney, which is here, these are right here, back is upright, I can look out, steer, it's very easy, very comfortable, and again, totally upright. Now, the other cool thing, and one thing I want to add is all these have front and rear disc brakes, so your stopping power is going to be beautiful, more than enough, stop on a dime. The cool thing about this one is that these handlebars fold down, and this can actually be easily loaded into the hatchback of a car, or actually in the back seat of a car, which we have a video of that, showing that as well. So these are 20-inch tires, which, help keep the step-over height even lower to the ground. And you have the front and rear fenders just like the EvryJourney. The pedals also fold up as well for easy transportation. You've got a nice big display here in the middle and you also have a seven-speed derailleur like the EvryJourney. Now, this one is a bike where it's a 20 inch, so if you're looking to go on longer rides, and not use the pedal assist, this one is going to require more pedal rotations, but you can run the pedal assist at all times, which will still keep your legs moving and make it nice and easy. So you just have to think about a 20-inch wheel versus a 26-inch, with every pedal rotation, you're getting more out of that wheel versus this one. Now, if you're constantly running in a level one or two, you really won't notice the difference. So if you need the step-over and low seat, this may be a better option than the EvryJourney, but just depends on you what features are most important.

All right, now moving on to the 26-inch. So if you want something with that bigger tire, with similar benefits to the 20-inch, you've got the 26-inch. Now, this is available in matte black, teal, cream, and navy. Now the difference here is this seat in the lowest position is 32 inches. So it's a little bit higher. If you're a rider who's five foot three and below, this one, actually it's about five foot one and below. So five foot one will be okay depending on your inseam, but five foot one and below, this is not gonna be a great option for you. It does have a stepover height of only 10 inches. So one inch higher, but a two-inch higher seat here. So if you are a man or woman who's five, five six, five seven, five eight or taller, and you wanna get good leg extension but you like that low step through, simple step through is a great option. Especially if you may wanna pedal without the assistance, the electric assistance, because now you've got a regular size tire, it's gonna feel like a bicycle, and you'll be able to rehab nicely. And you'll get great leg extension. Again, this has a forward-pedaling design as well, just not as extreme as the EvryJourney. Again, it's about five and a half inches. So a little bit better if you want to do more pedaling with or without the motor. This is great if you want to run it in pedal assist and you want the absolute lowest option compact. This is good if you want a full-size bike with bigger tires. All right, moving lastly to the relaxed body. Now this is a unique bike. This has the most extreme forward pedaling design and we call this a semi-recumbent and the pedals are moved forward. Now the benefit of that is the seat can go down to a very low position.

Now this e-bike comes with two seats and two seat posts. So you can get it in the highest position up here, which puts the seat at 36 inches, but you've also got that 15-inch of forward pedaling. So if you want that knee to just be extended and comfortable, and you don't want any downward motion, this is a great option. This is going to be similar to a recumbent bike at a gym, which is probably something a lot of doctors prescribe for rehab-type activities. This is very similar to it, except it's not a full sit-down. You've got these ape hanger bars that can be customized to fit, come in, come out. There's a lot of ability to adjust these to many different body types. We also have a sizing video on our channel detailing riders from 411 to 6'2", and this comfortably can fit a 411 rider and a 6'2 rider because of how low the seat goes. Okay, so the seat post, you're going to have two options for the seat post, one that can go higher and one that can go lower. So you can see in the lowest position, this is the lowest seat height of any seat we have. and it's 27 3 4 inches. And the step-over height here is 17 inches. And you got a big opening here. So getting on to this bike is very easy. And then from here, these hammer bars can come in. They can adjust. Sorry, the seat's not tight and it's very adjustable and customizable. If you watch the sizing video, you're going to see how we can adjust this to fit varying degrees of riders. So, cool e-bike. If you want something with a more fully extended front. And again, you can see your pedals gonna be here. Now let me show you if I adjust this properly for me

Let's pull that out. Okay. So from there, Now you see your foot's gonna be up here. Now you can get good leg extensions. Now that's not the downstroke, but here you can see on the downstroke, if you want your leg to be straighter as you're rehabbing, you can do that or you can adjust the seat down. There are a lot of options with a relaxed body in terms of how you can adjust it for what your knee may need in your rehab process. these are my four e-bikes if you've had a knee replacement. If you have any other additional questions, please email us at or call us, at 310-982-2877. In addition to that, we offer a 30-day test ride on your e-bike. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we warranty everything for one year. If anything goes wrong in that first year, we will take care of parts and labor to ensure you can keep riding. And lastly, join our Facebook group, sixthreezero Pedalers, and download our app. In the Facebook group, there are thousands of existing riders who have sixthreezero e-bikes. You can ask them questions before you purchase to see how they like their e-bike. Then when you have yours, you can post in the group and make friends. And then also download our app to track your rides and interact with the community. You can post your rides, track the leaderboard, and connect with other people. It's a lot of fun. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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