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Glamping with Bikes | Road Trip Vlog Finale

Good morning from the Grand Canyon Under Canvas. This is where we stayed last night, and now I'm going to show you around our tent. We've got our bikes parked here, and we kept them close by so we could explore the campground, and now let's go inside.

We've got lots of wood for our fire-burning stove. It was so cold last night, but at check-in, they said we probably wouldn't need the stove, so we didn't light it, and then we woke up at 4:00 AM and couldn't sleep because we were freezing. So we ended up lighting it this morning, and now it's scorching hot.

Little lounge area here. More firewood. We've got these two lanterns, and these fans, they're both... There's no electricity in the whole tent. We just have these little power banks, so these also power the lanterns, and then you can use them to charge your phone too.

Giant bed. This is where we kept all our stuff in this corner.

The bathroom has a sliding door. The sink, you have to push down for the water to run, so you can't leave it running and wastewater. This is the shower, which is really cool. Also, you have to pull down for the water to run, so you have to hold it down throughout your shower, and that way you can't, wastewater as well while you're washing your hair. Well, I may have managed to leave it running the whole time, but I had to let go while I washed my hair, and the shampoo smelled really good.

Here's our little porch area. This is where we ate last night because there's no food allowed in the tent to avoid critters. And speaking of critters, last night, we were also woken up by something crawling, or some things crawling on our tent. I could hear the little feet running back and forth.

I was convinced it was a lizard.

Nate thought it was a lizard, but it sounded heftier to me, like a warm-blooded creature.

So now we're pretty much packed up. We had to clean up the room to show you guys. So we're ready to go, just going to check out and head back west. We haven't decided... We have a couple of options on where we're going next, so we're just going to kind of play it by ear, judging by traffic and how much sunlight we have. So it'll be a surprise where we stop next. Surprise to us, and to you.

All right, so we're on our journey back west, and we decided to stop in Seligman again. It was too cool to miss out on, and we really were looking forward to checking out that Snow Cap [inaudible 00:04:02], so now we'll have the opportunity to stop there and grab some food and check out more of the town.

What are you going to get?

I don't know. They have a green chili burger. They have a green chili burrito, which, I mean, I've had two already, so why not? Ooh, girl cheese. You can't have that, because you're a boy.

So we're here at Snow Cap, and this time it's open, so we get to eat. Don't know what I'm going to get yet, but definitely ice cream.


The cashier was so silly. He had a prop for every order.

So as we left Seligman and headed home, we got to reminisce about our four-day road trip. My favorite part was biking in the Grand Canyon National Park. The view was amazing, the road was perfect for biking. It was challenging, but still doable, and just an incredible way to spend the day.

My favorite part was driving into Utah, and seeing the sunset over Monument Valley. It just felt so freeing to ride on that open road.

We ate endless burritos, biked so many miles, and drove even more. We took amazing photos, but most importantly, we made memories that will stick with us forever. It's been a crazy year for all of us, but this one trip is going to be something we can always look back at fondly.

We made it back to LA. Thanks for embarking on this journey with us. We hope we inspired some of you to get out there on your bikes. Remember, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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