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Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you a folding e-trike you must see. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to show you a folding e-trike you must see, but before I do, hit that subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, giveaways we do, and of course, new product releases like this folding e-trike. So hit subscribe.

All right, electric tricycles are becoming very popular. It's a great mode of transportation for anyone that's got stability issues or just wants something great for cargo to lug things around. I love electric trikes, and right here we have the newest Sixthreezero folding e-trike. I believe everybody should know about this. Let me go ahead and introduce you to this e-trike.

Now, the cool thing about this e-trike, one of the features that stand out is these are 16-inch tires. Typically, you don't see a lot of e-trikes with tires smaller than 20 inches or even 24 inches, Sixthreezero puts 16-inch tires on it. It creates an incredibly low wheelbase, which makes this folding e-trike very stable, and easy to steer, and I'm going to show you at the end of the video how you can turn on a dime and navigate into nooks and crannies because of the small tires.

In addition to that, it creates a very low step-over height. I have my tape measure back here. So it keeps the frame very low to the ground, and just to step over here, it's 13 and a half inches. So that's a pretty low step over height to just get your foot through, and if you need to, slide your butt onto the seat here. Makes mounting and dismounting very, very simple and safe. I know that's going to be a big concern for a lot of riders out there, which is safety.

The one thing too, though, is it's not going to put you at a disadvantage because of speed. As I said, this is a 750-watt front hub motor. That's a very powerful e-bike motor. Now the speed's going to be regulated to 16 miles an hour, but the 750 watts is going to be able to power riders up to 350 pounds uphills, around town easily, and you can even keep car cargo with you. That's why Sixthreezero put such a powerful motor on the front, to get riders up to 350 pounds up these hills. With a smaller motor, it would struggle a little bit more, especially if you're going uphills and things like that.

The cool thing is also the front and rear disc brakes. These are TEKTRO brakes. They're going to stop on a dime, and again, I will demonstrate that for you here in a little bit. You've got one here in the middle on the rear axle, and then obviously your front wheel one as well.

One thing I also wanted to mention about the front hub motor. This can connect and disconnect with one wire here. So should you ever have any motor problems and you need to replace them, you can go ahead and unplug it, slap in a new wheel and you'll be good to go. And you have your brakes, you have your hand brakes up here. These are going to be what you pull to brake and you can see it really, really stops easily.

So top speeds are going to be up to 16 miles an hour. Let's talk about the battery. 14 amp hour battery here. This is easily removable, so should you want to fold this up and take it with you, you can take the battery off first, fold it up and lift it. That's going to reduce the weight by eight pounds, making it so much easier to transport, lift, put in a car, and things like that.

And range, you're talking about anywhere from 15 to 50 miles. It's a very large range, but there are a couple of factors that play into it. One, how heavy is the rider? Two, what type of terrain are you riding on? And three, how are you using this bike electrically? What I mean by that is you've got two modes. You've got the pedal assist and you have a full throttle. The throttle is here on your thumb. It's a lever you're going to push with your thumb. This is your gas pedal, so if you so choose, you can pull this throttle with your thumb and the bike will go. You don't have to pedal, you don't have to do anything. So this just turns into your mode of transportation, like a mini three-wheeled motorcycle, essentially, up to 16 miles an hour, or you can ride it in pedal-assist 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, where when you pedal the bike's going to move.

Level one is the least amount of assistance and five is going to give you the most amount of assistance. So depending on how you use those elements will dictate your range. If you're not using the electricity at all, the battery's going to last a long time. If you're in pedal assist one, you're going to get more battery life than if you're in pedal assist five. If you're just using the throttle, you're going to get the least amount of battery range out of this electric folding trike.

That's why it's really hard to pin down exactly the range, but I'm confident you're going to get most likely no less than 15 miles, and I quite honestly think you could get up to 15 miles depending on how you ride it. The other huge benefit is this has a seven-speed derailleur on it. So this has a seven-speed gear system like on typical bikes. The benefit of that is you can ride this trike without using any electricity at all. You can just ride it like a normal bike and it pedals quite easily. I'll demonstrate that for you here in a second.

Also, if you're going uphill, even in pedal assists, it's going to be nice to have that first gear because that's going to be easiest to pedal, so it'll get you uphills quite easily. And then level seven, when you're on pavement, you can get going faster if you so choose, get into the highest gear, it's going to get harder to pedal, but if you've got some momentum going, you're going to want to get into that higher speed, so it makes it easier and nicer on your legs. Again, not a feature you see on a lot of folding electric trikes to have the seven-speed option here and you've got the derailleur you're located here back on the rear axle. So it's a really, really nice feature.

Another thing I forgot to mention is on the front fork here, you have a suspension fork. So if you can see here, these are suspension forks, so when you go over lots of bumps or anything like that, it's going to absorb that, and the fork will have some give to it. So again, it's just going to make the ride that much more comfortable for the rider.

Now let's move into the ergonomics of this folding e-trike. Some cool features that allow you to custom adjust and fit this to many different riders' body types. Specifically here, the seat. This is a double-seat post. So you have two adjustable adjustment points here, one right here where you can raise and lower the seat, and another one here at the bottom. So you can get double the extension of the seat here, and you can see that up quite high. So this is going to accommodate riders up to about six foot four, and you can raise the handlebars as well. There's a connection here. You can bring that up and boom, now you've got the seat and handlebars set for a very tall rider.

Now you can see for me, I'm five foot ten, and this is actually not too bad for me, but again, you can also tilt these in, and you could bring the seat up just a little bit higher if you wanted to. This is a little too high for me. It feels good if I'm not pedaling, but you can see I can't even get my legs straight. So I would say this is probably the setting for someone six foot two, six foot three. I need to be a little bit lower to make sure when I'm pedaling, yeah, that's a little bit better, maybe even just a little bit too high still.

If I was just using the throttle and the pedals didn't matter, I could leave it up that high. But let me go ahead and show you here. So in the tallest position, let me get my trusty tape measure out right now. In the tallest position, the seat can go up to 39 inches, and in the lowest position, the seat is going to go to 30 inches.

And again, this is a very easy mounting. So you just step on and you could sit. Now if you're shorter, have a shorter inseam. Another little trick I like to tell people is you can use the pedal as your step on point. You're going to step on, and then you can easily sit down and you're safely on the trike. On the handlebars, you've got about four inches of adjustment range. So at the highest point, the handlebars are at 40- oops. Let's put that straight up and down here. 44 inches. And then let's go ahead and bring this down. There we go. And at the lowest point, now we're at 40 inches.

So lots play here in the handlebars. And again, there are two bolts right here, which are going to allow you to tilt these forward or backward. So if you have very long arms, you could tilt them forward, give you more extension, or if you have shorter arms, you can bring them even closer to your body, or if you just for the sake of wanting them closer to your body to be more comfortable, like right here, again, you could tilt those in, make the adjustment as personal to your body as you want to get. So that's one of the coolest features, is the complete adjustability.

Now let me show you the folding capability. Go ahead and take my helmet out of here. So two places where it folds, it's very simple. One right here, handlebars come down. Now this, for a lot of people, could be enough if you're transporting in an SUV or something. The number one thing, or even the trunk of a car or a hatchback, number one thing that makes transporting tricycles or even bicycles difficult is the height of the handlebars usually.

So a lot of times you have to drop the handlebar. So with that easy fold down, now you've got the handlebar completely folded, and you've got one lock right here, and then you can just unfold right here, and fold the bike completely in half like that. And now your bike is in half. And again, to lighten the load, you can go ahead and remove the battery, and that's going to reduce it by eight pounds. And you can lift it and put it in the car.

And then from there, go ahead and put it down, click your handlebars back into place, tighten your lever in, and come around to the front here, click that in, and then you just latch that on, click that in, and you got your lock and boom, you're off and riding. Very, very simple to lock and unlock. And let me get my seat just adjusted how I need it. Okay.

All right, so some other quick measurements. The bike is designed to fit through the width of a standard doorway. So at the widest part, it's 31 inches. All interior doors are going to be 32 inches. And exterior doors, a lot of them are going to be wider than that. So if you want to store this in a house, steer it into a house, or if you want to drive it in a store, concerned about doorways, this should easily fit, even into hotel rooms.

Let's say you want to use this as something to get around an amusement park and bring it back into the hotel at night. That's going to fit through the doorway into your room, no problem. And you can also fold it up in the room when you have it stored there at night or in your RV, and lengthwise, you're looking at 64 inches long. So it's a very compact, easy-to-ride folding electric trike.

Now let me go ahead and hop on and do a quick demo for you of me riding. Go ahead and take my hat off, and get my matching helmet. So some other cool features on this folding e-trike. Just going to push here to power on and like I said, okay, now, a very cool thing. You have a reverse function on this e-bike, so if you need it, you can pull your throttle here and it's going to take me backward. So if you just get stuck in a corner, or if you're using this as a mobility device to get around, you have that reverse to come out of a certain situation. I can put it back in first now, and let me show you real quick. Let me turn it off and let me show you. Let me go ahead and ride it.

Now, I'm shifting gears, that's the noise you're hearing. Now I'm in second, and I'm not using any electricity, and it's super easy to pedal, and you can see the stability is so great. This is one of the most stable e-trikes I've ever ridden, because of the low wheelbase. Okay, so that's with no electric. So if you're looking to exercise, super simple.

Okay, now I'm going to power it on. And again, I'm 5'10, about 215 lbs, and you can see I'm zipping along, and it really turns quite nicely and breaks very easily. I was already up to 10 miles an hour. Now I'm going to put this through the wringer. Now you can see even here, this is a sloped area right here. Honestly, there's no effect on it. I know tipping can be a concern for some people on e-trikes, but this folding e-trike is very, very nimble. And then pedal assist, I can just pedal. Let me go ahead and shift this down, I had it in level five, right then. Let me go ahead and just shift it down, and I play with my gears a little bit. Now, this is a trigger shifter on your gears too, which makes it very simple to shift.

And check this out. So zero turning radius. I can just go ahead and hold this and do circles, just to show you how nimble it is. And then if you want to come over here. And you can see the rear wheels stay on the ground easily, and again, I attribute that to the 16-inch rear wheels and the low wheelbase. This thing is so much fun, and so easy to steer.

Just the other thing too is, sometimes tricycles can be difficult for people to adjust to. With the smaller wheels, it doesn't feel like it's too much trike or it's pulling you in either direction. It's very nimble, very easy to steer, something that I honestly believe can be used indoors, and outdoors, for transportation, exercise, commuting, you name it. This folding electric trike is a lot of fun.

So if you have any other questions about this model at all, please comment below, email us at, or call us at (310)982-2877. Or if you're in the market for a bike or an e-trike, you can also find this on our website Or if you don't know what you want, take our proprietary body fit quiz, ask you a few questions about your body and your life, and we'll recommend the perfect e-trike or e-bike for you. And we have a 30-day test ride your bike policy. If you don't love it in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

In addition to that, we're going to warranty this for a year. If anything goes wrong in a year, we'll take care of it, send you the parts, or get the labor done, whatever you would need. Lastly, before you purchase, join our community, our Facebook Pedalers group, and download our app. You can connect with existing Sixthreezero riders, and see how they like their bikes in advance of purchasing. Ask them questions.

Then once you have yours, track your rides on the app, compete on the leaderboard, and of course, make new friends in the Pedalers group. So thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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