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First EVER Rides on an EBIKE, You Won't Believe What Happens! Riders 5' - 6'2" Electric Bike Ride

Hey everyone. I'm Dustin, CEO of sixthreezero, and today I've got riders from 5' to 6'2" who are going to take their first-ever ride on an e-bike. Well, a lot of them are going to take their first-ever ride on an e-bike, and you're going to come along on the journey. We do have some riders that have ridden an e-bike before, but for the most part, riders 4'11", 5'-ish to 6'2" are going to take their first-ever ride on our simple step-through e-bike. The easiest e-bike to get on and off. It's a lot of fun. So stick around and witness their first adventure.

Okay, so Sandy's all set to take her first-ever ride on an e-bike. And just remind us again of your, so you're 5' tall and your arm length and inseam again.

Sandy: 19 inches and 28.5.

Dustin: Okay. And how much do you weigh?

Sandy: 120.

Dustin: 120. And when was the last time you just rode a regular bike?

Sandy: Last week.

Dustin: Okay, cool.

Sandy: Yeah.

Dustin: An e-bike?

Sandy: Regular bike.

Dustin: And you've never ridden an e-bike?

Sandy: No.

Dustin: First time.

Sandy: Yes.

Dustin: Okay. So precursor, I've done some instruction for all of our riders just on how it all operates, but they haven't gotten on and felt it. So you're going to witness the first-ever ride for Sandy and all of our other riders. So go ahead and get on and let's make sure it's all adjusted perfectly for you. Okay.

Sandy: Should I turn it on?

Dustin: What's that?

Sandy: Should I turn that on?

Dustin: Yeah, are you good with it, is the seat okay? Are you going to be able to make it work for your height?

Sandy: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Dustin: Okay. All right. So go ahead and turn it on and hold it down. There you go. So now you're, don't push the throttle yet. Get ready to be balanced and do whatever you want to do.

Sandy: Okay.

Dustin: But you're free to go.

Sandy: Okay.

Dustin: Are you trying the throttle?

Sandy: I'm hitting the throttle right now. It's super fun.

Dustin: So first ever experience on an e-bike.

Sandy: That was super fun. I want one.

Dustin: Easy? Hard?

Sandy: Very easy, and really fun.

Dustin: And you felt that initial boost when the electricity kicked in?

Sandy: Yes. I need one of these.

Dustin: Cool. Well, there you have it. First, ever ride. Sandy loved it for our 5' rider.

Sandy: Loved it.

Dustin: Let's see how our 5'1" rider likes it. Okay, now we're with our 5'1" rider. What was your name again?

Teresa: Teresa.

Dustin: Teresa. And Teresa, remind us again, so you're 5'1", what were your measurements, your arm, and your inseam?

Teresa: 22 arms, 30 on the inseam.

Dustin: Okay. And how much do you weigh?

Teresa: About 130.

Dustin: 130. Okay, great. And when was the last time you rode a bike? Regular bike?

Teresa: A long time ago.

Dustin: Over 10 years?

Teresa: Over 10.

Dustin: Okay. So it was her first time getting back on a bike. So we're going to start Teresa slowly. We're going to just have her ride it without the electricity, which is one of the benefits of our e-bikes. You can do it with or without. Totally up to you. So go ahead and just get on. There you go. And so, yeah, you can put the kickstand up. Whenever you're, get your right foot. If you're going to put the kickstand, put your right foot down. There you go. And now get the kickstand up. Okay, there you go.

Teresa: Yes.

Dustin: Okay. And you can just go for it. Just try to, I'll stick close to you just to make sure you're good.

Teresa: This is how bad this is.

Dustin: Here, let me try you. So go, now you can get that pedal pushed. There you go.

Teresa: Okay. Watch the cars. Good.

Dustin: How is it?

Teresa: I'm okay. So far, so good.

Dustin: There you go.

Teresa: It's almost like riding a horse. And we're going to make a U-turn.

Dustin: All right. And then just come to a nice and easy stop. Perfect. Okay. You did great. So let's try this. We can do this. Let's leave the pedal assist off. So now you're at zero.

Teresa: Okay.

Dustin: So why don't you just go and ride again? And if you want, just actually you're going to have to be in one for that. So well, let's try this. Why don't you get going in zero?

Teresa: Okay.

Dustin: And if you can, press this to one.

Teresa: Okay.

Dustin: Once you're comfortable up and moving, and then the motor will kick in. So this is the, so the top two minus, plus. Okay.

Teresa: Okay.

Dustin: So let's start it at zero. Just ride it like you just did like a normal bike.

Teresa: Okay.

Dustin: And I'll stick with you and coach you through it. There you go. And now if you're comfortable, go ahead and hit the one.

Teresa: We're moving.

Dustin: And you can stop pedaling and let it, yeah, let it give you the coast.

Teresa: We're moving. Okay, I like it. Okay, I like it a lot. I do like it.

Dustin: Are you getting more comfortable now?

Teresa: Yeah. It's not that bad.

Dustin: And remember, you can stop pedaling and the motor will stop. And the brakes too if you hit the brakes.

Teresa: Look at me.

Dustin: You did it.

Teresa: I did it.

Dustin: Perfect. So you went from, she went from not riding a bike and we don't know how many years to just doing electric. And you were scared, but what'd you think?

Teresa: I want to buy one.

Dustin: Yeah.

Teresa: Yeah.

Dustin: It's cool, huh?

Teresa: Yeah, I like it.

Dustin: When the motor kicks in, it gives you that little bit of thrust, huh?

Teresa: Yeah, I liked it.

Dustin: Cool. And she's 5'1" and she had complete control, so she loved it.

Okay, now I'm here with you, remind me of your name again.

Rohini: Rohini.

Dustin: Rohini. And you're 5'3", right?

Rohini: Yes.

Dustin: And what's your arm length and inseam?

Rohini: My arm length is 15 inches. My inseam is 28 and a half inches.

Dustin: Okay, great. And how much do you weigh?

Rohini: 135 pounds.

Dustin: 135. And when was the last time you were on a regular bike?

Rohini: It must have been about three months ago.

Dustin: Okay, cool. And e-bike ever?

Rohini: No, never.

Dustin: Never. Okay. So we're going to start her out riding it without the electricity so she gets comfortable. And if she's comfortable, then we'll move her into using the motor a little bit. So go ahead and get on.

Rohini: Okay.

Dustin: Okay. All right. So go ahead, take her for a test ride.

Rohini: Okay.

Dustin: What do you think? Try it.

Rohini: Yeah, it's easy to just do it. Yeah, I got to stay on that side.

Dustin: Okay, so let's do this. Watch this. Here's what we can do. You can turn it on.

Rohini: Okay.

Dustin: And we can leave it at zero.

Rohini: Okay.

Dustin: So when you get up and going and when you hit the straightaway, if you can click that plus button with your finger at one and you can just use it a little bit. It won't be that much in one. You'll just feel a little extra help.

Rohini: Okay.

Dustin: Yeah.

Rohini: And this is-

Dustin: That's the throttle. But I would say if you don't, if you get comfortable on the way back, you could stop pedaling and use that as well. Just give it a light touch. Right. You could even just give it a light touch right now if you want just to see.

Rohini: Oh.

Dustin: Oh, we're at zero here.

Rohini: Oh, sorry.

Dustin: Put it in one. Just give it a little bit, a little less than you did. Oh, wait, yeah, less than that. And you got to let off the brakes.

Rohini: Oh, yeah.

Dustin: If you have the brakes, it's engaged. So you could just tap it.

Rohini: Okay. We're going to stay away from that. That was cool. But just hold the brakes if I have to stop, right?

Dustin: Correct. Just stop doing anything and pull the brakes.

Rohini: And do I just turn this off if there is any?

Dustin: Zero is, so it's a plus and minus. So plus to one, minus zero. If you're zero, nothing will happen at all. So right now nothing's happening. If you're comfortable, just go ahead and take this finger, hit plus, and you'll go to one. Yeah.

Rohini: Okay. And one is not too-

Dustin: One is really easy.

Rohini: Very mild. Okay.

Dustin: Yes, very mild.

Rohini: All right. We got this.

Dustin: As mild as it comes.

Rohini: All right, let's do this. And I'll take my time if that's okay. It won't take too long. Yeah, that's smooth. I got the hang of it. It's cool. That's cool.

Dustin: So are you using the motor?

Rohini: Yeah. At one though.

Dustin: And you felt it kick in?

Rohini: Yeah, that's pretty cool. It's not too strong like you said.

Dustin: There you go. So what'd you think overall?

Rohini: I felt the jolt, but it wasn't too strong, and I felt off balance. I was still able to control it and still pedal, but then when I wasn't pedaling, I still felt like I was pushing, so it was nice.

Dustin: Oh, because it was [inaudible 00:11:58] posting with it? Yeah.

Rohini: Yeah. I was still moving forward, so.

Dustin: Cool. Well, you did it.

Rohini: First experience on the e-bike.

Dustin: Yeah. Well, there you go. Our 5'3" rider just first ever experience on an e-bike. Let's check out her 5'4" rider.

Okay. Now we're here with Deidra. She's 5'4". And remind us again of your arm length and your inseam.

Deidra: My arm length is 19 inches and my inseam is 31.

Dustin: Okay, perfect. And how much do you weigh?

Deidra: 130.

Dustin: 130. And the last time you rode a regular bike?

Deidra: Like five, or six years ago.

Dustin: Okay. And have never been on an e-bike?

Deidra: No.

Dustin: Okay. So do you want to go straight to using the motor or do you want to just get used to being back on a bike first?

Deidra: Let's start slow.

Dustin: Okay, perfect. Go ahead and get on. We'll make sure we got it sized for you.

Deidra: Okay.

Dustin: Okay. I think that's good.

Deidra: Yeah.

Dustin: So go ahead and put your right foot down. Right foot.

Deidra: Oh.

Dustin: Right foot. Put your right foot on the ground.

Deidra: Oh, on the ground.

Dustin: Yes.

Deidra: Sorry.

Dustin: And let's get the kickstand up. Okay. So yeah, go ahead and just take a test loop. It's just a normal bike.

Deidra: Okay.

Dustin: You can get back into the swing of things.

Deidra: I can do this. Okay.

Dustin: It's just like riding a bike, right?

Deidra: Yeah. Loop around?

Dustin: Go ahead and make a loop and park back here. Use the hand breaks if you need up at your hands.

Deidra: Okay.

Dustin: There you go. Perfect. Okay, cool. So we're going to get y'all turned on here.

Deidra: Okay.

Dustin: So it's just going to be like you do everything you just did. The only difference is you'll just have a little bit of assistance from the motor.

Deidra: Okay.

Dustin: But nothing will change. And Level one is what you're in right now. So it won't be that much of an assistance all in all.

Deidra: If I press the brake, will the motor turn off?

Dustin: Correct.

Deidra: Will it come on again or not?

Dustin: If you don't pedal, no. So just don't pedal.

Deidra: Okay.

Dustin: And if you feel that jolt, it's probably going to, since we're in a pretty confined space, it's going to give you a push. You probably can just coast a little bit, you know what I mean? So you don't need to keep going all the time. It's up to you, but.

Deidra: Okay.

Dustin: Yes.

Deidra: All right, bye. Here we go.

Dustin: Big breath. And you're off. Do you feel it?

Deidra: Yeah.

Dustin: What do you think?

Deidra: Great. It's actually a lot of fun. If I could-

Dustin: Oh, breaks. There you go.

Deidra: Almost crashed.

Dustin: That's all right.

Deidra: That's good.

Dustin: Perfect. That's all right, you can [inaudible 00:15:44] off if you want.

Deidra: Thank you.

Dustin: So what do you think all in all though? Fun?

Deidra: It's fun. It definitely takes some practice to get used to the motor.

Dustin: Yeah.

Deidra: But yeah, it was fun.

Dustin: Cool. Well, she did it. Let's move on to our next rider.

Okay. We've got Alicia up next, your 5'-

Alicia: Five.

Dustin: ... 5". And remind me again of your arm length and inseam.

Alicia: 17 on the arms, and 30 on the inseam.

Dustin: Okay. And how much do you weigh?

Alicia: 145.

Dustin: 145. Perfect. So we're going to start, Alicia, the last time you rode a bike, you said was last summer.

Alicia: Last summer.

Dustin: So it's been 6, 7, 8 months and she's never ridden any bike first time. So we're going to get her going without the electric to start, and then hopefully move her up to use the electric. So go ahead and get on. Let's make sure it's adjusted well for you. How's that feel?

Alicia: Yeah, I think that's good.

Dustin: Okay. Go ahead and kick the kickstand up and you're off and running.

Alicia: Okay. We're good.

Dustin: Okay. You seem ready.

Alicia: Yeah. Might just need to bring the seat up a little bit though.

Dustin: Okay. Just up a little bit? Okay, sure. Okay. That's a little bit, so see how that is.

Alicia: Yeah, there we go.

Dustin: Okay. All right. So I'm going to put this on.

Alicia: Now we're on.

Dustin: I'll start you in one, but you seemed pretty comfortable.

Alicia: Okay.

Dustin: If you feel like you're used to it, you can go, I would say probably no more than two.

Alicia: Okay.

Dustin: But, yes you'll just feel it kick in as you make that first pedal, and should be just like normal.

Alicia: [inaudible 00:18:15]. All right. Easy-peasy. [inaudible 00:18:29].

Dustin: What do you think?

Alicia: That was pretty fun. All right.

Dustin: So overall first experience, easy to do?

Alicia: Yeah, that was super easy.

Dustin: And how about the motor? Did you feel it when it was in one? You ended in two, obviously.

Alicia: Ended in two. I got it, touched the throttle a little bit.

Dustin: Cool.

Alicia: Yeah, that was good.

Dustin: So you liked it for your first experience?

Alicia: I did. That was fun. I could definitely see it helping on hills for sure.

Dustin: Yeah. Awesome. Well, she had a good first experience. Let's move on to our next rider.

Okay. I'm with Brianna now. She's 5'6". And what was your arm's length?

Brianna: My arm length is 15.

Dustin: And your leg length?

Brianna: 29.

Dustin: 29. And how much do you weigh?

Brianna: 130 pounds.

Dustin: 130. And when was the last time you rode a regular bike?

Brianna: It's been a year now, I'd say.

Dustin: Okay. And have you ever been on an e-bike?

Brianna: Done a lot of e-scootering, but never an e-bike.

Dustin: Okay. So you're familiar with some e-mobility?

Brianna: Yes.

Dustin: All right. Well, go ahead. Let me maybe try the seat like that and we'll see maybe I have to raise it a little bit. Yeah, it's a little low it looks like. So let's bring it up just a touch for you. Let's try that. Okay, see how that is.

Brianna: Feels good.

Dustin: Okay. Handlebars and everything is okay?

Brianna: Yes.

Dustin: Okay. All right. So we're going to power you on here. I'll leave you in level one to go. If you get comfortable, you just push the plus button. And then if you want, you can also use the throttle and not pedal at all.

Brianna: Okay. Awesome.

Dustin: Have fun.

Brianna: Thank you. Love the breeze. It feels so good. It makes you not want to pedal at all. I'm like, this feels too nice. I'm like, I don't want to do any work.

Dustin: So what did you think?

Brianna: It's awesome. I want to take this to the beach. I'm like, you can enjoy the breeze. You're present. You don't have to worry about getting out of breath.

Dustin: It's easy, right, to figure out?

Brianna: So easy. Very easy. Yeah, it's very, it's not jerky at all. It's very stable, so it's a lot of fun.

Dustin: Cool.

Brianna: Yeah.

Dustin: All right. Well, there you have it. Brianna's first electric bike experience. Let's check out our next rider.

Okay, now we're here with Salvador. He's 5'7". And tell us again your arm length and inseam.

Salvador: The arm length is 18 and the inseam is 30.

Dustin: Perfect. And how much do you weigh?

Salvador: I weigh 181.

Dustin: Perfect. And the last time you rode a regular bike, when was that?

Salvador: Three, four years ago.

Dustin: Okay. And have never been on an e-bike?

Salvador: Never been on an e-bike.


All right, cool. Go ahead and get on. Let's check out your first time. How's the seat height? Okay? Is it good?

Salvador: Yeah.

Dustin: Cool. All right. So like I said, you've got you, you're in zero now. I'm going to put you in one.

Salvador: Got it.

Dustin: If you get comfortable on the way down, go ahead. You can put it in whatever, 1, 2, 3. And then if you want to stop pedaling, you can use the throttle as well.

Salvador: Got it.

Dustin: Oh yeah, just get the bike a little more this way. There you go. All right. Have fun.

Salvador: I'll be right back. Speed.

Dustin: What do you think?

Salvador: I like it. It's awesome.

Dustin: Did you use the throttle at all?

Salvador: I did.

Dustin: Yeah.

Salvador: Yeah. It's so cool.

Dustin: Easy to use?

Salvador: Easy to use.

Dustin: Cool.

Salvador: And it's my first time too. It's crazy.

Dustin: Yeah.

Salvador: I'm so surprised.

Dustin: Well, there you go. Salvador picked it up with no problem. Let's move on to our 5'8" rider.

All right. We're here with Thomas now. He's 5'8". And remind us again of your arm length and inseam.

Thomas: 19 arm, 29 inseam.

Dustin: Okay. And how much do you weigh?

Thomas: 195.

Dustin: Perfect. And when was the last time you rode a regular bicycle?

Thomas: A couple of years ago.

Dustin: A couple of years ago. And never been on an e-bike, right?

Thomas: No, I just have a motorcycle, so.

Dustin: Fair enough.

Thomas: Yeah.

Dustin: All right. Well, go ahead and get on. Let's see if we need to make any adjustments.

Thomas: Okay.

Dustin: How is the height seat, everything okay?

Thomas: Yeah, it feels great.

Dustin: Okay.

Thomas: So it's set to go. [inaudible 00:23:55].

Dustin: So here is your throttle. Yeah, so you got to put that in one and you can go the straightaway if at any point comfortable you can, yeah, you can shift it up, shift down, do what you want to do.

Thomas: Okay.

Dustin: Go ahead and go for it.

Thomas: Okay. There we go. Yeah, this is nice. I don't need to pedal at all. Guess I'm used to the motorcycle. You don't pedal on a motorcycle. Full throttle. Who's pedaling nowadays, right? Yeah, I didn't pedal at all.

Dustin: What's that?

Thomas: I didn't pedal at all.

Dustin: It's fun though, right?

Thomas: Totally. Yeah, it's awesome. I love it.

Dustin: Is the throttle pretty responsive?

Thomas: Yeah, very responsive. I had it in two and kicked right in. Probably could have tried it higher, but it-

Dustin: Well, the throttle, actually, as long as it's on the throttle's full bore.

Thomas: Oh, full bore. Yeah. Okay.

Dustin: So that's only, this is only for the pedal assist.

Thomas: Oh, pedal assist. Oh, okay.

Dustin: Yeah.

Thomas: No, it is very responsive.

Dustin: Cool.

Thomas: Impressed.

Dustin: Well, there you go. The motorcycle guy even thought the electric bike was fun, so.

Thomas: Absolutely,

Dustin: Thomas enjoyed it. Let's move on to our 5'9" rider.

All right. We're here with Avis. She's 5'9". And tell us again your arm length and inseam.

Avis: 23 inches arms, 33 inches inseam.

Dustin: Perfect. And when was the last time you rode a regular bike? Just a regular-

Avis: Oh, I rode a regular bike probably in the last few months.

Dustin: Okay.

Avis: Yeah.

Dustin: And E-bike ever?

Avis: Yes, many e-bikes.

Dustin: Oh, you have rid of an e-bike?

Avis: Yeah, I've ridden several brands.

Dustin: Perfect. All right, well, there you go.

Avis: Yeah, I love your bikes.

Dustin: Okay, well go ahead and get on.

Avis: But it's been a while since I've been on one, so we shall see.

Dustin: Okay. Does that feel okay adjustment-wise?

Avis: Yeah, I think so.

Dustin: Okay. So this is your up and down for pedal assist.

Avis: Okay.

Dustin: I can start you with one. You can use your finger and go up.

Avis: You can go faster, right?

Dustin: Yeah.

Avis: Okay.

Dustin: And you can use the throttle.

Avis: Oh, okay.

Dustin: Be careful of that while you're.

Avis: Okay, here we go.

Dustin: Okay.

Avis: I love it.

Dustin: So you're well versed in them, but-

Avis: I am.

Dustin: Do you enjoy using the throttle?

Avis: I do. I love using the throttle.

Dustin: Cool.

Avis: Yeah, I'm a pedal-to-the-metal kind of girl.

Dustin: Fair enough.

Avis: So yes, I love it.

Dustin: Makes a good fit for you then, I guess.

Avis: Yeah, has Lots of power.

Dustin: Yeah, no, it's cool. Awesome. So Avis liked it. Let's move on to our 5'10" rider.

All right. We're here with Aaron now, he's 5'10". Remind us again your arm length and inseam.

Aaron: 19 and 31.

Dustin: Perfect. And how much did you weigh?

Aaron: 170.

Dustin: 170. And when was the last time you rode a regular two-wheel bike?

Aaron: About a year ago.

Dustin: Okay, cool. And e-bike?

Aaron: Never.

Dustin: Never. First time. Okay. Awesome. Well, go ahead and get on. Let's make sure the seats and everything are adjusted well. Is that okay?

Aaron: Feels good to me.

Dustin: Okay, cool. So go ahead and put the kickstand up. All right, so I'm going to put you in one here and when you get going, if you want, you can put it into two, you can use a throttle. Totally up to you.

Aaron: Great.

Dustin: Got your breaks up there.

Aaron: Great.

Dustin: So have fun.

Aaron: All right.

Dustin: What do you think?

Aaron: Just like riding a normal bike, but better.

Dustin: Pretty easy, right?

Aaron: Pretty easy.

Dustin: And did you feel the thrust?

Aaron: Yeah, it's nice. It's nice to have a little extra boost of power.

Dustin: Yeah.

Aaron: Yeah.

Dustin: It makes it better.

Aaron: Yeah.

Dustin: Cool. Aaron liked this the first time. He did it with no problem.

Okay, we're here with Nick now. Nick is 6'. And remind us again of your inseam and your arm's length.

Nick: The arm length is 20, inseam is 30.

Dustin: And the weight is 256?

Nick: Yes.

Dustin: Okay, cool. And the last time you rode a regular bike?

Nick: About three years ago.

Dustin: Three years. And have you ever been on an e-bike?

Nick: Never.

Dustin: Never. First time for Nick. So go ahead and let me raise the seat for you a little bit first.

Nick: Thank you.

Dustin: Okay. Try that and then we can bring the handlebars up too as needed. Does that feel okay? Do you want it a little higher?

Nick: Maybe a little bit higher, just to be safe.

Dustin: Okay. Yes.

Nick: Do you want me to get off?

Dustin: Handlebars or the seat?

Nick: Seat. Oh, sorry. Handlebars.

Dustin: Seat's okay?

Nick: Yeah, the seat's okay.

Dustin: Okay. We can tilt them too. So let's go ahead and we'll leave it right here. Okay. All right. Go ahead and grab on and then whatever feels good for you.

Nick: Yeah, like right there.

Dustin: Okay. Oh, actually, you know what, sorry.

Nick: Nope, you're fine.

Dustin: I got to get that thing in the middle there. There we go. Still good for you?

Nick: Yeah.

Dustin: Okay. All right. So go ahead and just, we're going to, Nick is going to do a little practice without the electric just to get reacquainted with bicycling. Oh, Taylor. They should probably have helmets.

Nick: This is fun.

Dustin: All right, how are you doing?

Nick: Good.

Dustin: Are you ready for it?

Nick: Yes.

Dustin: Okay. So I'm going to power you on. I'm going to put you into two.

Nick: Okay.

Dustin: And again, stop pedaling and it'll all turn off. You can also just push, don't push this right now, but when you're moving, if you want to stop pedaling, you can use the throttle and hit the brakes as needed. Don't forget you have brakes.

Nick: Cool. Sounds good.

Dustin: All right. Do you feel it?

Nick: Yes. Oh, that's nice. That's really fun. Oh, that's really cool.

Dustin: What do you think?

Nick: It's a lot of fun. I love that. That's really cool.

Dustin: How was it? Was it scary? Easy to do?

Nick: It was a little nerve-wracking at first, but once I got doing it, it felt really good.

Dustin: Cool. All right, there you go. Nick's first e-bike experience.

Okay, now we got Brendan, he's 6'1". Remind us again your arm length and leg length.

Brendan: My arm length is 26 and my leg length is 32.

Dustin: And how much do you weigh?

Brendan: I weigh 161.

Dustin: Perfect. And when was the last time you rode a regular bike?

Brendan: A few years ago, I'd say.

Dustin: Okay. And have you ever been on an e-bike?

Brendan: Once before, during Christmas.

Dustin: Okay. So you have a little bit of experience?

Brendan: A little bit.

Dustin: Okay. Fair enough. Okay, well go ahead and get on. Let me maybe lower the seat down just a touch. Okay, go ahead.

Brendan: You got it. Alrighty.

Dustin: Seat good?

Brendan: Yeah.

Dustin: Or is it too high or is it okay?

Brendan: No, it feels good.

Dustin: Okay. Handlebars okay?

Brendan: Yes. Feeling good.

Dustin: All right. So I'm going to put you in one here. And when you start pedaling, you'll just feel it kick in a little bit. If at any point you don't want to have it, just stop pedaling, hit the brakes, and you'll be good to go. And if you get comfortable while you're up and moving, you can use the thumb throttle and just do full electric.

Brendan: You got it.

Dustin: All right, go for it.

Brendan: You got it.

Dustin: And if you want, you can go all the way down to the end.

Brendan: Oh, I can. Yeah, I wasn't sure.

Dustin: Get ready on the brakes.

Brendan: Yes. This thing's got a kick, damn. This thing's got a hell of a kick.

Dustin: Yeah, you can go down to the end and make a left around that berm if you want.

Brendan: Oh yeah, I can do that.

Dustin: What do you think?

Brendan: Pretty smooth.

Dustin: Easy to use? Fun?

Brendan: Easy to use. I definitely like it. I would get one for sure.

Dustin: Cool. All right, well there you go. The 6'1" rider loved it. We actually have one more rider at 6'1". Let's see how they enjoy it.

Okay, we're here with our final rider at a 6'2", Lathe. And Lathe is 25-inch inseam, 33, or sorry, 33-inch inseam, 25-inch arm length. He weighs 215 pounds. And the last time you rode a bike?

Leif: The regular bikes have been around for a while, e-bike just the other day.

Dustin: Okay. So Lathe is our most experienced rider. He is on e-bikes all the time. But go ahead and hop on and we'll show them what 6'2'' looks like on the simple step through. Adjustments, everything does that feel alright?

Leif: Feels good.

Dustin: Okay. So go ahead and just take a little ride down there. Go around the berm, open it up, do what you want, come on back.

Is it as fun as it always is?

Leif: What's that?

Dustin: Is it as fun as it always is?

Leif: Yeah, it's as fun as it always is.

Dustin: All right, well, there we have it. Lathe's, our final rider at 6'2". Stick around as we wrap all this up.

All right, so you just witnessed our riders 4'11", 5' to 6'2" take their first-ever e-bike experience and you can see based on the video, it's easy to get used to. You just got to get comfortable up and running. And once you turn that electricity on, it is a ton of fun. And the simple step-through can fit a various range of heights with the four custom adjustment points. So it's going to be a [inaudible 00:36:55] bike for you, trust me. And it is a lot of fun. So thank you for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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