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First EVER Rides on a Foldable E Trike - These Rides are CRAZY! Electric Tricycles are AWESOME!

Hey everyone. I'm Dustin, CEO of Sixthreezero, and today we've got riders 4'11" to 6'2" who are going to take their first-ever ride on an electric tricycle, the Sixthreezero Easy Transit. You're going to see not only how this trike can fit various heights, but how easy and simple it is to get going on it. Stick around.

Okay. We have our first rider, Brynn. She's 4'11". Remind me of your inseam and your arm's length.

Brynn: My arm length is 17 and my inseam is 29.

Dustin: Perfect. And how much do you weigh?

Brynn: 105.

Dustin: 105, okay. And you've never been on an electric tricycle, right?

Brynn: Nope.

Dustin: Okay, go ahead and sit down. Okay. Oh, you're good, you're good. Okay. So we push this button right here on, and you've got two options. You can either pedal, and you've got your level one, or you can push the throttle. It's going to be very easy. Now, if you've never ridden a tricycle, you have to steer the wheel, like bicycles, you kind of lean. Tricycles, you have to turn.

Brynn: Oh, okay.

Dustin: I mean, you turn a bicycle, but it's a little bit different.

Brynn: Okay. I haven't been on a bike in 10 years, so...

Dustin: Fair enough.

Brynn: There you go.

Dustin: Try this. Just let off the brakes and go ahead and start pedaling. And stay this way.

Brynn: Got it.

Dustin: There you go. There you go.

Brynn: Okay, okay. This makes sense now.

Dustin: Now break. There you go. Break if you don't like it. Yep. Steer to the left. Get away from-

Brynn: I'm sorry.

Dustin: No, you're good. You're good.

Brynn: Am I?

Dustin: Try to steer this way. Can you turn-

Brynn: Do you want me to turn around?

Dustin: Yeah.

Brynn: Okay.

Dustin: See, remember you have three wheels, so it'll balance. So it's actually a zero-turning radius.

Brynn: Yeah, good point. Oh my God, this is hard. I'm sorry. I'm having so much fun.

Dustin: There you go.

Brynn: Yay.

Dustin: Steer to the right, and turn. You actually have to turn like turn it, turn it, turn it.

Brynn: Whee.

Dustin: Have you had enough fun today?

Brynn: Yes, I think I have. Well, that's a lot of fun, yeah.

Dustin: Brynn got it, and she fits at 4'11". Let's check out our 5' rider. All right, now we're here with Sandy. She's got 19-inch arms, 28 and a half-inch inseam, and weighs 120 pounds?

Sandy: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dustin: And have you ever been on an electric tricycle?

Sandy: No.

Dustin: Have you ever ridden a tricycle, period?

Sandy: When I was about five.

Dustin: Okay, fair enough. Okay, go ahead and get on. Let's see if it's adjusted right. How does that feel?

Sandy: Great.

Dustin: Okay.

Sandy: It feels good.

Dustin: Okay, cool. I'm going to power it on.

Sandy: Okay.

Dustin: So it's just like an e-bike, except you are going to have three wheels, and it steers a little bit differently. So the one thing with trikes is you actually have to steer. And if you're going to use the pedal or the throttle, just ease into it. It's not a quick thrust. It's just a really simple easing in and out.

Sandy: Do you want me to just come around here?

Dustin: You can, yeah. I mean, whatever you're comfortable with. So use the brakes, breaks, breaks, breaks, breaks, breaks.

Sandy: Sorry.

Dustin: Yeah, we want to stay away from here. Yep, there you go. Yep, steer it. You got three wheels. It'll balance. There you go.

Sandy: Ooh.

Dustin: Go there.

Sandy: There you go.

Dustin: You have to get used to actually turning the wheel.

Sandy: Yeah, it's fun though.

Dustin: Turn, turn, turn, turn. There you go. So it's different than a bike because-

Sandy: It is, you can't lean into it.

Dustin: Exactly, and it's not going to tip over. You have to trust the balance of the bike.

Sandy: Interesting.

Dustin: So it's different. Yeah.

Sandy: Great.

Dustin: All right. Sandy's first ride. She figured it out. Let's move on to our 5'1" rider. Okay, now we're here with Teresa, and Teresa is 5'1". And what was your arm length and inseam?

Teresa: 22 in the arms, 30 on the inseam.

Dustin: And how much do you weigh?

Teresa: About 130.

Dustin: 130 pounds. And have you ever ridden an electric tricycle before?

Teresa: No.

Dustin: Okay. So go ahead and get on. Have you ever ridden a regular tricycle?

Teresa: No.

Dustin: Okay. Go ahead and sit down and I'll see if the seat's okay.

Teresa: It's tall. It's not too bad.

Dustin: How does everything feel? Handlebars?

Teresa: Feels good.

Dustin: Are no adjustments needed?

Teresa: No.

Dustin: Okay. All right. So do you want to try it? Let's try riding it just like a regular tricycle. So go ahead and just pedal.

Teresa: Like I did before?

Dustin: Yeah. And then if you want, just make a loop right here.

Teresa: Okay.

Dustin: There you go. Cool. And you got the brakes if you need them. All right. So you're a seasoned pro here. I'm going to go ahead and put the motor on.

Teresa: Okay.

Dustin: Okay. Now you're in level one. Just go ahead and pedal and give it a shot.

Teresa: Down the hill?

Dustin: What's that?

Teresa: Down the hill?

Dustin: I would stay up here, actually.

Teresa: Okay.

Dustin: How do you think that compares to the regular e-bike? Different?

Teresa: Different? Yeah.

Dustin: All right. Well, that was easy for you. You got the hang of it. It steers differently though than the regular bike.

Teresa: Steers differently, yeah.

Dustin: How did the motor feel? Power? Did you feel it kick in?

Teresa: I did feel it kick in, yeah.

Dustin: Cool. All right, Teresa got it. She knocked her first ride out of the park. Let's move on to our 5'2" rider. Okay, now we're here with Jerry. She's 5'2", 19-inch arm length. And what was your inseam?

Jerry: 33.

Dustin: 33 and 120 pounds?

Jerry: Yes.

Dustin: Okay. And never ridden an electric tricycle before?

Jerry: No, never.

Dustin: Go ahead and sit down. All right. How's that feel? Comfortable? The seat probably needs to come up a little bit, I think. Or do you like it there?

Jerry: No, I like it there actually, yeah.

Dustin: All right. So let's try this. Are the handlebars good for you? Do you like them there? Not like them there?

Jerry: Feels good.

Dustin: Okay, cool. So why don't you just try pedaling? Now, the difference on a three-wheel bike is you have to trust that you have balance. So turn it. You have to actually turn the wheel and know that you won't tip. Exactly. And let's try it without the electricity. And then if you're comfortable, we'll move into the motor. And then just go up here and make a little loop.

Jerry: Oh.

Dustin: Or make a loop here. That's okay. You can go back. Turn to the left. There you go. You can't pedal. Don't pull the brakes while you're pedaling. If you hit the brakes, stop pedaling.

Jerry: Okay.

Dustin: Because then you're like pedaling. So let go of the brake.

Jerry: Okay.

Dustin: Yep. There you go.

Jerry: Okay.

Dustin: Squeaking somewhere. All right. So do you want to try with the motor on?

Jerry: Okay.

Dustin: We'll go real easy here. Okay. Let me do this. Let me get you turned this way. Okay, go ahead. And then if you get too fast, just back off, stop pedaling. There you go. Can you make a turn the other way to the left? Go ahead, pedal. A little more. There you go.

Jerry: Ah.

Dustin: All right. What do you think?

Jerry: Cool. Yeah, I did a lot better than I thought I was.

Dustin: Easier than a regular-

Jerry: Easier-

Dustin: Other than the bike that you bike?

Jerry: Yeah, definitely.

Dustin: Yeah. You just have to get used to trusting that the bike will balance when you turn. You know what I mean?

Jerry: Yeah, definitely.

Dustin: Cool.

Jerry: Awesome.

Dustin: She did it.

Jerry: I did it.

Dustin: Conquered an electric trike. Let's move on to our next rider. Okay. I'm here with Brianna. You are 5'6".

Brianna: Yes.

Dustin: Remind me of your inseam and arm length.

Brianna: My inseam is 29 and my arm length is 15.

Dustin: Perfect. And how much do you weigh?

Brianna: 130 pounds.

Dustin: Okay, great. And have you ever ridden a tricycle before?

Brianna: Never.

Dustin: And an electric trike? Never.

Brianna: Never.

Dustin: Okay. Go ahead and let me raise the seat for you just a little bit here. Okay. Go ahead and get on.

Brianna: Okay.

Dustin: Does that feel okay or should I raise it a little more?

Brianna: Maybe a little bit higher on the seat.

Dustin: Okay. Hop off, and I can adjust the handlebars too.

Brianna: Okay, great.

Dustin: Okay. Try that.

Brianna: Awesome. Feels good.

Dustin: Okay. And do you want these in like this, or should I move them away a little bit?

Brianna: This feels good to me.

Dustin: Okay. Cool.

Brianna: That's pretty good.

Dustin: So you are our experienced electric scooter rider now...

Brianna: I am, yes.

Dustin: This is going to drive a little bit differently because you have three wheels. You have to actually turn the wheel. And just trust that the bike will balance, so you're at level one.

Brianna: Okay, gotcha.

Dustin: So you can get going. You can use the throttle or pedal. It's totally up to you.

Brianna: Do you want me to just go all the way down?

Dustin: Just make a loop right here, actually.

Brianna: Woo.

Dustin: A little bit different, right?

Brianna: It is different from a bike. Yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. You can go back there. Just make a loop.

Brianna: It's just so much more fun when you can press the throttle.

Dustin: What do you think though?

Brianna: It's awesome. Yeah. It's definitely more turn than a regular bike, but as far as the e-bike part, just so much easier, and more fun, and you get to enjoy it more.

Dustin: Yeah.

Brianna: Yeah.

Dustin: You seem to figure out the steering too, pretty quickly.

Brianna: Yeah, yeah. It's easy to get used to once you're on, I'd say.

Dustin: Cool. All right, well, Brianna got it. And let's move on to our next rider. Okay. We got Aaron with us. He's 5'10". And what was your inseam and arm length?

Aaron: 31 and 19.

Dustin: Awesome. And what was your weight?

Aaron: 170.

Dustin: Cool. And have you ever ridden a tricycle before?

Aaron: I have not.

Dustin: And an electric trike?

Aaron: No.

Dustin: Okay. All right. Well, go ahead and get on. Now, tricycles ride differently than bicycles.

Aaron: All right.

Dustin: So you're in level one. You just have to steer the wheel in the direction you want to go. Bikes, you kind of lean a little bit more, so you can go ahead and start pedaling.

Aaron: All right.

Dustin: And you're going to feel it kick in.

Aaron: Yep.

Dustin: And then go ahead and make a loop right here. Okay. You got it. No problem.

Aaron: Yeah, I see...

Dustin: Steer it. You can, yeah.

Aaron: Yeah. Okay, cool.

Dustin: It's a zero turning radius, basically, so-

Aaron: Oh, nice. Wow. Zero turning radius. Yeah, I like that. That makes it easy. Nice.

Dustin: You can do it one more time if you want. Just-

Aaron: All right.

Dustin: Just don't get caught in this dip right here.

Aaron: Sure, sure, sure. All right. Nice.

Dustin: Beautiful. So that was pretty easy for you, huh?

Aaron: Yeah, I like it.

Dustin: Did it feel different than the normal bike?

Aaron: Yeah, definitely. And with a zero turn radius, yeah. Yeah.

Dustin: Cool. Well, Aaron's got it all figured out. He enjoyed the ride. Let's move on to our next rider. All right, we're with Nick now. He's 6'. I think he's more like 6'1" or 6'2", so that's okay though. What's your inseam and leg length?

Nick: The inseam is 20. Sorry, the inseam is 30, arm length is 20.

Dustin: And you weigh 256, right?

Nick: Correct.

Dustin: Cool. So the cool thing about the Easy Transit is it's super adjustable. Also, the weight limit is up to 350 pounds. So you're going to see how, even at Nick's height, it's going to accommodate him easily. So go ahead and hop on. Actually, let's get the seat... Let's try to adjust it for you before you get on. Okay, try that.

Nick: Cool.

Dustin: And I think we're going to have to raise the handlebars too. Do you want that a little higher still?

Nick: Yeah, maybe a little higher and a little bit farther forward-

Dustin: Or the seat? Seat's okay?

Nick: The seat is great. Just the handlebars, maybe just slightly higher and slightly forward.

Dustin: Yep. Okay. And then push them away a little bit.

Nick: Yes.

Dustin: Okay. So it's loose now, so wherever you want.

Nick: There we go.

Dustin: Cool. Okay. So we're going to turn the power on right here. Now, it rides differently than a bike. You actually can turn the wheel. You can turn it in as much as you want. It's not going to tip, so you have to turn in the direction you go. Let's just do a small loop right here. So go ahead, whenever you're ready. Do you feel the motor come on?

Nick: Yes. I was like, "Whoa."

Dustin: And you can just try to turn a circle. It's pretty nimble, right? Easy to turn?

Nick: Very. I was not expecting-

Dustin: You can go down here and make a... Yeah, yep. There you go.

Nick: That's all right. Oh, that's so fun.

Dustin: What do you think?

Nick: I love that. That's cool.

Dustin: Comfortable too, right? Good fit for you?

Nick: Very.

Dustin: Yeah. Cool.

Nick: Does the motor just turn on with this one or is it still this lever right here? Or is that just the-

Dustin: You can do that too. Don't push that though. Well, push it if you want to go, but take your hands off the brakes. So you can try it if you want. Oh, yep. Right here. You know what? Here, you know why? Oh, got to bump you up a little bit. Go ahead and try now. Oh, let's see.

Nick: Did you just add a battery? Oh, there we go.

Dustin: There you go, yep. Yep, steer that way.

Nick: Nice. There we go. That's cool.

Dustin: Yeah. Once you get used to how to use it, how much throttle, and how little throttle, it gets easier to manipulate a little bit more.

Nick: Very. It was a little like, whoa at first.

Dustin: Yeah. Cool. Well, Nick figured it out and it was good for his height, so stick around as we wrap it all up. All right, so you just witnessed riders 4'11" to 6'2" get fit and take their first-ever ride on the Easy Transit electric tricycle. You can see how easy it is to ride and how comfortable we can get the position dialed into so many different types of bodies. So if you're in the market for a trike, the Easy Trike's the right one for you. Thanks for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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