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Fat Tire Electric Tricycle You Can Put a Seat On!?!? This is the Ultimate E Trike with Fat Tires

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. Today I'm gonna walk you through the Simple Step-Thru the fat tire e-trike, the rear seat, and the basket and, how you can easily install and swap these out. And also give you the measurements on the seat here. Now, the basket comes standard, and I have removed the bolts. So it comes standard with four bolts that mount the basket down. And I can show you exactly how those are installed here. Okay, so when you're on the Simple Step-Thru, your basket is gonna come pre-installed, or it comes with the bike, I should say, and it comes with four bolts right here, and I've already removed them, but to install it, you'll just put the four bolts through here, and you will install your washers right here. Or sorry, you'll install your nut down below. And then you're just gonna go through and tighten all those down. And as you've seen, we have bag options that will perfectly fit into this basket if you do wanna add a bag in here as well. So this comes standard. Now you have the option of adding this rear seat to the back and I'm gonna show you how this installs. So you can take these four bolts out and remove your basket. Now, the cool thing about this seat is you can put it forward or backward. And the four bolts are in the same hole location. So you will load it up here onto the frame like so. And now from there, if you can swing around right here, you'll see on the inside.

Let me pull the seatbelt out here. Okay. You've got the hole locations in here just where the baskets were. And you'll just pop this in right here. And that will feed in right there. And you also have a locking latch right here. Just for the sake, I don't have the key, so we can put that up. Now. Okay. All right, so this can bolt down. Now, on this seat, the capacity is going to be up to 150 pounds. So if you're looking for a trike with a seat that fits adults, you probably want to look at our Rickshaw. This is great for children or a single rider over 150 pounds. Now, if you have a single rider who's 150 pounds, I would recommend turning the seat the other way. So we can go ahead and do that. Let me go ahead and put this down. So from there, you can go ahead and just turn this around like this. There you go. Now this is an option to have it this way as well. I'm gonna bolt it on here in a second. I'll show you what it looks like with me at 5'10". It's not great for the leg space with adult riders. That's why this is best for smaller riders. I would say probably 11 and under is gonna be the best-case scenario and you could fit two children. If you're looking for a bigger option, again, our Rickshaw has a bigger seat and a bigger back seating area. Now let me go ahead and measure this for you as well.

So you can see, from the back of the seat here to the front of this seat is eight and a half inches. Now the footrest is not painted. They will be painted with the production models to match the frame. And the footrest is going to run all the way across the width here, which will be 18 and a half inches. And then the footrest to the front here is going to be six and a quarter inches. So again, good for children riders, but not as good for adult riders. The back of the backrest comes up from the seat 13 inches. The width of the seat on the pad is 26 inches. And the width of the actual full seat is 28 and a quarter inches. And let's see. The height of the seat from the ground to the top of the pad is 27 and a quarter inches. The height from the footrest to the ground is 16 and a half inches. I'm gonna go ahead and bolt the seat on and then I'll show you what I look like on the seat. Okay, so I'm 5'10". I'll go ahead and show you what it looks like with me on here. So, You can see the only way for me to sit would be to kind of have my legs spread like this. Or you can kind of shift like this. It does work. But again, for a grown adult, it's not as comfortable. But I can also show you what it looks like rear-facing with me as well. Let's get a rider on here and we'll show you what it looks like with someone driving. All right, so we got Lisa on here in the driver's spot now. You can see with her on there, again, I can sit back here. It's a very condensed frame. On the rink the rickshaw it's a little longer. So that's why I think for kids, this is a little better option.

Now, we'll go ahead and switch spots, and we'll see what she looks back here. And then I'll flip the seat after that and show you what it looks like in the other direction. All right, so Lisa's getting on. Let's see. So yeah, you're five-four right okay? How about with me on here? So yeah, I mean, you can do it with an adult if you wanna more. Yep, you could do that as well. So again, this is more designed for children under 150 pounds, but an adult can fit. We'll flip it around and show you what that looks like as well. Okay. Now I'll go ahead and pop the bolts on, then I'll hop on and show you what it looks like. Okay, now I've got the seat turned around. I'll go ahead and show you what it looks like. Just want to make sure I don't roll away here. Okay. So, where the footrest is, you can see, now I can fit okay in this direction. Again, the footrest is up a little higher, so for taller riders. Your knees are gonna be up a little bit, but a little more comfortable for a taller rider this way. We'll get Lisa to hop back on now and show you what it looks like with her driving. And Then she and I can switch spots. There we go, so a little more comfortable. Now again, this is a smaller seat than the Rickshaw. More designed for children here. So let's go ahead and switch spots. Okay, go ahead. Oh, that's not too bad for you. So Lisa's 5'4". And then with me driving, there we go. So there's enough room between our backs too. So I would say probably 5'4 and under is okay as long as the weight is 150 pounds. And you can do it. So, That's the seat. Also, I'll just measure quickly for you right here. Between the seat and the back here, you've got five inches of space here as well.

You've got this locking compartment underneath, which is great to bring things with you. So that's a cool add-on. And of course, you've got the seatbelt here to buckle in your passengers as well. So, any other questions on the simple step through, don't hesitate to reach out to us, at or call us, at 310-982-2877. Don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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