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Fat Boy Bike: Is It Right For You?

Choosing a Bike
February 12, 2019
Fat Boy Bike: Is It Right For You?

Fat Boy Bikes Mean Big Tires

Fat boy bike. It's time to talk about it. This is an interesting topic that has become popular in the last few years. When I say fat boy bike, I mean bikes that have big fat tires. I'm not talking about two-inch or three-inch tires. Oh no, I'm talking about three, four-inch, even four and a half inch tires. These are BIG tires. Hence, they've gotten the name "fat bike" or "fat boy bike". You see them featured across all different types of bike styles. And you will especially see fat tires on mountain and cruiser bikes. They offer a different type of ride and add a fun beefy element to your riding.

At sixthreezero we currently have a fat boy version of our "In the Barrel" bike. It's different from the existing model because it sports four-inch tires. The four-inch tires are pretty cool because they allow you to go on and off-road. This is perfect for taking your cruiser on some off-road trails. A lot of times too, you can take them for rides in the sand. The fat boy bike category has become more and more popular over the last few years. And it seems to be a different look that a lot of people are liking.

Here's Why They're So Unique

The biggest difference between fat boy bikes and all the other sixthreezero bikes are tire size. The fat boy bikes will be a tire at least three, three and a half inches and up. All the other bikes in the sixthreezero lineup are no more than two and one-quarter inch wide. That's our absolute widest tire which is still, in the cycling world considered very wide. These types of tires are standard with most cruiser tires you find. Now some mountain bike tires go a wider than that. But this depends on the terrain and riding environment.

The argument that exists is do you need it? The only solution to this question is the riders riding preference.

The Best Place To Take Your Fat Boy

Fat boy bikes are best suited for bumpier terrain. And will allow you to tackle large gaps and crevices with ease. However, from an aesthetic standpoint, it will cost you.

sixthreezero, although we're not experts in this bike genre, we can give you a couple tips on what to look for. And how to buy one. Number one, when you're getting into this genre of the bigger tires, you want to pay attention to the tread. Like normal bikes, there are different tread types on fat boy bikes. If you're going to be riding on rocky terrain, make sure you're not getting a slick tread. Instead, you will want a more rugged, industrial looking tread. This way you'll be certain your tires can withstand mountainous terrain.

If you're going to be riding on paved surfaces and you want to go with the fat boy tire, I would say that choice will create a lot of resistance. It would be more difficult to pedal because it takes more effort to rotate the larger tires. To avoid this, make sure you find a slick tread. Unless the actual ride of the bike is not important to you, and all you care about is the look. Then, in that case, buy whatever feels right to you. Just be aware that size is going to have some drastic effects on the difficulty of your riding.

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