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Expert Pick! The Best EBike Step Through of 2023 Must See Electric Step Thru Bicycle

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to give you my expert pick for the best step-thru electric bike of 2023. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to give you my expert pick for the best 2023 electric step-thru bike. But before I do, hit subscribe below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, new product releases, and of course giveaways for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. All right, so '23 is upon us, and right here I have my expert pick for the best step-thru electric bike of 2023. This is the Sixthreezero Simple step-thru electric bike. There are so many features and elements to this bike that make it the best step-thru. Let's jump right into it.

So let's just start first with the electronics. 500-watt rear hub motor, 10.4 amp hour battery, which is going to get you 30 to 50 miles of range, up to 28 miles an hour pedal assist, and 20 miles an hour throttle. You heard that right throttle. So in this e-bike, you've got five levels of pedal assist you can do, meaning when you pedal, the bike will assist you. Or you've got the throttle here, meaning you can just push that throttle and the bike will go.

So on the range side, 30 to 50 miles, that's going to depend on the weight of the rider, the terrain, and also are you using pedal assist? Are you using throttle? What are you relying on most while you're riding? In the top speeds, again, 20 miles an hour throttle 28 miles an hour in the pedal assist. So you're going to be able to go uphills, you're going to be able to go long ranges, you're going to have this thing assist you, it's going to be great. In addition to that though, what really sets this step-thru electric bike apart is the geometry of it all. And I've got a tape measure here because I want to pull this out and show you something that makes this truly special.

This e-bike has a 10-1/2 inch step-over height, step-thru height, and step-over height. This is unheard of and I can tell you why. If you notice here, this crank right here, normally on a bicycle, this is going to line up with the lowest step-over portion of an e-bike or bike. In this situation, Sixthreezero has taken the frame down lower to actually lower the step-thru height by two inches. That's going to make the bike mounting and dismounting just that much easier. Now, two inches on the surface level doesn't seem like a lot, but if you have some restriction with your leg or you have shorter legs, just that little extra bit is going to make this so much easier.

The other thing I'll say is by cutting out this little dip here, it's as simple as just putting your leg through the frame. There's no other bar to contend with. There's no other battery here, nothing of that nature. By keeping the battery in the back here, we've cleared room for the foot to come through and for you to mount safely, and easily. Now in addition to that, is the low seat height. Let me explain this to you. This is just 32 inches from the height of the seat. So to get on and off is going to be very simple.

The reason we've been able to drop the height of the seat is because of the forward-pedaling design. Let me use my trusty tape measure here again. Now, right here you have the bottom of the seat, on a typical bike frame, this is called your seat tube. The seat tube is going to go straight down or maybe like this from the bottom of the seat to the crank. You can see, we have the crank move forward about five and a half inches. What this does is it allows the seat to be lower to the ground, but you still get ample leg extension when riding because instead of having to raise the seat, you're getting the leg extension with the pedals moved forward.

So it also is a more relaxed riding position and it's going to allow your feet to be closer to the ground so you can stop more easily and more safely. But when you're riding, you're still going to get that leg extension out front because the crank is moved forward. It's a unique design that has a unique riding experience, that's going to make it more comfortable. And again, safety. Safety is the key word because on electric bikes you want to be safe, you want to be safe on any bike, but of course on electric bikes, you want to be as safe as possible.

So stand here, pull your leg out, and now you are off the bike. So it's so simple and I like this site and twist technique, which makes mounting and dismounting super easy. Now the other thing I love about this and why it's my pick for the 2023 best step-thru electric bike is the riding position. Look how comfortable I am. I've got my arms here, the handlebars swoop into my body. My arms can be nice and relaxed, my elbows can be relaxed, my shoulders can be relaxed, and I am now in an ergonomic riding position. And I can not feel the pain in my lower back, typical in a lot of bikes as you may have to lean forward a little bit. I don't have to put that tension on my lower back. I don't have to put that tension on my shoulders and I can just cruise along comfortably.

So it creates a nice riding position. The other benefit is these 2.125-inch tires. The great thing about these tires is they're going to be thicker, so they're going to absorb a lot of the bums when you're going over different curbs, things like that, it's going to absorb the vibration so you won't feel it in your body. Also, the added stability, right? With a little wider tire, you're going to get more stability. The balance of the bike will be easier. One other thing I want to add as well as the front and rear disc brakes on the hand brakes here.

And in addition to that, you have a seven-speed derailer. So you can see here we have a seven-speed derailer. Now, this operates independently of the e-bike portion of it. They work together. But if you want to be in pedal assist mode and you're taking up big hills, you have seven speeds now. You can shift to a lower gear. Also, if you want to test the top end of the pedal assist, you can get into level seven and go faster. So not all e-bikes have that. I'll tell you that. A lot of e-bikes are single-speed. This has seven speeds, seven speeds that you can do what you want.

The other benefit is if you choose to ride this as a normal bike, you can do that with no problem. So having those gears is a nice feature that I think a lot of people take advantage of, and I think you would enjoy taking advantage of it as well. So in addition to that, it's an alloy frame, so it's light by e-bike standards. It's going to be fairly easy to lift. And you can also remove the battery, which is eight pounds, which is going to make it even lighter. This is going to be approximately 60 pounds to lift with the motor in the back.

Still not light, but not as heavy as I've seen some e-bikes in the upper 60s, 70-pound range. Also, you can see there's not much frame to contend with. Because it's just one bar and it's aluminum. So when you talk about it, there's not a lot going on here to lift. The last thing I'll say about why I've made this my pick is it's a beautiful bike. There's the navy, there's a teal option, there's a matte black option, and it's just a nice clean bike, with nice accent wheels, and sparkle in the frame. Also, it's a little bit something different. When you look at the e-bike colors out there, you see a lot of silver, black, white, and gray. In my opinion, super boring. So if you're looking for something with a little bit of different color and pop, you've got this in navy, teal, and black.

Now the black is still black, but it's a sleek black-on-black, matte black. It looks really clean. In addition to that are the brown seat and the grips. Again, something different, right? The same old black on everything you go black grips, black seat, black everywhere. Something just a little bit more classy and different makes this pop, stand out, but still perform the way you're going to want it to perform. So my expert picked the 2023, best step-thru electric bike. If you have any other questions about this model at all, please comment below or email or call us at (310) 982-2877. Also, if you want to check out this bike, go to our website

And if you don't know what an e-bike you're in the market for, you can also take our proprietary body fit quiz. Takes less than two minutes, answer a few questions about your body and your life, and in under two minutes, you're going to get the perfect e-bike or bike recommended for you. And we have a 30-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love it in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. Lastly, join our Facebook Pedalers group and download our app. Be a part of our community before you purchase. It's a great place to talk to other riders, ask them questions, see how they like their bike, and you can see how people are logging miles on this specific bike on the app right now. So you can see how many miles people can do on these bikes.

Then after you own your bike, great places, track your rides on the app, compete on the leaderboard, and make lots of new friends in the Pedalers group. It's a ton of fun. So thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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