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Expert Pick for the Best TRIKE BIKE: This Electric 3 Wheel Bike is Changing Seniors Lives

What is the best trike bike for seniors?

Hey, everyone. I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. Today, I'm going to show you and answer the question, what is the best trike bike for seniors? All right. Right here, I have the sixthreezero Easy Transit Foldable Electric Trike Bike. This thing is awesome for seniors. If you are a senior looking for a three-wheel bike or a tricycle, there are a couple of things that I think are important.

The number one thing is a low step-through frame. The Easy Transit has a very low step-through, easy-to-mount frame that you can slide on and off simple, easy, and safe. Now, that's what I love about this. The one thing I also wanted to say is this is an electric trike, and I firmly believe electric trikes are a great option. I think it's the best for seniors for a multitude of reasons. Now, with a regular three-wheel bike, it can be limiting in what you can do with it and the kind of distances you can go. Having the motor can expand the possibilities and keep you riding distances that you've been going maybe earlier in your life, or if you haven't ridden far previously, you could probably go farther than you've ever been now having the electric motor.

In addition to that, you're going to be able to take on hills that you wouldn't otherwise be able to on a three-wheel bike without assistance. But the benefit of it all, ride it without the motor if you don't want to use the assistance at all. The benefit of getting an electric version is you can use the motor and not use the motor. The Easy Transit, for example, comes with seven gears like a normal bicycle. You can see the derailleur is located back here, so you have seven speeds like you'd have on a trike or a bike without a motor, and you can still ride this trike simply without the assistance of the motor. The benefit is you have the motor when you want it or need it. Well, that's it. You have it when you want it or need it, but you don't have to use it at any point. You can use this like a normal tricycle and keep your legs working.

If you were to just go with a regular non-electric trike bike, you would have to, at all times, pedal and you wouldn't have that motor there. A huge benefit is if you get too tired or can't make it home, kick in that motor, and trust me, you are going to love it. Now, in addition to that, what I love about seniors is the easy on and off, number one, this is the most important factor that I see with seniors who ride trikes. The other thing I was going to say is if you want to see seniors riding this trike, on our YouTube channel, we have other videos and you can see firsthand how others like it, how others ride it, and their experience with this.

In addition to that, if you see these handlebars, these are called mini ape hanger handlebars, these can curve straight into the rider's body, making it so relaxed for your arms because they come straight into you, your back can be upright, and these are also adjustable. If you're taller, you can move them away from you. You find what's comfortable for you, but you can see, I have them right here. I love it. I have complete control of my handlebars. In addition to that, you also have a quick release here to pull the handlebars up or down as you see fit, so it's very adjustable to your body and what's going to be best for you. In addition, keep that back straight so you don't have this leaning forward. You don't have pain. Very important as you go on your rides. You don't want to be in pain. You want to be relaxed, you want to enjoy it. You just want to be able to focus on the ride completely.

The other cool thing is this has a double adjustable seat post. This seat post can go very low or very high, totally up to you. Let me show you right here. There you go. You can find the correct height for you. This bike has four custom adjustment points to dial it in for your body. I know, as a senior, that's very important. You may have arthritis, wrist pain, or knee pain, so being able to fully adjust to your body is a real advantage on the Easy Transit, so you ensure that your rides are comfortable and best for you. Those four adjustment points are the raising and lowering of the seat. You can also tilt the seat forward and backward. You can also raise and lower the handlebars and tilt the bars. As I explained to you, you can tilt them closer or farther away from your body.

Now, the other cool thing is these 16-inch tires that also lower the center of gravity, which keeps this trike more balanced and safe. I know safety is a very keyword. You want to stay balanced. You don't want to be risking tipping over. Again, these 16-inch wheels have a very low center of gravity, which makes steering balanced and easy, and you see with the bars here how easy it is to turn. If you have very large wheels and fat tire wheels, it can be more challenging to steer. Now, not always, some people have different opinions, but with the small 16-inch tire, it's very easy to turn, make turns, and steer. With a bigger tire, there's more rubber on the ground, so it may take a little more muscle to turn the handlebars, so something just to be aware of.

Now, front and rear basket, also, if you want to transport stuff with you, you've got front and rear disc brakes that are very powerful and stop on a dime. I know braking is important because you want to be safe. Safety is key. We've put great brakes on here to ensure that the stopping is powerful and again, easy. Now, let's talk about electronics. It does have assistance and has a 750-watt front hub motor. The battery is located right here. It's a 10.4 amp hour battery and you've got five levels of assistance. This is what I love about this. This can double not only as your tricycle but as a mode of transportation with the motor. It has a throttle located up here by your thumb. This is called a thumb throttle.

If you choose, you don't want to pedal at all. You can just push this throttle with your thumb, in or out, like a gas pedal with your foot. The more you give it, the faster it goes. The less you give it, the less it goes. What's cool is if you just want to cruise around a community, a neighborhood, or even indoors shopping, check with the local store, you can use this as a personal mobility device anywhere you want to go. If you don't want to pedal, use the throttle, and it becomes its vehicle in a sense. It's cool in that way. Now, you can also get assistance while you pedal. When you pedal, the motor will assist you. If you want to keep your legs working, you can do that. The other huge benefit of that assistance is you can push yourself further than you've pushed before. Take on bigger hills, take on longer distances, and let the motor assist you as you climb the hill, don't be scared to push your body because you know you'll have the assistance of the motor if you need it.

One other last feature here, this also has a reverse option. If you want to go in reverse, you can put it in reverse, and you pedal backward, and it will go backward. That's cool. There's a lever right here. You flip that and it'll go backwards as you see fit. Now, if you want to see more demos and riding examples of this e-bike, check it out. We've got lots of videos where I take it in reverse. We had a senior go shopping. He reverses in and out, he goes through aisles. It's very, very cool. The battery is also easily removable. Let's say, on any given day, you want to ride it without the motor, you just go ahead and turn the key, and take the battery out. Now you've reduced the weight of this e-trike by eight pounds, and again, now you just have a pedal trike. Having this motor expands the possibilities. So much fun.

All right. Lastly, it's a cool design. It also folds up, like I said. If you want to see the full folding, check that out as well. Right here is the folding. If you want to take it in a car, a hatchback, or a truck, you can fold it up, handlebars fold down, fold up very small, and you can easily transport it. If you do RV life, if you drive to places that you ride a lot, fold it up, take it with you. The other cool thing is if you have limited storage in a garage or your house, you can fold it up and put it in a corner and not take up a lot of space. I love Easy Transit for seniors for so many reasons. This is a trike bike. Not only will it take care of your body, and keep you comfortable, it'll push you to your limitations with using the motor. It's so much fun, and so easy to steer.

If you have any other questions at all, please reach out to us at, or call us at 310-982-2877. Don't forget that Easy Transit is linked in the description below. Also, we have a 30-day test drive on your e-trike policy. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for a year. If anything goes wrong in that first year, we'll take care of parts and labor to ensure you keep riding. Lastly, we have a Facebook group called sixthreezero Pedalers. There are thousands of members there. Join the group and ask other members how they like their Easy Transit before you jump in and make a purchase. Then when you have yours, post in the group, make friends, and download our app to track your rides and compete on our leaderboard. It's available in the iOS and Play Store. It's so much fun. Thanks for sticking around. Don't forget, it's your journey or experience. Enjoy the ride.


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