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EVRYjourney Women's Bike

Hey everyone Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. I want to talk to you today about the women's evryjourney cruiser touring hybrid. It's a lot of words, but it'll make sense after I explain it. First, I want to talk about who is this bike ride for? So this bike, as self-proclaimed by me and our company, is the most comfortable bike ever. So, with that said this bike does have some versatility in terms of where it can be ridden, how it can be ridden.

So if I had to identify who is this bike ride for? I would say there are a couple of different people. Number one, it's for the recreational rider that wants a bike that is extremely durable, extremely comfortable, but also versatile. So you may go for rides around the neighborhood. You may ride down to the local stores in your area. Also, beach cruising. Somebody that's interested in light exercise. However, really wants to be comfortable on their bike when they're exercising. For somebody that cares about the pain in their body when riding. This bike is going to keep you in an extremely comfortable riding position. Your back's going to be upright, your arms are going to be relaxed. All the tension is going to be off your body when you're riding.

So, in terms of where can you ride this bike? Ideally, this is a bike that would be ridden on paved surfaces. Now, if you look, it does have thicker tires, so it can be ridden on hardpack trails. I wouldn't take it off-roading in any mountainous terrain, don't ride over any rocks, or tree branches, or things of that nature. But if you're in a local park there's grass, in trails, forest preserves, and they have hardpack trails. I've done it before I've taken in evryjourney out works great.

So more of a paved bike, but can be used on paved, and hard-packed trail surfaces. So the ideal rider is somebody that prefers comfort over performance with this bike. This bike is designed with the main focus to keep riders in an absolutely comfortable position. You can see, we've chosen handlebars that bring the handlebar straight into the rider's body, keeps your back upright and your arms relaxed.

Now, the biggest feature of this bike is geometry. I'll show you a couple of things. The feature of this bike is it has a down tube that is angled forward to shift the pedals forward about three to four inches from a normal bicycle. If you see here, this is called a down tube. Normally this is straight down to connect to the bottom bracket. This piece is right here being the bottom bracket. In this, it's been angled forward. What this does is brings the rider's feet in front of their bodies. So you're pedaling slightly out in front of your body, which is taking pressure off your hips. And it's also allowing you to get proper leg extension while your seat can be closer to the ground.

So, that's great for riders that maybe have balance issues, are not comfortable being on their tippy-toes when they're riding their bike. The pedals being forward like that will allow you to be lower to the ground and still get proper leg extension while riding. So, a couple of other people this bike would be great for if you haven't ridden a bike in 10, 15, 20 years plus this is a great bike to jump back into it with. Or if you're beginning to ride a bike for the very first time, whether you're 15 years old and you're five feet or taller, or you're 65 years old and you're learning to ride, this bike is a great option.

It keeps you at a low center of gravity, gives you control so if you feel like you're losing your balance, you can take your feet off the pedals and boom, get both of your feet flat on the ground very easily. In addition, this bike tends to be really good for people that have either experienced pain in their back or their knees in their normal life or experienced pain in the back of their knees when riding a bike. The position of the handlebars and the way you're going to be riding, your back's going to be completely straight up and down. Your shoulders will be relaxed. So if you typically feel pain, let's say on a road bike or a hybrid bike, a traditional hybrid bike, this is a great option. It's going to relieve all that pressure and make the ride way more comfortable.

In addition, is the seat. We use one of the Sixthreezero's traditional extra wide saddles. It's going to cradle your rear. It's not going to be digging into your sit bone, which that's a big complaint, and a lot of road and hybrid bikes, another comfort element. So, I like to call this bike a hybrid touring cruiser bike, because it uses a lot of elements of a hybrid bike. It's a touring bike because sometimes the word cruiser gives a stigma to bikes. It's only good for cruising slow riding. Touring to me is a better adjective to describe because you can tour. You could take this bike 10, 20 miles, no problem. It's got the performance capabilities and you could also go fast enough if you wanted to break a sweat.

This bike actually comes in four-speed options. So depending on how far you're going to ride, how many hills you're going to ride or how fast you're going to ride. It gives you different gear variants for different types of riders. So if comfort is really your focus, you can sort of choose the gears you want for the type of riding.

If you're just going to cruise, go with a single speed. If you're going to cruise, but maybe write a little bit farther and go a little bit faster, we have a three-speed. If you're looking to maybe exercise, break a sweat, we have a seven-speed option. And then if you're looking to be really intense ride long distances, you want to go really fast and you have a lot of hills in your terrain. There's a 21-speed option. Generally speaking, if you're just looking to get back into riding simple, maybe 10 mile rides max, I would say look at a three to seven-speed option. In this bike, our seven-speed option is definitely the most popular gives you a good gear variance, not too much, but enough for lots of different terrains that you may encounter.

So if you have any other specific questions about the evryjourney, if there's anything else we can help you with send us an email, the team at or reach out by phone at (310) 982-2877. Don't forget too on the product page, you can enter your height and your weight into our body fit. And it'll tell you thumbs up, thumbs down if this bike is a fit for you. In addition, we have a 365-day return policy and free shipping both ways. So take the bike if you buy it, figure it out if you love it if you hate it. If you don't love it, send it back. Our goal at Sixthreezero is to make every... Make sure everyone loves their bike.


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