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EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bike Measurements - A Bicycle For Everyone

Dustin Gyger:

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin, CEO of SixThreeZero, and today I'm going to take some measurements on our EVRYjourney touring hybrid cruiser bike, to give you guys a sense of the setup of the bike and how it'll also fit you. So let me go ahead and get right into it and measure the step-over height right here. So the step-over height of the frame is 19 inches, so 19 inches to step over the down tube right there. And the lowest position of the seat is just under 30 inches, about 29 and three-quarter inches.

So the beauty of this low seat height is it can accommodate riders at five feet, sometimes even as little as 4'11". So that's a pretty low seat height. Beauty also is taller riders, you can raise the seat, and we'll go ahead and take that measurement right now of the seat in the highest position. There is a little line on there which is right there, and we'll go ahead and measure it. Now you can see this is a huge range of what type of riders can go on here. Okay, so in the highest position, it is 38 and three-fourths inches. So that's about an eight-inch difference in how high you can bring the seat up. Now let's bring that back down, and let's go ahead and measure from the front of the handlebars to the middle of the seat, which is 28 inches, from the grip right here to the middle of the seat is 24 inches, the width of the handlebars is 28 inches.

And let's go ahead and take the overall length of the bike. The overall length of the bike is 69 inches, and let's do axle to axle, axle to axle is about 47 inches, and then the other thing I'll measure for you here is how far forward the pedals are moved. And the pedals are moved... That's about six and a half inches forward. So those pedals are six and a half inches moved forward from where they would be on a typical standard bike. That's what creates the unique riding position of the EVRYjourney.

Just to give you a sense of the height here, the top of the stem right here, and this is at the lowest position, are 40 inches. And the stem can be raised another three inches, so 43 would be the max height there. So those are a few of the measurements on the EVRYjourney. If you have any other questions about the measurements or dimensions in the setup, you can always email us a, or call us at (310) 982-2877. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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