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Epic Bike Road Trip to Grand Canyon National Park | Road Trip Vlog Day 3

At the grand canyon. I'm excited, it's my first time.

This was the one thing I was most looking forward to. For the whole road trip.

I'm getting off of the E-Bike today and I'm going to go with the reach your destination. I'm going to get a workout today. What trail are we taking?

It's Hermit Road leading up to Hermit's Rest.

I have like carbohydrates, keys, helmets.

We're ready.

Okay. We're ready.

So right at the start of the trail, we got our first view of the grand canyon and it's like so vast. I mean, of course, but it's still incredible to see.

I thought we were going to have to ride a little bit more to see a view.

I know I didn't expect it at all.

You're doing pedal assist. How's it feel?

There we go.

That's where we started.

Oh, wow.

What do you have there?

Endurance Carb Energy Chew.

I need some of that.

I bought them for a run that was canceled.

I feel great. Just a little hot wasn't even using pedal assist.

Just kidding.

I do recommend taking an E-Bike to the grand canyon, but then again, I'm out of shape.

Okay. So we're going to head back now because we have a really cool campsite booked tonight and we are eager to check it out and show you guys around.

Okay, so we're checked in here at Under Canvas in this super cool tent. We've got our dinner and finally, we can sit down, relax, and decompress from the day. We are both pretty sore, not sure why, because our bike ride wasn't actually that long.

Well, I had to pedal.

It was uphill and Nate was actually pedaling and I was using pedal-assist so I got off a little easy. But yeah, it is nice because our wedding anniversary was last month and we didn't really get to celebrate in LA. So it's kind of like a late celebration for us. The neat thing is that we actually got engaged in a yurt, so it's definitely the same vibes. After we got engaged, we celebrated with cider the same cider and I'm drinking it tonight too. And that's just a coincidence. Nate has a Grand Canyon beer.

Grand Canyon Amber.

We're eating outside because they don't allow eating inside the tents to avoid critters sneaking in. So we're definitely following that rule.

Eating outside here is perfect.

Okay, we are going to dig in and catch up on Love Island. Tomorrow morning we will show you the inside of the tent.


Did we actually cheer? They didn't even touch.


Just like I remembered it.


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