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Electric Tricycle Review: Short Riders Love this Fat Tire E Trike! 3 Wheel EBike Test Ride

An electric tricycle that can accommodate short riders and is unbelievably safe and balanced.

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you an electric tricycle that can accommodate shorter riders, which is why Olivia is joining us here today. She's 5'2". but it's also unbelievably stable and balanced. You can find the Simple Step-Thru fat tire e-trike that I have right here, linked in the description below if you want more details. Now, the cool thing about this electric tricycle is the low step-over height which is only 10 inches and right here, you've got 11 inches of width, so you can step through the frame to mount and dismount. And the seat in the lowest position is 32 inches. Now, the beauty is that is to mount, and you can step up on the pedal, Olivia can demonstrate that so Olivia is five foot two, she has a 29-inch inseam, and she's ridden some other electric tricycles. Off camera, she just rode this and said wow she feels safe and stable. You've got these four-inch wide tires here and you have a 24-inch tire in the front and 20-inch in the back so it's set lower in the back to just create more stability keeping the back tires weighted to the ground.

The other cool thing is you have a cargo basket here and we also make different custom bags that fit perfectly in the basket. This is one example of a a duffel bag that you can take with you, and bring with you on rides. So that's cool as well. So 750 watt front hub motor, very powerful, can get you up hills, around town, you name it. In addition to that, you've got a 15 amp hour battery. So you're going to get up to 50 miles on a single charge, depending on how you use pedal-assist or throttle. All right, Olivia, let's go ahead and hop on and we're going to show them how we can size and fit to you upright So, we have the seat in the lowest position. And on a trike, it's not as important to have your feet on the ground because you're balanced.

Dustin: So, if you want to put your feet on the pedals. Now, how do the handlebars feel?

Olivia: They feel good.

Dustin: Would you want them closer to your body or is that okay?

Olivia: No, I like them like this.

Dustin: Okay. What I was going to show is here, and I'm going to get a tool and demonstrate it. Okay, so the cool thing about this is we can bring these a little bit closer to her body. We'll see if she likes it or not. So we can loosen this bolt. Okay. Okay, now from there, we just loosen this a little bit. Okay. Now let's see. Any better? We can also tilt them back up or do you still like them?

Olivia: No, this feels good.

Dustin: So we can also do this. Oh. So you could bring them up down.

Olivia: No I think right here.

Dustin: Right there, okay hold them steady. Okay. okay Right. Hold that wherever you want it. All right those are tight, right? Yeah.

Olivia: Bad.

Dustin: Is that good?

Olivia: Yes.

Dustin: Okay all right so we got it all adjusted now? And so we gotta turn the battery on down here. Yep, it's all turned on. See your power buttons right here. So it's a twist throttle as well. Here's your up and down. So you're in one.

Olivia: Okay.

Dustin: And your brake is on, so let's pop that out. Cut this part quickly. One caveat. Okay. Okay. She's going to go ahead and take her test ride. You can put it into zero if you want to while you turn. How's the turning and everything?

Olivia: It's turning good. I don't know why, I just feel like... Okay there.

Dustin: Well, it's powerful, right?

Olivia: Yeah, it's powerful.

Dustin: So this is a 750-watt motor.

Olivia: So that's what it is. I was like, it's a little bit more.

Dustin: Yeah. So, yeah, when you that's why sometimes using the throttle is easier to control in the tight spaces. Let's take a quick ride down the street. I'll come with you five minutes and we'll see how it goes.

Olivia: Down the street?

Dustin: Yes. We'll see. I just I'll go with you. Try using the throttle. Ease into it. There you go. Open it up. The open road. Okay, we're going to go up the hill here. Stay safe. Okay, go ahead. You're good.

Olivia: Oh my God.

Dustin: So you can see a 750-watt motor. She's cruising. Pretty easy to get up the hill, wasn't it?

Olivia: It was super easy.

Dustin: Did you pedal at all or not?

Olivia: I mean like once, but I didn't have to.

Dustin: All right, let's head back down. All right, Olivia just finished her little jaunt around the block and up a big hill. And what did you just say to me when you got off about the power?

Olivia: Yeah, it was really powerful. I probably didn't even have to pedal once. I think I did once, but I didn't have to. Yeah.

Dustin: And how was the steering and the handling and stability on this?

Olivia: Good. Everything felt good. Felt safe.

Dustin: Did it feel too big for you or not?

Olivia: It didn't. It didn't feel big. It felt fine.

Dustin: Yeah. Cool. All right. Well, we've got Olivia. She's five foot two. She worked on the simple step-through Electric tricycle. She felt stable and it's powerful.

If you have any other questions at all about it, reach out to us at or call us at 310-982-2877. Also, you can test-ride your e-trike for 30 days. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back. No questions asked, no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we warranty everything for one year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we take care of it. Parts and labor, we cover it. Lastly, join our Facebook group, sixthreezero Pedalers. There are thousands of members in the group. You can talk to them before you purchase, and hear about their experience on their e-trike or e-bike or bike. So before you make your purchase, you can feel comfortable. Then when you have yours, post in the group, and make friends. It's tons of fun. So thanks, Olivia, for joining us. You're welcome. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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