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Electric Tricycle 500S Display Walkthrough | E-Trike Features and Functions Manual

Hey everyone. Peter Kaltreider here, Sixthreezero e-bikes. I hope you came here for your sleep talk down because we're going to learn about the features and functions of the 500S display.

Okay. So on the 500S e-trike display, there are actually four buttons. There are two here, the plus and the minus, and then underneath is a power button right here. And then there's a button called M for menu over here. So there are two buttons on the bottom and then the up and down button on the side, okay? We turn it on by holding the power button for a couple of seconds, I'm going to press down on it, you see? And then it's showing me the regular display, okay?

Now I can use the menu button for several different things. The first thing I'll show you is that while you're riding, you can go through different features. One right here, it's showing you our trip odometer, and then I can hit the menu and it's going to give us our average speed in miles per hour, or in kilometers, I'll show you how to change that later. I hit again, and then this one is going to give me the trip odometer. See here?

Okay, average speed, maximum speed, and trip odometer. There you go. And then that's the overall odometer, and then your elapsed time for riding. So that's your menu, right? Now, you can go ahead and change a few things if you like. It may come in kilometers per hour. You may want to change it to miles per hour. So what we're going to do is we're going to hold down the M button, the menu button, for two seconds, and then it can run through a series of things. If we keep hitting the M, it'll go through a series of different things like this, okay? Now, actually, for this one, I have to change it. I'll do this really fast. And then, sorry about that. I'll show you what I'm doing here in a moment.

So we're going to get to the first setting, which is going to be S7. So this is supposed to be an S7 right here. And this is where you can change it to miles per hour or to kilometers per hour. It's just your system so you can hit... Oh, it went out. Here we go. Go back to it. I just hold down the menu button again for a couple of seconds. And we're going to start off with CR, we're going to skip that one. We're going to go to S7, which will let us go to kilometers per hour or miles per hour. You can use either the plus or minus button for that one. And you can hit the menu button again.

And this will take you to the B one and it'll give you brightness. It's saying, I can have five levels of brightness. That's for the display brightness so I can bring that down. In the sunlight, I don't think you're going to see any difference, but you can choose your display brightness.

Then the next one is your auto-off. This is telling you how long it will take before the display turns off if you leave it unattended. So if you park your e-trike and forget to turn it off, it'll turn itself off. You get a setting of between zero and 15 minutes. The default setting you can see here starts at five, but you could choose up to 15 minutes.

You can also hit the menu and go to HD. This is just wheel size, it's set for 26. You should leave it there because that's the size of your e-trike, but it can go anywhere between six inches and 34 inches, but this is a 26-inch wheel. So we're going to keep it on 26. All I got to hit the menu again to get back in there because I took too long.

Okay. So the next is the password. It's actually 1-9-1-9. So the password is 1-9-1-9. So I hit up and then I'm going to hit the menu and then I'm going to hit down to get to nine and I'm going to hit the menu to go again and hit up to go to one and hit menu again and go down to go nine. I'll hit the menu again, that's the password. I'm not even really sure what that's for.

And then you can also set a speed limit for yourself if you want.

And then next is pedal assist. You can choose zero to five or zero to nine. So you can have, you can have nine levels or five levels or three levels. Five levels are probably ideal. I think with nine levels, you probably wouldn't even notice the difference between the levels, but you could choose nine if you want. The default is five. So there we go.

Then if you hold it for two seconds, again, it'll go back out to regular mode. Now, obviously, to turn it off, again, you hold the power button for two seconds. It'll turn off or it'll turn off automatically after the time elapsed that you chose either the default of five minutes or between zero and 15 minutes.

All right, good night. I hope you have a good sleep.

I truly hope that was helpful for you. If you liked it, please do like it and hit subscribe. It helps grow our channel. And if you need any help at all, please contact us. You can call us at 310-982-2877 or email us at Remember Sixthreezero is spelled out: S-I-X T-H-R-E-E Z-E-R-O Thanks.


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