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Electric Rickshaw Bike Brand New for 2023 | Electric Tricycle with Passenger Seat

Hey everyone, Dustin here, CEO at Sixthreezero. Today, I'm doing a little bit more of a selfie video because I'm excited to show you guys a tour of our new product, which is right behind me here, which is our electric tricycle rickshaw with a passenger seat. This is going to be available in the spring, or early summer, of 2023. Pre-orders are available now, and I just wanted to give you a little tour of it. I actually just rode it to my daughter's school right now to pick her up.

And so as you can see on the back here, we do have a seat and we have a seatbelt. In the photos, it doesn't show the seatbelt, but we will have a seatbelt here. You can unbuckle, and latch this across multiple riders. This is great because you could fit up to three children back here, probably under the age of 10, two slender adults, or one average-sized adult like me. Capacity is up to 500 pounds, 300 pounds on the back seat, and you've got a 750-watt front hub motor from Bafang.

This is really powerful. You can get up a lot of hills. Now, obviously, how easily you can get up hills is also going to depend on how much weight you have on the back, but you can always put it into pedal assist. I actually had to tackle a few hills to get here. You've got up here your display. You can see the display here. I'm almost running out of juice, and you've got your pedal assist here. You got a little horn if you need it, and then you also have a 7-speed derailleur with a trigger shift, which is really nice.

You've got a light on the front here, and what you've got here is a front 24-inch by 4-inch tire and in the rear, 20-inch by 4-inch. So, it's set a little lower in the rear to enable a little more stability and makes it a little safer to drive. You've got your footrest right here. I can actually just show you. I'll go ahead and sit here. Oh, rolling backward a little bit, it's okay. So, I'm sitting here pretty comfortably actually, and you can take a look at me. I got my feet down here.

We're going to shoot another video that'll be a little bit better than what I'm doing right now, but I can even slide over and you can see it leaves some room, not a ton of room, but a little bit of room next to me. We've got our traditional oversized cruiser saddle, a three-piece crank. Now, the battery on the production model is actually going to be bigger. It's going to be a 21 amp hour battery, which is huge, 48 volts. So, it's going to have a ton of capacity. The range will be great.

Obviously, if you're towing a larger load, you're going to want that bigger battery. You've got the disc brakes on both wheels in the rear and the disc brake on the front as well. So, you've got great stopping power on this thing. And then, in addition, you've got the suspension seat post. We added that on there. It just makes it extra comfortable and absorbs a lot of the bounces. This is it, and we're going to get some other videos of me bringing some passionate passengers. I'll shoot a little video of my daughter here.

Coming spring, or early summer, if you're looking for a way to transport your kids to school or maybe you have a rider or a friend that's just not able to ride, but you want to bring them on rides, this is a great option. Great for riders possibly with disabilities or elderly riders. We've had a lot of questions about that. You could put them on the back and take them for a ride. One thing is also the range. The range is going to really vary depending on the load capacity. If you had no load, you're going to get upwards of 50 to 70 miles on this thing.

Now, depending on how much weight you're carrying, that's really going to impact the range you're going to get. Also, we've got a step-through frame and our comfortable ergonomic position. We got our cruiser handlebar, so they come into your body. It's really comfortable, actually. I'll shoot it from the back. And then on our production model down here, this will all be enclosed. You can store items, you can put a basket... Or you'll have a basket down there. You can store items, and bring stuff with you. Right now, it's open, but with the production version coming, we'll have a basket underneath there.

And then, the front suspension fork as well. You can lock those out or you can have them engaged depending on if you want a smoother or faster ride or if you want to have it absorb the bumps. Totally up to you. So, if you have any other questions, shoot us an email at You can also call us, at 310-982-2877, and we'll be coming out with some more videos of this to show you guys a little bit more detail here soon. But in the meantime, if you have any other questions, you can always follow up with us. All right, thanks, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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