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Electric Folding Trike You Must See! - A Foldable E Trike for Adults That You Can Easily Transport

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin, CEO of Sixthreezero, and today I'm going to introduce you to our newest product, our Sixthreezero Easy Transit, 750 Watt Folding Electric trike. Stick Around.

All right, so today I'm going to introduce you to our newest 750-watt Easy Transit folding E-trike. This is our newest product coming out, and this thing is super, super cool, with a lot of new features. Obviously, it's folding, something new for us here at Sixthreezero, so let me just get right into it and walk you through it.

Now, as you can see, it's a tricycle. The other thing we've done here is these are 16-inch tires. So you've got a 16.2 times 2.125 in the rear, and 16 2.125 in the front. As far as I know, there's no other electric trike out there, especially folding, with 16-inch tires. The reason we did that is to create a lower center of gravity and a lower step-over height. So the beauty of this is really, really stable, and you'll see I'm going to drive it around a little bit here in a few minutes, and it's very stable, very easy to get on and off. And we've also added some elements though, that even though it has the smaller tires, you're still going to get the proper leg extension and comfort you need because of the dual saddle, the dual seat post, and the dual handlebars. So let me go ahead and walk you through that.

So on the seat here, we've got the double seat post. So what we've got here is the seat post has two extendable sections, and what this allows for is just a larger range to raise and lower the seat. So you're going to clamp one section here, which is your bottom section, and then you can actually insert the top section here and you've still got some play right here as well for that. So now if you need the seat higher, you can get it higher, and if you prefer it lower, you just loosen both. This brings it down, then tighten both, and now you have the seat lower.

The same thing is also going on here on the handlebars. Now, on the handlebars, well actually on the handlebars you just have the one height adjustment right here. You can push this down. So we've got it all the way down already, but this can come up higher so it can accommodate varying heights, and I'll drop it back down and you're going to tighten that. And you can also tilt the handlebars here if you need to. So let me go ahead and demonstrate

Tighten this. Okay, I'm going to bring that up a little bit, now we'll tighten that. Okay, so I am 5'10″. I'll go ahead and sit down. So you can see that's a little bit low for me, and preferably I would tilt these handlebars into my body, but let me go ahead and show you now. If I raise this right here, let me raise this one too. There we go. Okay, that might be a little high. Let's try like right about there. Okay. Okay. Now perfect, and you can see this has me in a great ergonomic riding position. The bars are really close to my body so I don't have to reach and it's super nimble and easy to turn. Again, if you even want these bars closer to your body, you have two adjustment points here that can bring them even closer. So if you want them like this, your body can be in a very relaxed upright riding position. No tension in your body at all.

Okay. Now, walking to the front of the bike, you have disc brakes on the front wheel and disc brakes in the rear as well. Now, the disc brake, you have one disc brake located in the middle here and one disc brake on your front wheel, going to provide you more than enough stopping power. These are Tektro brakes, one of the best disc brakes for e-bikes that you're going to see out there. And you have the two-caliper brakes up here, or sorry, two-hand brakes, not caliper. You have the two-hand brakes up here for your ample stopping power.

Now, the most important thing, or not the most important but one of them, you've got a front hub motor here that's 750 watts. This is a very, very powerful motor. Now, it might seem contradictory to put such a powerful motor on a 16-inch tire tricycle, but the reason we did that is that we want this trike to be able to carry riders up to 350 pounds up hills, around town, you name it. So the 750 watts is less, is not there for top speed, but more there to be able to get people up hills and around town so you'll never struggle.

The speed is going to be capped at 16 miles an hour. So the idea is on a tricycle you're not going to be flying around at 20 miles an hour, and to prevent any sort of tip hazards that are high top speed, it's going to be limited to 16 miles an hour. But the beauty is when you're going up hills, you will have that power on the front wheel here to be able to get you up the hill. And you can see the other huge benefit of the front hub motor is if you should ever need a replacement, it's as simple as unplugging one cable, changing out the wheel, and now you've replaced the motor.

All right, so right here you've got your battery and this is going to be a 14 amp hour battery. So 14 amp hours, what kind of range are we talking about? Depends on where you're riding. You're going to get, I would say, a minimum of 15 miles up to 50 miles, but it's going to depend on how you ride this folding electric trike. You've got two electric modes. You've got your pedal assist, which is controlled here with five different levels, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 giving you the most assistance and 1 giving you the least assistance, and you've also got a thumb throttle here, and I'll demonstrate that here in a second.

It's going to be as simple as pushing the throttle with your thumb, and this can just become your personal mobility device. And actually, this is something that depending on your local grocery stores or things, you could drive into a store if you can't walk on your own. It's very stable, easy, and you have a basket back here you can put things in, and that closes like that, and you have your front basket as well. So this is great for grocery shopping around town, really any kind of errands you need to do.

The other thing is it has a seven-speed derailleur. So if you can see in the back here in the middle of the axle, it's a seven-speed derailleur. So you have seven gears on this electric trike. The benefit of that is, number one, when you're in the pedal assist and you're pedaling and you don't want it to be too difficult to pedal, you can shift this into gear one, it's going to be very easy to pedal. And if you're tackling large hills, you're going to want to keep it in a lower gear to make it easy to get up the hill, even when you have assistance. You're still going to make it easier on you to have those gears.

Then if you hit flat ground and you want to hit some top speeds, you can shift up to gear seven. So it's just going to make rides more comfortable as you can dial in the resistance you do or don't want on your legs, and if you should so choose to just go out and ride and not use the assistance, having the seven speeds is going to make it so much easier. If you're out on some trails, things like that, you can go between first gear and fifth gear. Let's say you want easier to pedal than you want to go a little bit harder you decide. So it's nice to have that variance in the gears.

The other really cool feature this has is a reverse. So if you were to get stuck somewhere and you can't pedal backward, you don't want to get off your trike, you can put it into reverse. So let me show you here. Okay, that's forward. Let me go ahead and put it in reverse, and there we go. Like magic. So again, you're not flying backward, but in this situation, you're using it as a transportation device and you need to go back out of a corner or navigate into a store or something, you have that reverse feature. We wanted to add that, and you don't see that on a lot of electric folding strikes in particular.

Now, I already mentioned you've got the front and rear baskets. That's great for transporting things. The battery is easily removable, so you can go ahead and take that on and off, and that's going to be a huge plus if you want to fold it up. All right, let me show you really quick now how we can fold this e-bike up. So you've got a clamp right here on the handlebars. These can fold down. So now that condenses like that, and then on the frame here you've got one clamp right here. I'm going to unlock that, pull this like that, and now the bike's going to fold in half like this. This is going to allow you to put it into a car, and take it with you somewhere.

Now, this is a tricycle, so it's not going to fold down as compact as let's say a two-wheel bike. You also have the basket on here. If you wanted to remove that, that's going to decrease the amount of space it's going to take up, but I could just grab it right here and go ahead and put this into a car. And if you remove the battery, it's going to remove eight pounds, which is going to make lifting this in and out of a car a lot easier.

So then you want to just put this back together, go ahead and put the handlebars on, clamp that up, and pull this back like so. Like that, and you're going to move your clamp up, and then put your lock in place right here and we're all set, and you're back to riding. So other benefits for storage, bringing with you. It's nice to have that folding capability, especially if you're going to throw this into an RV, travel with it, or again, put it in a car, or even if you're going to put it on the trailer of something attached to the car, fold it down, whatever, just makes it that much easier.

So let's just take a couple of measurements here really quick too. Another thing is driving through standard doorways. If you were going to store it indoors or drive into a grocery store or store and need to fit through, this is going to be 31 inches wide and most doors are 32 inches. That's typically a standard interior door that is 32 inches. Exterior doors are going to be even wider, so this should easily fit through.

Then the total length of this e-bike is 64 inches. Now, the other thing too, and I've done another video, I believe, of the measurements. So the step-over height is 14 inches and the seat in the lowest position, let's go ahead and measure that, is 31 inches, and in the highest position ... Let's go ahead and bring that all the way up. You can see that the seat gets pretty high actually. So the seat in the highest position is 37 inches and the handlebars in the lowest position ... let's go ahead and loosen that, and that's as low as it will go. Handlebars in the lowest position, 42 inches. And keep in mind, with the handlebars you can tilt these down, which will bring them a little bit lower. And then in the highest position. Oops, make sure our wires are connected here. Okay, and in the highest position you can see they also come up pretty high here. It's 45 inches. So you got about four inches of play here on the raising and lowering of the handlebars.

Let's go ahead and bring that backdown. Okay. Okay, so now I'm going to go ahead and get a helmet on and just give you a quick demo. All right, I'm going to do a quick little riding demo for you here. Now, the beauty of tricycles when you mount and dismount, you don't have to worry about the balance, right? So that's a beautiful thing. And the other thing is you can use the pedal as a place to step onto the bike or trike. So I'm going to grab both the brakes and then from there I'm off the ground a little bit, I can easily step in. So if you're concerned about the mounting and dismounting and the height of the seat, as long as you use the pedal and you step up, you could easily get on. You can also obviously lower the seat to make it easier to get on.

So I just power it on and you've got your five levels of assistance, and let me just show you. Now again, I am 5'10″, 215 pounds, and you can see this thing handles me with no problem. What's great is because of the small wheels and the low center of gravity and the wheelbase we have, the balance is really, really unbelievable. This is one of the most balanced trikes that I've ever ridden.

Now I'm just using the throttle right now. I can go into pedal assist and I can get going pretty quick here pretty fast, and then I clamp the brakes, no problem. And again, the 16-inch wheels make it so easy. You can see too, I can do a lot of this. Oh, the wheel came up a little bit, but I was pushing it to the limits there. So if I just go like this. Now, normally if you had a higher wheel, you may have been more sensitive to tipping, but in this case, very, very easy. If you need to park it, and you have a zero turning radius, you can just kind of go in circles if you so choose. And come right here, and oops, I went too far. Go ahead and put it in reverse.

Again, I'm 220 pounds. I mean, we're only reversing at a pretty comfortable speed here, but it's a lot of fun, really easy to ride, and it's great. If you're in the market for a folding e-trike, I highly recommend it. I know I'm a little bit biased, but it's very stable, easy to fold, and very comfortable. We also have a nice comfort saddle on here as well that's going to make riding just not painful, but comfortable and enjoyable as you go. And of course, accented with our brown grips.

So that is our Easy Transit folding electric tricycle. If you have any other questions about it, please reach out to us via email, at or call us, at 310-982-2877. And don't forget, we have a 30-day test ride on your E-bike policy. If you don't love it in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And lastly, before you purchase, you can join our Facebook Pedalers group or download our app. Great places to connect with existing riders, ask them questions and see how they like their bikes in advance of your purchasing. Once you have your bike, track your rides on the app, and make friends in the Pedalers group. It's tons of fun. So thanks for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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