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Electric Foldable Trike for Heavier Riders! - A Folding E Trike That is Great for Plus Size Riders

Hey everyone. I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you a foldable electric trike that's great for heavier riders. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to show you a foldable electric trike that's great for heavier riders. But before I do, hit the subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, giveaways, and of course new product releases.

All right, so today I've got Jasper on my right who's 250 pounds and Adam on my left who's 350 pounds. And in front of me, I have the sixthreezero Easy Transit Foldable Electric trike 750W front hub motor. We're going to demonstrate how this baby can perform with riders north of 200 pounds and also north of 300 pounds. And we're going to show you how easy this is to steer, how easy it is to get on and off, and how the power is more than enough to power a rider at 350 pounds.

Let me walk you through a little bit about this folding tricycle, but also if you want more information on this trike, you can check out our YouTube channel. We've done a lot of videos with it, a lot of demonstrations.

So like I said, 750W front hub motor, 10.4 amp hour battery. You're looking at about 20 to 40 miles of range depending on the weight of the rider. Also, depending on what level of pedal assist you're using or if you're just using the throttle, you're going to be able to hit speeds. Now we regulate the speed on the tricycle for safety reasons, so you're going to get up to 15 miles an hour, that's the max. But the 750W is great for acceleration and starting the e-bike up and going up hills as well.

You've got a front and rear basket. You've also got front and rear disc brakes that can stop really, really quick and on a dime. We actually have another video demonstrating that. And like I said, you have pedal assist options, you have throttle options, or you can use it without even using the power because you have a seven-speed derailleur like you would see on a typical bike. So you can use this, use the derailleur shift gears either while you're using the pedal assist or if you're just not using the motor, and having those gears makes it super simple and easy to ride, even if you're not using the motor.

So also 16-inch tires, which keep a low center of gravity and make it easy to get on and off, but it's still very powerful, which we're going to demonstrate to you.

So that pretty much sums it up. I think without further ado, Jasper, why don't you go ahead and go on first and we can adjust the seat. It's a quick release, so if that's too high for you.

Jasper: No, that's good.

Dustin: Do handlebars feel okay too?

Jasper: Yeah, definitely.

Dustin: Okay, cool. So we're going to go ahead and power on right here, and you are in level one. We can put you in level two, we'll try level two. And so your throttle is on your left for this one. And go ahead and see what you think.

Jasper: Really picks up too.

Dustin: Oh, good stopping power. All right. So what did you think of the first trip?

Jasper: It's really quick. You can definitely feel how light it is from the last one with the seat and everything. So you can definitely feel how much quicker you can move on this one. And then the ride still is smooth, the brakes are still super great, and that acceleration is everything.

Dustin: Yeah. How about the handling?

Jasper: The handling was great. As I said, without the back one, you can go even faster through the turns, which is pretty interesting considering it's a tricycle. That's pretty awesome.

Dustin: Cool. Well, go ahead and take another little trip. And he's only in pedal assist two right now. It's pretty zippy, isn't it?

Jasper: Yeah, it really is. It picks up pretty quickly.

Okay. So the right one doesn't make any noise, cool.

Dustin: All right, let's go ahead and swap. So you can see at 250 pounds, accelerate, and ride easily. And then Adam, you can just use the step-through too here. It's going to be easier to get on well-

Adam: To where? Oh-

Dustin: I mean, if you want to step through the frame.

Adam: Yeah, yeah.

Jasper: Instead of swinging around. Oh, yeah.

Dustin: And then you could put your left foot on the... There you go.

Adam: Like that. There we go.

Dustin: Beautiful. And how tall were you, Jasper again?

Jasper: I'm 5'9.

Dustin: 5'9. And Adam, you're 5'10?

Adam: I'm 5'10, yeah.

Dustin: Okay. And how does that feel, comfort-wise, seat-wise?

Adam: Pretty good.

Dustin: Yeah?

Adam: Yeah.

Dustin: All right.

Adam: I really like how it's a quick release to adjust the handlebars and the seat as well.

Dustin: Yeah, so you have the quick release too, like you said here on the handlebar. You also have a double seat post quick release to give you added heights. So this e-trike can accommodate heights from about 4 ft 9 to 6 ft 5 because of how high you can make the seat post and the handlebars as well. So it's very adjustable; you can dial it into many different body types.

Adam: All right.

Dustin: All right, you're off and running and if you want more power, you can adjust it up.

Adam: Yep.

Dustin: He's going for it.

Adam: Got to really open her up and by open her up I mean, still in two.

Dustin: Yeah.

Adam: Still have not adjusted the assist, but just full throttle on the two. It was getting up there. It was really speedy.

Dustin: Oh, sorry. The acceleration you felt was good still under your body weight?

Adam: Great acceleration. Yeah, absolutely.

Dustin: And how about the handling? You accelerated through that turn there-

Adam: Yeah, yeah. I accelerated through the turn. Not normally something you should do, but I was trying something and I was not scared at all. It was like, you know.

Dustin: I'm glad you weren't because I was.

Adam: No, it felt just fine. It did not feel like it was going to turn or anything, I mean fall or anything, so yeah.

Dustin: That's cool. Why don't you do one more little trip and make a little loop and come back and-

Adam: Yeah, this time I'll take it easy.

Dustin: But you can... Barely exerts, it gets going. It's got more than enough power and you can hear a little bit of squeaking. We would just have to dial the brakes. This has been our demo trike, so we need to keep up with our adjusting. It's got a very small turning radius too, right?

Adam: Yeah, it's really got sharp turns you can make with this. This is very agile, you could say. Yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. Cool. And what about getting on and off for you? How was that?

Adam: Super easy. Just, you can do the step-through, you can swing over, there are lots of different options.

Dustin: Yeah. And we have the suspension fork on the front here as well too. So there's going to be some give there, moves up and down. It's nice. Creates a smooth ride.

Okay. One other cool feature of the foldable Easy Transit is the reverse option. So if you ever get yourself backed into a, or straightened into a corner or you're in a grocery store, you need to navigate because you can use this as a personal mobility device and you need to back up, get something off a shelf or just get out of a corner. All you have to do is flip this little switch right here, hit the throttle, and start pedaling backward, and there you go. It's really easy. And then if you want, you can flip the switch back and you're going forward again. And again, you can see Adam's 350 pounds, the reverse has no problem getting him going backward. So again, a great little feature to have, gets you out of corners, easy to navigate in small spaces. It's there if you need it.

So there you have it. We got Jasper and Adam who demonstrated this foldable e-trike that's going to be great for riders. If you're over 250 pounds, there's more than enough power you can get going. Easy to get on and off. Low center of gravity. Adam showed us how nimble and agile it is on those fast turns and it still stays balanced.

So have any other questions at all about this folding trike? Please comment below or email us at or call us at (310) 982-2877. Also, find a lot more videos on our channel about this folding e-trike. And if you are in the market for an e-bike or e-trike, you don't know what you're looking for, take our proprietary body fit quiz on our website, and answer a few questions about your body and your life. We'll recommend the perfect e-bike or e-trike for you.

Also, 30 days money back guarantee. If you don't love your e-bike or e-trike in 30 days, send it back to us. No money out of your pocket. Also, we'll cover everything for a year. If anything goes wrong, we'll take care of it. Make sure you can keep riding.

Lastly, be a part of our community. Join our Facebook Pedalers group, and download our app. Great place to connect with existing riders, and see how they like their bikes before purchasing. Then once you have yours, make friends, and track your rides on the app. It's a ton of fun.

So thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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