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Electric Bikes in Orange County

Hey, guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. And today we're going to be talking about electric bikes in Orange County, and more specifically where to ride them, where to buy them and how to use them.

Today, we're going to talk about electric bikes in Orange County. And when I say Orange County, I'm talking about Orange County, California. I know there's Orange County in other places in the country, but I'm talking specifically about Orange County. Now, we've actually moved the location out of Orange County and we are seeing just electric bikes exploding in Orange County, specifically, in cities like San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Huntington Beach. A lot of it in South Orange County though, specifically, because it's a very hilly area. As you go a little farther north into Newport, Huntington Beach, not quite as many hills, much flatter. Not that electric bikes aren't great for that area, but specifically places like Dana Point or San Clemente, electric bikes are really, really a big benefit.

What I'm seeing here, specifically, is a lot of people riding bikes to and from the beach that maybe live east of the five freeways. It's a great option because you don't have to peddle. And specifically, if you're a couple of miles, the electric bikes can get you to the water you can cruise around. And I know a lot of surfers are using them in San Clemente, specifically, to get down to the ocean, and some of the really popular surf spots like Trestles. Places that were accessible only by foot before or normal bicycle, now accessible by e-bike makes it really, really easy to get your surfboard onto the e-bike and cruise down to the beach.

Now, that's really the huge benefit specifically for electric bikes in Orange County is all the hills, which is why there's such a massive explosion here. Now, if you're looking for an electric bike in Orange County, I have a couple of suggestions. Obviously, my first thought you can buy online direct from sixthreezero. There are also other companies you can buy online. I have seen now there are a few localized shops in Orange County specific to electric bikes. I'll name them, one of them is Pedego. Pedego has a few stores within Orange County. I believe in Newport, in Dana Point. And Dana Point also has some other electric bike-only stores in downtown. So, if you were just to Google electric bikes, Dana point, things like that if you wanted to shop local.

Now, sixthreezero obviously is exclusively online. We do now have a new location in San Clemente. We are contemplating the idea of opening up the showroom to allow in-store purchases. So, stay tuned for more information on that. But with electric bikes and buying bikes online, the assembly is pretty simple. Although I think a lot of people think they're more complicated than they really are, it's really as easy as throwing on the front wheel and the motors and the batteries all come fully assembled. So, you're not going to have to touch anything with the motor or do anything like that. So, if you're in the market for a bike in Orange County, an e-bike in Orange County, you can look locally at one of those shops. Google it. I know there's more.

Now, one thing I will say is you do have electric bike stores only, or electric bike stores that only do electric bikes, and you do have local bike shops. So, you can check with your local bike shops, they may have electric bikes. The one thing I'll say about an e-bike specific stores, they're going to have more knowledge regarding electric bikes. So, if you want ongoing maintenance or repairs, it may end up being a better bet to find an e-bike only store. But again, that's only an assumption. It depends on the store. The one thing I will say with an e-bike only stores, you're going to get much more selection, generally speaking, because it's only electric bikes whereas a normal shop is going to share their showroom with standard bikes and electric bikes.

But that's one of the benefits to shopping online, specifically for an electric bike, way more selection, you can do your research and find the bike you're looking for. And right now there's a lot of electric bikes out there, specifically, sixthreezero has some too. So, if I were in the market to find an electric bike, I wouldn't be adverse to looking online only because I want to see the full selection. And I want to make sure I'm looking at all the different models that are possibly available.

Now, getting back to electric bikes in Orange County, they're great for around here, where to buy them. My one suggestion is just to be safe on them. I see them really being ridden everywhere. There are a lot of bike lanes in Dana Point, San Clemente, just make sure you wear a helmet, respect traffic, especially with the motors. It's just important because you can go fast on them that you obey traffic laws, do things like that. And I say that because, like I just said, I'm seeing a lot of bikes on the road. Now, specifically, a lot of children under the age of 15 on e-bikes just driving all over the place. So, it's important, especially on big downhills, big uphills, that everyone's safe and stays to their section of the road. Also that whoever's riding wears a helmet, I think that's just really important. So, that's my advice on e-bikes in Orange County.

If you have any other questions about riding electric bikes in Orange County, buying electric bikes in Orange County, what are the laws of electric bikes in Orange County? There are a whole plethora of topics that we could talk about or discuss, please comment below, or send us an email. I'm happy to do a video on it and discuss it in more detail. And don't forget, take our body fit quiz on our website. If you're in the market for an electric bike, our proprietary algorithm will help fit you to the right electric bike for your body and your lifestyle. There are many choices out there, many battery sizes, many motor sizes. Our proprietary algorithm will help fit you to the e-bike that's right for you. So, you don't have to search all over the place. I know it's a difficult process and don't forget we have a 365-day return policy. So, if you don't love your bike for any reason, we'll take it back. No questions asked, no cost to you. So, don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

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