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Electric Bike Tow Hitch Rack Review 2021 | Saris Freedom E-Bike Rack

Here we have the Saris Freedom tow bike rack, which is supposed to be great for your bike. So we're going to test it out.

This is a bike rack that attaches via a tow hitch. So before, I've only ever used the types of bike racks that strap to the back of your car. So I'm looking forward to this one. It has a higher weight capacity, so it can hold two bikes of 60 pounds each. And this is the type of rack that the bike sits on top of. Especially for those women bikes, with the lower step-through frame, you don't have to worry about tilting the bike and trying to get it onto those arms that the other bike racks have. So I'm excited to test this out. This is going to allow us to bring our bikes along more often, go to the beach more and get more scenic rides because LA is not the most friendly bike city. So I'm looking forward to getting out of the city and biking more along the beach or anywhere really.

I watched a couple of videos and assembly looks pretty simple. You only need two tools. So an adjustable wrench, and I think an Allen wrench and yeah, so let's open it up and see what we have to do.

So this rack works with two hitches that are either one and a quarter inch or two inches. So if you have one and a quarter, you just take this adapter off, and then you can slide it in, cool.

That was really quick and easy. Well, Nate did all of the work, but it was only three pieces. So this bottom bar, this crossbar, and this top part. And one thing I like about it is that you can put this down so you can still open the trunk when the bikes aren't on the rack and you don't have to take the whole rack off. So that's pretty neat. All right, let's put the bikes on.

The weight limit of the bike rack is 60 pounds per bike, and this is the EVRYjourney Fat Tire. It weighs 62.4 pounds with the battery. So we're going to remove the battery and a common mistake that people make is to leave the battery in when they put their bike on a rear bike rack. And you should take it out every time, regardless of the weight limit of your bike rack. I would advise you to always take your battery out. Keep it in the trunk or backseat, but don't leave it on the bike rack. It's too risky.

All right. So we have the Fat Tire on the bike rack, but these trays are a little too small for the for the fat tires. So they actually sell a fat tire tray that we'll need to get because the strap just doesn't reach around here. So we'll have to purchase those before we bring this along with us. So we're going to take this off, put the regular EVRYjourney on and show you how that works. We'll have to do part two with the fat tire tray. So stay tuned for that.

All right. The bike is on the rack. It was a little tricky to get the trays in place and everything adjusted just right to fit the bike. But now that it's in place, we likely won't have to adjust it again. So next time it will be a lot easier. And yeah, it seems pretty sturdy. So we have the two trays, one for each wheel, strapping the wheels in. And then we have this adapter here, which attaches to the frame tube. So giving a little more support and yeah, I think we're ready to go for a car ride and see how it fares. Okay, here we go. I wonder how it will affect the backup camera.

It seems pretty steady. That's the Saris Freedom two bike rack. I like it. It makes it a lot easier to bring your e-bike around. I think it's easier to use than those bike racks that strap to the back. The only con I would say is that you have to have a tow hitch installed. We had ours installed at the dealership, but I've also seen in our Facebook Pedallers group, people are getting tow hitches installed at U-Haul, and it seems like it's pretty affordable. So that might be something to check out if you want a tow hitch rack. But I like it. I can't wait to take my bike to the beach, especially because I haven't been able to do that. I've been limited pretty much to this urban area, and it's not the most bike-friendly.

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