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Electric Bike Throttles

Hey, guys. Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Thanks for watching. Today, we are going to talk about electric bikes with a throttle or without a throttle. So, for those of you that don't know, electric bikes can come with the option of either having a throttle, meaning you don't have to pedal at all, you can simply push your thumb and the bike will go, or you can do just pedal assist. Now, a lot of bikes are just pedal assist, but the throttle option does exist. So, let's talk about the pros and cons of both.

Now, obviously, if you want to get an electric bike, but still get some element of exercise, I'd recommend not getting a bike with a throttle, because you may find yourself wanting to just click the throttle and use it, you know, to bypass the pedaling. So, my inclination is that if you get a throttle, you're probably going to want to use the throttle, and it may eliminate you from pedaling at all in that bike. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing if you still have your pedal bike that you're going to ride, you know, but if you have the intention of getting an electric bike to just give you a little help maybe getting up and down some Hills, I would suggest just don't get a throttle. You don't want to attempt yourself. It's like if you're trying not to eat potato chips, just don't buy that bag of chips. You don't want to tempt yourself. You know what I mean?

But on the flip side of that, I would say generally adding a throttle isn't going to really increase the cost of an electric bike. It's basically one simple cable and wire from the handlebar down to the motor. And so there's really no added costs. So, if you're buying an electric bike more for transportation and you really don't care if you get a workout, then definitely opt-in for the throttle. It's a great option to have. I mean, personally, I love it.

All the sixthreezero bikes we make do offer the throttle, because, you know, I believe that your bike can really double as both your bike and your mode of transportation, and sometimes you just want to relax, and click the throttle, and let it take you. So, it's nice to have that option. I also think it frees the bike up to be more than just a bike. It really turns it into transportation if you eliminate the need to have to pedal. I mean, you can take it to work and not be sweating at all. You know, you can take it for quicker transportation. Don't worry about how fast your legs will carry you because the throttle will do all the work.

Now, the bad thing about a throttle, not necessarily a bad thing, but the one aspect to really understand is using the throttle is going to drain the battery your bike much, much quicker than doing pedal assist. If you think about it, it makes complete sense. By using the throttle, you're forcing the battery to power that motor and entirely power you, right? So, it's going to be carrying the weight of you as the rider, and you're not helping the motor at all by pedaling, so that battery going to train much faster. If I had to estimate, I would say you're generally going to burn that battery by going full throttle versus pedaling about two to three times faster.

Now, there's a lot that depends on that, I mean, the weight of the rider, the riding conditions, winds, things like that, hills, no Hills, so I can't really give you an exact figure as to how much quicker it's going to burn down the battery, but it definitely will. So, if you find that you want to go longer distances and you think if you have that throttle, you may just be too quick to go to it, and then you may find yourself killing the battery and you're going to be out stranded with no battery left, then you know what? Don't get a throttle, because it'd be better if you're going to go say 30, 40 miles and you want to make sure you can have that motor the whole way. Then just keep it on the pedal assist.

Now, I say this in a way where if it's like if you have that throttle, it's too tempting not to use it. If you can restrain yourself from using it, it's a great option to have. But if you feel like you're going to use it too much, then, you know, opt against it. It'll basically force you into doing pedal assist, which will preserve your battery on longer rides, so, you know, you're not stuck 30 miles away without any power or 25 miles away without any power.

So, my suggestion or what I like on electric bikes is I love having the throttle. I think it's a lot of fun. I enjoy it for those really tiresome elements of my rides. If I come to a Hill and, you know, I just don't want to do any work, boom, kick the throttle, and it's super great, super relaxing. Now, I also do love pedaling my bike or my other bikes for various reasons too, so I keep both types of bikes in my garage. Obviously, I'm the CEO of sixthreezero, so, you know, I'm going to have a lot of bikes, but my choice would still behave my normal bike, have my electric bike, get my electric bike outfitted with the throttle so that I can have that option as I want.

So, that sums up my thought on electric bikes with throttles. If you have any questions or want to know more about electric bikes and electric bikes with throttles or pedal assist, what's the difference, please reach out to us, the team at Don't forget, check out our website on the top, electric bikes. We've got several different models, men, and women, all with throttles, different colors and things like that, so go to our website. It's on the top. It says electric bikes. Browse there. And another aspect is we have a 365-day return policy. If you don't love your bike in 365 days, you can return it, no questions asked. We want to make sure everybody loves their bike. And lastly, we have a body fit tool on our website. You can go on there, put in your height and your weight, and our body fit calculator will suggest a bike for you because at sixthreezero Our goal is to find a bike you'll love.


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