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Electric Bike Speed Test Time Trials - 3 Different Ways | How Fast Can We Ride 1.2 Miles

Hi guys, it's Ilana here with sixthreezero. Today, we're going on three rides on our e-bike to test out the three different ways you can ride an e-bike: full throttle, pedal-assist, and completely manual.

So, if you don't have an e-bike, you may not know that there are three different ways that you can use your e-bike. You can use the throttle, so you don't have to pedal at all. You can use the pedal assist, which is when you pedal, and then the motor kicks in and gives you a little boost. And there are five levels of pedal assist that you can set it to you. So if you set it to one, it'll just give you a little boost. If you set it all the way up to five, it gives you a full boost and you barely feel like you're working at all. And then, of course, there's a manual. You can set the pedal-assist to zero and just pedal regularly. Or you can just completely turn the bike off, and it's just like a regular bike.

So today we're going to compare those three modes by doing the same ride, same start, and ending point. We are going to track each ride on the new sixthreezero Pedaler app, which you can download. The link will be in the description below. And we're just going to see how many calories I burn on each different ride, how long it takes, and what our average speed is. So we'll just be riding about one mile and let's see how the different riding modes compare.

So that's round one done and I'm so glad I did that first because it was a lot harder than I thought. And now the next two rides will be really easy. But, we covered 1.2 miles, an average speed of 9.25 miles per hour, and it took seven minutes, 47 seconds. So I actually started off strong, I think. I was going 13 miles per hour, but then I quickly lost all energy. But in my defense, it was uphill for the first half which I wasn't expecting. But I'm just glad that's done. Oh, I burned 25 calories in seven minutes. So, not great, but not bad. So let's do our next round, which will be full throttle, no pedaling at all.

So round two done, all throttle, and that was a rush. So same distance, same starting and ending point, 1.2 miles. Average speed 16.02 miles per hour. The last one was 9.5, so it's a little less than double. And it took four minutes and 27 seconds, which is so fast. And the weirdest thing is that my watch says I burned 30 calories, so five more calories than I burned biking, which... It must be wrong, but maybe my heart was racing so maybe I did burn more calories, which is a win-win because it didn't feel like more work. But that was really fast and really fun. So now, the last round is pedal assist mode. So I won't use the throttle at all. I'll have the pedal-assist set to three for the ride, which is still pretty fast, and let's see how long it takes.

Alright, so that was the third and final round biking with pedal assist set to three. I forgot to screen record, but I do have all the stats and I was checking it regularly. So I know that going out, so the uphill half of the ride, with the pedal assist and a steady pace of pedaling I was going about 13 miles per hour. 13 or 14, depending on how much I was pedaling. And then the way back, which was downhill, it was more around 15, 16 miles per hour. So the distance is the same, same starting and ending point, average speed 13.69 miles per hour, time is five minutes, 26 seconds. So, not very much longer than the full throttle. And actually, I have to say the pedal assist is my preferred way of biking because I feel like I should be pedaling when I'm on my bike. And I burned 29 calories.

So if your goal is calorie burn, then I guess don't pedal at all. Only use the throttle. Or, pedal with pedal assist, and as a last resort, pedal and work hard. But of course, I think that data is wrong and the rides were not all completely identical. There are different factors that we couldn't control like traffic and dogs and things like that. But hopefully, this gave you a good idea of what to expect in the different ways you can ride. I do like the pedal assist, but also of course with a little throttle to help on the uphills. And then if I do want to feel like I worked out, I'll just turn the motor off or set the pedal-assist to zero and bike.

Hopefully, you had fun watching. If you have any questions about how the e-bikes work, what pedal assist is, or the throttle, or anything like that, please leave them down below in the comments. We'll be happy to make videos explaining different things to you. Thanks for watching. This week, we are giving away a bike on Facebook so the link will be below so that you can enter. To enter, you just have to comment with the color of your first bike.

And my first bike was a Barbie bike, which I was so excited to get. I got it for Christmas and yeah, it was just a memory that I'll never forget. We immediately went outside. It didn't have the training wheels on. And I thought like, oh, I got this. I didn't. We had to put the training wheels on, go back outside. But it's something that I'll never forget. And even if you already have a bike, you're totally not interested in winning one, I would just check out the post because a lot of people are sharing their memories of their first bike rides and it's just really heartwarming to read.

So check it out and don't forget to follow us, subscribe for all of our giveaways, a different bike every week. Hopefully, you can get out on your bike this week. Thanks for watching. Don't forget to download the app. We used it to log these three rides and we have a leaderboard. We're giving away prizes in our Pedalers group to the leaderboard winner every week and so far in the lead is Sue Ellen with 19 miles already. I am in 12th place. So join, download the app. For sure you can beat me. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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