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Today, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about electric bike rickshaws. Number one is going to be the motor size. This has a 500-pound capacity. Make sure you know who your passengers are going to be and also the terrain you're going to be riding. I think you're going to want at least a 750-watt motor, especially if you're transporting people, you're going to want a very big battery. When you add on the passengers, the range on electric bike rickshaw, you're going to be looking at anywhere from 10 miles to 60 miles. Also, factoring into that equation, are you using the throttle or are you using pedal assist?

In the rear here, we have 20-inch fat tire wheels. In the front, we have a 24-inch fat tire. The benefit of this is keeping the rear end lower to the ground. This is good because we want to have the weight in the rear here to make sure when you have passengers, you're not going to tip. Look for something with a fatter tire. It's going to be more beneficial, more stable, and easier for the riders to bounce. You can take the seat off and just ride this like a normal electric tricycle. This can replace your transportation and then just be a great way to get around a community.


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