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Electric Bike Rickshaw Ride Along! | ETrike for Passengers, Come for a Ride

Okay, cool. We're just going to do a little ride along here with Alana on the back. And I'm going to show you how this baby performs. Let's do this. Honestly, even without a rider, it's really comfortable. Do you feel safe back there?

Alana: Yeah, totally.

Okay. I don't know if you can shoot this hill, but this is a pretty massive hill and we're going to come back up this hill with Alana. And just also like the brakes work really well. All right, coming down, no problem. All right. This is going to be a beast coming back up, but we can do it. I just want to show you guys a couple of things, too. People might have questions about whether can this fit in a bike lane. Can it go on a sidewalk? Let me go ahead and show you right now. We'll go ahead and answer those questions.

So here's the bike lane, and you can see no problem. We're in the bike lane, right? And it's really not that much wider than a normal tricycle. Okay. We're going to turn left here, and I'm just going to show you sidewalk riding too. Go ahead and take this a little slower, but here's a normal sidewalk and we can fit on that as well. So if you're not comfortable going on the street, you can go on the sidewalk. Even right up here, we've got trees and bushes to contend with and we can do it with no problem.

So it's really easy and easy to drive and nimble, honestly. So we'll come down here and now we'll just turn around and we're going to tackle that hill. All right. Okay, so we've got 300 and about 30 pounds on here right now. Get in the bike lane. Now we're going to need to pedal to get up this hill. We're not going to be able to just do throttle because of the load size. Okay, we're going to wait for the cars here. It's fun back there, isn't it?

Alana: Yeah, it is. I love it.

Okay, let's do this. All right, now I'll just do the throttle a little bit. I think we get a little steeper here. I'm going to have to start pedaling. Here we go. Well, just imagine we've got the weight of the bike, the tires, plus me and Alana, and I don't know if you can shoot the hill. This is a pretty big hill, pretty steep, anyways. And honestly, not too bad. Now I got it in first gear, which makes it easier to pedal. We're getting to the steepest section right here. So this is the home stretch right here. I actually can go one gear lower. There we go. Now, obviously, we're slowing down a little bit at the steepest part, but we're still making it. And let's just be clear, I'm not making it up this hill without a motor, so it's definitely making this pretty easy. And there we have it. We did it. Still have a full battery too. Ooh. What'd you think?

Alana: It's fun.

All right, there you go. We just took on a hill. Can fit in the bike lane and on sidewalks. Now it's your turn.


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