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Electric Bicycles Riding Demonstration | How to Ride an E-Bike

We have someone.

We're live right now. No one's here yet.

Can you even see the screen?


I can't even see my phone screen outside. [crosstalk 00:00:14]. Hi everyone. Welcome to our live eBike demo. We're in the parking lot of the Sixthreezero corporate headquarters in San Clemente, California. We're just going to stand by as some people filter in and then we'll get to the eBike demo. You can see we've got some great weather. I got Alanna with me here today.

Hi guys.

And standing by to answer questions and comments. We're going to take some of the questions and answer them live. And then we've got Arc and Hannah also back in the office who are going to be doing live typing for questions and things like that. So we'll try to keep up with them as they come. And we got Nate on the camera he's back there. He's going to be telling us the questions and doing the best he wants. So anything you want us to do, say, questions you want answered as we're doing this, don't hesitate. Pop them in there in the chat. And yeah, we'll get back to them.

We have 55 people now.

We're also doing a giveaway. So to enter the giveaway, the form is in the comments. Our team will post it periodically so you don't miss it. You just have to enter while you're here in the live. If you leave before the end and you're the winner, you'll still be the winner. We won't pick someone else but stick around because it's going to be fun.

And if you guys are wondering, these are our microphones, they're a little bit funny looking, but they work good wirelessly with the phone, Alanna has got one on too. I still feel like I'm having to yell for some reason, but hopefully, you guys can hear us okay. So what time is it Nate?

It is 12:02.

12:02. Let's give another-

65 people.

What's that?

65 people.

All right, let's wait another one or two minutes before we start doing the full demo, but you can see we've got one of each of our eBikes except for the electric tricycle which we don't have available now they're out of stock, but there'll be back in soon. So right here, we got our every journey, fat tire eBike with the four-inch tires our around the block men's eBike, around the block women's eBike, every journey women's with our standard tire, which is a 1.95 inch, and then our men's every journey eBike as well. And these are all 500 Watts. Some of these, the around the blocks and the EVRYjourneys do come in 250 watts. But we'll be demoing just the 500 watts today. You're not going to notice much of a difference as we demo them. So not a big deal. All right.

Those tires are thick.

Those are some big tires. All right, I'm going to throw my helmet on here. We want to practice good safety measures, 18 and over you don't technically have to wear helmets, but check your local city state laws. So, all right. You want me to come to you or do you want to come over here?

I'll come over.

Okay, cool. So fat-tire eBike let's get this demo going here. All right. So we got a new Sixthreezero cell phone holder too. It's on our website. Check it out. It's good because it's nice and big. I got the Note 10 here. So I just threw that up here. If you want to track on the Sixthreezero app, it's a little shameless plug there. Download the app too, put that right there. So let's take you through here. We got our display right here. I'm just going to push this power button on, boom your display pops up and you've got a throttle here. So you can push this and go without pedaling at all. Or you can do the pedal assist and you can see right here, that's your pedal assist level. So you would just click this button to add more assistance or remove assistance, totally up to you. If you do the throttle, this number does not correlate to the power output at all.

So something to just keep in mind. You've got your battery charge there and your total trip. So let's take it for a spin I'll show you. Also, one quick thing I'll just mention on the back, there is a switch under the battery, and if that switch is not turned on, I don't know if you can see it up in there maybe not. If that's turned off the display won't work. So let's just show you. So, I mean, cool thing about what we've tried to do is do you want to get over there as I start riding? All right. Cool. All right. So we've tried to make our eBikes look as much like bikes as possible, just so they fit in a little bit better. The designs are a little sleeker. 

So I'll show you a couple of things. I'm going to go into a pedal-assist too. If you've never written an eBike before, and you start with the motor on and you're doing pedal-assist it can catch you a little off guard because once you start pedaling, the motor kicks in and it can be a pretty aggressive jolt. So I'll just put it in two. And then another thing I'll mention is we've got the gears too. So if you're going to start out in pedal assist, we're in a speed one. So that's good. So it'd be a little easier for me to peddle as I get going. But if you've never ridden an eBike, start in a pedal-assist one and go really slow because the initial propulsion from the motor can be a little alarming. So just start and there it goes, see it kicks in.

And then when you stop, and then when you are in pedal assist, I don't know if the camera could see how much it actually kicks in, but when you just start coasting, the motor actually totally cuts out. So in pedal assist, you've got to be pedaling for the motor to do anything. Now I'll show you guys the throttle. So like I said, it's right here. This is kind of fun. I like to use the throttle just to get going a lot of times because it's, depending on, if you leave your bike in seventh gear, it can be harder to get going from a standstill. So if you just use the throttle, this gets you moving a little bit and you're off. And now you can see right there already, I was up to 10 miles an hour. So here maybe shoot me down here and I'll kind of show you guys how fast you can go. All right let's see. So if you've never ridden an eBike before, one thing you may want to do is just get a little momentum first and then you can start pedaling, and then watch, you'll see it kick in and you're off.

And I was already up to almost 18 miles an hour, just in that little span right there. And then once you get to higher speeds, I kicked it into seventh gear because if you're in first gear and you're going 17, you're going to be pedaling faster than... You're not going to be actually doing anything. You're just going to be pedaling and the motor will be propelling you. So you want to get into the higher gears as you start to go faster.

How easy is it to switch from manpower to eBike power?

Like full throttle?

Oh like just-

Oh, super easy. So here I'll show you something else to watch this come here. So one thing you can also do is take this down to zero. Okay. So now that we're in zero, we can actually just... So now we're riding the bike as normal. No power at all. And then I'm going to put it into level one. Okay. And you see that you see the little kick and then let's just say, I want to go back to nothing. I'm into zero now. I'm just riding like normal. And then if you don't even want to do pedal assist, let me turn around this way then you can film me. So now I can just hit the throttle and then I can just, oh, actually I take that back. For the throttle to work, you do have to be in level one in a minimum. So I got to put this into one, kick in then I can do the throttle.

So it's just a matter of pressing one button really to take you from manual to pedal assist. And then once pedal assist is on, you can always engage the throttle if needed, or if you want to.

They want to see how it charges.

We've brought a charger here.

Sure. Charging is super, super easy now. Okay. So if you want to come over here, Nate or... Right here is your charging port and Alanna has the charger. All you'll literally do is plug that into the wall, plug your, the cord will obviously plugin here and then you'll just put that in and you're charging.

So this plugs in here, this goes into the wall and then you can charge your battery while it's here on your bike, but you can also remove the battery, take it inside or into your garage or wherever and charge it there too. So the battery locks in with a key.

Here let's show them on this one actually.

The men's every journey has the key. So here are the keys and you have to turn it and hold it to slide the battery out.

Yeah, pull it all the way out. So the benefit then obviously is you can take the battery with you. So if you rode to work, bring the battery upstairs, charge it in any normal outlet and then bring it back down.

Same to lock it in place. Turn the key, hold it that way it doesn't slide out while you're riding.

Actually, you got to...Yeah, you got to pull it in. There we go.

Would these be good for a person that has a lot of hills in their area?

Oh yeah, of course. Yeah, I mean doing hills and whatnot, and I'll go ahead and demo this one for you. So this is the EVRYjourney I guess we could call it standard tire, but doing hills. I mean if you do it on pedal assist and you do a light pedal, it's effortless to get up the hill or you can do the full throttle. Actually, if you check out our YouTube, Nate and I did a ride through Laguna beach and I did full throttle up and down a lot of hills on the coastline. And I mean, yeah we went 21 miles just using the throttle the whole way.

How far can you get on one charge of battery?

So that's, there's a lot of variables just like electric cars. It's a range depending on the rider size, the conditions, the terrain, and then whether you're doing pedal-assist or throttle. And then also if you're doing pedal assist, what level of the pedal-assist are you using? If you're on a level five and you're going 20, 22 miles an hour, you're going to burn the battery a lot faster. So I would say on average, the range is going to be anywhere from 15 to 45 miles, depending on the mix of throttle and pedal and all those kinds of things. Yeah. Other questions or should I proceed with-

You can proceed.

All right, cool. So just like the fat tire. Now the fat tire one's going to be ideal more if you're going to do some trail stuff or off-road, but the fat tires give you a super cushy ride and it's really going to absorb rocks and curbs and bounces. Alanna actually likes the fat tire. And it does turn heads too. I mean, people look at that thing and the tires are absolutely huge, but the thinner tire is going to roll a little smoother. It's not going to kill the battery as quick because of the fat tire you're dragging more rubber. 

So it's something to think about. So if you're going to be doing a lot of pavement, I recommend a thinner tire, but same thing, this one's got a little bit different of a display. The functionality is almost identical, but we're trying out new displays with new models just to kind of get a sense, of what people like to see. But we started with a smaller one just to keep it a little bit more incognito and yeah, the same thing. So you can see, I'll put this in pedal-assist four and you guys will see when I start pedaling, how aggressive of a pickup it gives me. So you start just wait a second, there it goes.


And I don't know if you guys can hear me from this far away, but yeah, it's super fun. I mean, just to cruise like this and use the throttle. It's nice to be able to take a little break. How far away can the mic go do you know?

The mic? I don't know.

And does it stay connected when I come back?

I'm thinking it does.

Okay, cool. All right, cool. If you guys can't hear us, let us know. I just don't know when I go in and out of the range.

So someone was asking about the safest way to start. I've done a video on this on mounting an eBike and riding it for the first time. So I always recommend starting with your bike off because of what's happened to me before. And what could be potentially dangerous is if your bike is on while getting on, you accidentally hit the throttle, it could jolt forward and then a pedal hits your shin or anything could happen. So always start with your bike off. If you have a low step-through frame, like the EVRYjourney you can just step through. And I also recommend actually holding the brakes so your bike doesn't move.

And Alanna how tall are you.

I'm 5'1". So I'm pretty short. But I like both the around the block and the EVRYjourney they both work for me. So from here, you can turn your bike on and with eBikes I find the easiest way to start is to just hit the throttle and let it take you. You don't have to worry about catching your balance or making sure your pedals are in the right place or getting enough leverage to push off. You can just hit the throttle and you don't really have to worry about balancing at all. And then just start paddling. I find that's the easiest way to mount, but if you are wary of using the throttle or nervous about using it for the first time, you can just set pedal-assist to one or even zero and start off like a regular bike. So just backpedal your pedals. So that one of them is in about this 45-degree angle. So you can push off easily and then get going.

Oh, really cool. I'm 5'10" by the way. So if anyone just wants a frame of reference, how someone 5'10" would fit on the bikes. Another thing too, that I would recommend possibly is put your feet down. I like the seat kind of high. You don't have to be this high off the ground, but you can just tap the throttle a little bit and get a feel for like how it's actually going to move you and then just be comfortable with the balance. And as you get more comfortable, you can accelerate more.

We like to say, push push go.


We like to say, push, push go. So that's when you kind of push off with your feet-

Well, Alanna likes that.

And then coast, I think they use that to teach little kids how to ride a bike riding.

In the rain-

Riding in the rain?

Just like is the battery okay riding in the rain.

Yeah. I mean, all the electronics for the most part should be okay. Now I'm a member of a lot of different Facebook groups that are eBikes and things like that. And I've seen people do things like put plastic bags over their controller. If we're talking about light rain. Sure, no problem. And the battery in particular should be fine. It's totally enclosed, but things like the controller, is there chance water gets in there? Absolutely. I can't say it's a hundred percent waterproof, but the battery of all things, most likely will be totally fine, the controller, you could put a bag over it to protect it. And also really depends on what kind of rain we're talking about. Torrential, downpour. I definitely wouldn't have my bike out in that nor do many people want to ride in a torrential downpour anyways. But yeah, light miss things, things like that. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

Someone wants to know if you're comfortable sharing your weight.

Sure. I'm about 215. So 215, 5'10". We typically say 300 pounds is the limit. But in saying that I know people over 300 pounds have been fine on our bikes, especially with the eBikes actually versus standard bikes. The eBikes use a thicker gauge spoke. So the wheels are going to be much stronger and that's a lot to do with because the motor is actually in the rear wheel. So you got to use a thicker spoke, a thicker gauge versus the standard bikes that have a thinner gauge. So the wheels won't be as strong. So they're going to be able to support the heavier weight. 

In addition to that, the only other thing you may experience issues with, are your seat. Just the springs getting squeaky or things like that, depending on the use and how often you use them and the kind of bumps and things. But I would venture to say 350 pounds is safe. And then again, like me, I'm a little bit of a bigger guy. So when I ride with buddies, let's say, Nate, who's 160 pounds. I'm going to find that I can't go as fast as him or my battery's going to die a little bit quicker. And that's just, unfortunately, the reality of the motor having to work harder to push me versus someone who's 160 pounds.

Which is the lightest step of all this?

So the lightest two would be the EVRYjourney or sorry, the EVRYjourneys, those are actually aluminum frames, whereas the around the blocks are steel frames. So these two on the end here. You want to demo the around the block?


Someone is asking you if you know how to pop a wheelie.

No, I'm still trying to learn how to bike with no hands.

Our liability insurance doesn't cover for wheelie accidents. That's another thing too, to just eBike accidents are real. I see it a lot. So getting yourself familiar with how the eBike operates and I definitely don't advise... Bikes like this too cruisers are not really good for that kind of riding just because of the weight of them and especially having a battery in the back. If you're doing a wheelie, it's going to put a lot of weight in the rear, but anyways, eBike accidents are real, so familiarize yourself with it before using it and make sure you understand the power before getting too crazy out there.

So this is the women's around the block. Right now we have it at pedal-assist one. I'll just peddle normally so you can, maybe you can see when the pedal assist kicks in, ready? I don't know if you saw that, but similar to when Dustin was riding, there's a little jolt to the ride. I keep pedal assist at one or two. And usually, that brings me to around 11 to 15 miles per hour, depending on how much I'm pedaling, which I feel like is a safe speed. I don't really like to go faster than not, especially in LA where I'm typically biking, but then when we are on a closed trail or a less busy area, I'll kick up the pedal-assist to four or five, which can be really helpful, especially for hills. So it's really fun. And then I always use the throttle to cross intersections. I just like to get out of the intersection as quickly as possible. So that's one instance when I'll pretty much almost always hit the throttle, it's a cute bike.

I'll show you guys the men's one. So same bike men's version. The difference between the around the block and the EVRYjourney, a little bit different frame setup. So if you can see the seat tube connects directly to the pedals. So it's going to be more of like an upright, straight up and down ride, traditional bike. The EVRYjourney, if you can see the angle on that seat tube, it actually moves the pedals a little bit more in front of your hips. So it's a little bit more of a relaxed riding position. And then also you can be a little lower to the ground while still getting some proper leg extension when riding, so the benefit is if you're not comfortable mounting and dismounting, that bike's going to be easier to get on and off, easier to stop. You can have your feet flat on the ground when stopping. So this one it's not-

What's the difference between steel and aluminum in terms of cost?

So an aluminum bike is going to be lighter. So what that means is it's basically more efficient. You're going to get more miles per charge. It's not carrying as much weight, the steel frames are a little heavier. In terms of how you're going to notice it when riding, it's going to be very hard for the average person to be honest. But I do feel like sometimes riding the aluminum, it feels easier lighter. With a motor, you're going to eliminate a lot of that. But if you are going to plan to have an eBike and use it as a regular bike, I would recommend the aluminum because you're going to be adding a lot of weight with the battery and things like that. So if you have an aluminum frame, it'll feel more like a traditional bike. The other benefit and I'll show you guys right now, actually, why not?

We can just go ahead and this one's having some kickstand issues, but you can actually just go ahead and take the battery out. So we'll just do that. And then honestly it doesn't... Once you take the battery out, because the battery you've clearly got the motor in the rear here, which adds, eight, 10 pounds, but the battery also weighs about eight to 10 pounds. So you take that out of there and I'm not going to turn on the motor at all. You can see I'm in seventh gear now. So getting started is a little bit difficult, but it's really like a normal bike. So it's you can see, I'm not really exerting and I'm just riding it normal. So if there are days you wanted to just go out for a traditional bike ride and not have to worry about carrying the extra weight. It's awesome. I mean, that's what's so cool about eBikes especially ours, where we try to make them like traditional bikes is they're so versatile. And as opposed to having an eBike... Alanna, can you grab the battery?


As opposed to having multiple bikes, you could just have one.

How many speeds per irregular pedaling?

So ours come with seven, so then we'll just click it back in and now I'll just turn it on and we can be back. I'll just use the throttle and we're back to eBike.

Right. So these right here, we have one of each model, but they all come in various different color combos. So the bike that I use the most is the EVRYjourney, but the color I have is the Perry Winkle blue, which I think is the cutest. But they all come in a lot of different cute color combos. So check them out on the website. There's really something for every style.

Yeah. I'll park this one.

A question that we get pretty frequently is, can you work out with an eBike? And I always answer yes, definitely. And I prefer working out with an eBike because I tend to go hard in the first half of my exercise. And then I just want to kind of chill or take it easy for the second half. So having the ability to turn on the motor and do that, makes it a lot easier to work out. Also, if you live in a really hilly area and you don't necessarily want your workout to be biking uphill, maybe you're focusing on speed or something else than having the motor and being able to use the throttle or pedal assist is really going to help with that.

What model is a fat tire?

That's the EVRYjourney. And that also comes in a men's in matte black. And then did we do a teal? I think we did a teal too for women's. So teal and navy. And again, I mean, the men's has a higher frame, but the reality of all bikes now is they're gender-neutral. Anybody can ride any bike. If you like the color and it'll fit your body, then it's totally up to you. I was going to say, too, if you download the Sixthreezero app, you can actually check out the feed and the leaderboard. And we now offer the feature to track rides either as a standard bike or an eBike. So you can actually see how people are using certain products. And if you have the app, please add your bike to it. So when you take a ride, it will show other riders what bike you're using.

And for anyone that doesn't have a bike, it'd be pretty cool because you can go in there and see, oh, they rode 10 miles on the every journey electric. And it'll give you a sense of how people are using what kind of routes they're doing on their eBikes, things like that. So yeah, it could be super beneficial. And then right after this, I'm going to log a quick ride on one of the eBikes back up the hill here and I'll post it to the feed so you guys can check it out. Yeah. Join the app, be part of the community.

Can you clean these other color tires?

You can. I mean, obviously, the more you ride it, they're going to get dirty, but there are some good tire cleaning products, tire cleaning. Yeah. We'll add that to our YouTube channel, but absolutely. I mean the problem with a cream tire is every time you take it out, it's going to get immediately dirty. So you're going to be fighting a pretty large uphill battle doing that. But yeah, you can clean them up. It's kind of a struggle when you go through the design phase because the cream will look really nice, but you know the minute it rolls out onto the street or something, it's dirty.

What are your handles on the app?

Oh, mine's Gygs81.

I'm Alanna. If you look at the electric leaderboard, am I on the leaderboard right now? I think I am. I think we both are.

I'm not this week.

Oh, slacker.

I'll log a ride, don't worry. Yeah, I think I'm Gygs81. So follow us. And we just added a bunch of new features. We're going to keep improving the app, getting better and any features you guys have that you think will be cool for the community we're open to adding all that. So yeah, I'm just thinking of what else we can show. Any other questions?

No, no questions. [inaudible 00:30:49].

Anything you guys want to see us do except pop a wheelie? Any kind of demo?

Well, funny enough. There might be, we're actually... And I don't know for any of you guys that know we're like right next door to Camp Pendleton in California. I don't know if they can show the black Hawk helicopters here, but San Clemente is right next to Pendleton. So you get a lot of military aircraft flyovers, bomb testings, and stuff. So we do have our headquarters here in San Clemente. From time to time, we arrange some test rides. We're trying to figure out if the demand is big enough, opening up the showroom here for test strides because I know that's important to a lot of people. So anything else, what time is it?

It's 12:30.

Okay. Here let's do something fun. Ready for this. You keep them busy.

Okay. Don't forget if you have not filled out the form, fill it out now before, I guess before we finish, because I'll be picking the winner at the end, you don't necessarily have to be here to win. When you fill out the form, you'll enter your email address. So I can always email the winner, but just make sure you fill it out before leaving if you have to go. He's grabbing a cone.

Okay. Here's our eBike obstacle course.

Oh no.

We'll show you the maneuverability.

Any other questions?

Does it come assembled?

It comes about 80% assembled.

What's that?

How assembled does it come? So I always like to say, you just have to put things in place and tighten some screws. You pretty much just have to attach the front tire, handlebars, pedals, and seat. And with the eBikes, you actually have to do the front disc brake, but we have videos on all of that. Last time actually I assembled it live. It was kind of a mess, but it's doable.

Okay. I'll tackle this on full throttle or, I mean with the throttle, no pedaling.

Are you weaving and out?

Hopefully, I didn't put the cones too close. Oh no, we're good.

That's full-throttle?

Not full throttle. It's like a motorcycle. It's a little bit difficult to do it on pedal-assist because you get a little bit more of a jolt, but you can really, you have really good control with the throttle actually there, we have it. That's probably a little bit closer than I should have done.

What kind of surfaces can you ride on?

So the fat tire, I mean you could do full-on kind of semi rocky trails with the fat tire with these, you could do hardpack trails and grass. I was actually contemplating taking it up over the grass right there.

I was thinking about that with the fat tire. Why don't you do that?

Let's see. I mean, you could even take this one up there.

I don't know if you can see the hills behind us, but there's a dirt road back there. A lot of people like to mountain bike and I've taken the regular every journey, not the fat tire and it fared fine, but you just want to watch out rocks or anything that could puncture the tires.

Yeah. I mean it rides super easy on grass. But yeah, I mean grass, the beauty with the motor too and the pedal assist is like going a little bit off-road it makes it so easy with the pedal assist. If you had to go through some grass or cut through a park or... I remember growing up riding a bike on grass and things and it gets it's so hard, but in this case, yeah just kick on the pedal-assist or go up to level five or do whatever makes it-

Is it good for bad knees?

Yeah. I mean, absolutely. Because you can basically dictate especially the EVRYjourney because I think it takes a little bit more pressure off the knees, but you can dictate how much stress or how much exertion you want on your muscles and your body. And I think that's, what's interesting is a lot of people think, "Oh, it's an eBike, it's not good for exercise." I've heard the opposite. And for a lot of reasons, one like take me for an example. Last weekend I did a 15-mile ride and that was just a quick, I basically did it in 45 minutes, which is pretty fast on a cruiser-type bike like ours. And I had it in pedal assist, but I was pedaling really hard the entire way to keep the speed up. And I think because of that, I worked harder than I would have worked if I didn't have the motor.

So the other thing is, people want to go farther. It's fun to kind of push the limit with an eBike because you're like, "Oh, I made it 10 miles. Can I go at 15? Can I go 20?" And at least in the back of your head, if you've got that power, you can always rely on, if I need it, it's there, that's kind of what I did. I tried to do as much as I could without it. And I was like, "Okay, I can take a break." So it's almost like exercising. You can give yourself a break on the bike as you see fit by using the motor. So can it be completely not good for exercise? Of course, if you just do the motor the entire time, but I think you guys would find, I think a lot of people find you end up playing around with the usage of power and you end up doing more work than you thought you would do by having an electric bike. And that's the cool thing about an electric bike versus a scooter or something is the option is always there. So it makes it more fun.

How hard is it to lift these onto a car rack?

That would have been a good thing to do.

Oh yeah.

It's actually not that much more difficult than a standard bike because you can take the batteries off. Now you do have the motor obviously in the rear, but I mean, can you lift it?

I can, yeah.

Well here. So Alanna is not huge.

It's heavy. When it's me, Nate always helps.

But so you can see that in the rear it's heavier obviously. And if we were to take that battery out, is the key in there?

I have it.

This is actually a good little demo.

Oh no, no, no. That's around the block. Wait, maybe that's the right. Try that key.

Yeah okay. Now just try again. Try lifting it.

Really putting me to the test here.

Oh, see. So really getting the battery out of there makes it quite a bit more light. So for car racks or bringing it upstairs, you could bring the battery up first, put the battery in the car, and put the bikes on the rack.

You have to put the key in.

All right, here we go. So here why don't you to hold that. Anything else, questions? Any other demonstrations we can do? It'd be cool to take you guys out onto the street and show you. We've got some pretty big hills up here, which if we really wanted to, you could try to get the camera out here.

I could probably ride with you guys.

You want to try? All right, let's do it. I was going to say, or you could shoot me riding up-

The top of the hill.

Anyways if you can take it with let's try because you're on 4G right Or 5G.

I'll watch the bikes.

You're not going to come?

Well, do you think it's okay to leave this stuff here?

That's a good question. All right ready when you are. I'll go in front of you, would that be easier? Okay. Nate is risking his life for the Sixthreezero live demo, but we'll take you up the hill back here. All right, here we go. Live cameraman coming through. So I'm just going to coast along in my throttle. I'm going at about nine miles an hour. Watch out we got a car here. Okay, still with us? So yeah, I'm just kind of using the throttle and coast, and then we can, sometimes I find that with the pedal assist if I peddle, I actually get going too faster than I want to go. So I may just actually turn, I'm going to turn it off right now and just pedal because we've got a downhill. So, and I mean, you can tell I'm riding normal and I'm not exerting myself anymore on this bike versus a normal bike. All right we can just do this right here. So I don't know if you guys can... Are you going to be cool doing this?


All right. I don't know if you can see kind of what this hill looks like, but it's pretty... We should probably go to the other side of the street just for the sake of. So this is a pretty good-sized hill, I would say, wouldn't you?


All right, so we're going to go for it. Problem now is I'm in, okay. So I'm going to use a little throttle and get going. You can see with the pedal assist. So I'm in pedal-assist five. Oh hit a pine cone. I'm in pedal-assist five right now. And I'm barely doing anything. And this hill is nothing. And Nate's holding a camera and pedaling. And if you want here, I'll switch to throttle, so now I'm full throttle. Now, obviously, full throttle going up a big hill. It's still going to get me up, but it's not going to be hitting crazy top speeds. And this is a pretty steep incline. So I'm going to let go of the throttle and pedal. See, look how hard he's working. Should we go? Want to try one more and go back?

We can go back.

All right.

We hit our highest mark of 117.

Wow, thanks for coming. Thanks for joining us on our eBike live demo. We're out. Check out the view. San Clemente, California Sixthreezero headquarters. Sorry. I forgot I had a microphone on, but we're just cruising down here. Now we do have disc brakes on the eBikes. So the breaking powers a little bit more and we'll just turn back and here we are. I mean, it really just makes rides that much more enjoyable, especially if you've got a lot of hills. And like I said, yeah I mean, so I'll just turn the pedal assist off now. Now I'm just riding like a normal bike and I'm in fifth gear. I'll just go ahead and put it in downshift. I'm in fourth now we're just cruising. Probably actually want to be in fifth. All right let's go to six there we go. What's that?

Kara is live.

Hey Kara. And let's just do a little throttle. Take us home. Watch this incline, Nate. I'm at 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 miles an hour. And we're back.

Oh, you're back.

So you guys can see the hills. No problem. Super easy. You can get up there without any exertion if that's what you need and we're back and we still got plenty of bars on the battery. Yeah. Any other questions coming up?

How fast can it go?

So legally full throttle, only 20 miles an hour, max, and pedal-assist technically it's supposed to be top speed, 28, but we obviously can't control. I mean, if you can pedal faster than that, the sky's the limit with pedal assist, but full throttle it's going to be 20.


Okay. So, oops. So I'll pick the winner in a minute. So if you haven't entered, you have one minute to get your entry in and then I'm closing it off and then I'm going to pick the winner. So fill out the form now, if you haven't yet. If you already filled it out, don't fill it out again because if there are any double entries, the extra entries will be deleted. So it won't make a difference if you enter more than once. So right now we have 244 entries. The odds are pretty good for you.

How many entries?


Oh, it's good. Jim, thanks for joining. Matthew, good to have you. Do some live shout-outs here while we wait for the action to close.

Okay. I just started my timer. So you have a minute starting now.

Okay, one minute. Alison, thanks for coming.

Oh, good.

Gosh, you guys can't feel this breeze either, but what a nice day today, we've actually had some pretty overcast weather down here by the beach. It's finally clearing up. I'll go ahead and take my helmet off.

Okay, I see some last-minute entries coming in, 20 seconds.

Stacy says hi from North Carolina.

Hey Stacy. Thanks for coming to watch. Does she have a Sixthreezero already? Remember to check out the app. I'm going to log a ride right after here on the eBike. I want to see everyone else logging rides on there too. And if you already have the app, choose your bike so we can see what bike you're riding.

Okay. That's time.

Mathew just made it in time.

Oh, my watch won't stop. Okay, give me a minute to put these over.

Thanks, David. Appreciate that. If you guys liked the demos, let us know in the comments. We'll keep doing these. Maybe we should get some more on location demos, like go to some cool locations. That will be cool. Maybe we'll do a mystery spot. Tune into the live to see where we are next.

Okay. Sorry. I should have done this on my laptop.

Alanna is feeling the pressure.

This is too much pressure. Okay, here we go.

Hey, Susie from DC. Thanks for coming. She's got the app? Awesome. We're excited about it too. Honestly the app super exciting for us. Glad you guys are liking the demos. Kevin, thank you. Crushed it. Love it. Stacy is crossing her fingers hoping she wins. Alanna has somehow ended up on another stratosphere.

Okay, I don't know okay we have a winner. Okay. I don't know if you saw it shuffling. So, Juanita Alexander, you are the winner.

Juanita congratulations.

Congrats. So we will contact you. We have your email address; answer any questions you have about picking out your bike congrats. Thank you, everyone, who tuned in.

Jennifer, thank you. Matthew, glad you liked the bikes.

Make sure to let us know if there are any other types of demos or questions or anything you want us to address in future live events. It's always really fun doing this because it gives us a good idea of what people want to know and what people want to see on YouTube and our other social media channels.

Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for tuning in. These are a lot of fun. Next time. We'll do another demo. I liked the idea of a mystery location. So you guys will have to join to see where we end up for the demo. So thanks for watching and with our signature outro, don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.



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