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Electric 3 Wheeled Bicycle - How Much do they Weight?

Everyone, Peter here at Sixthreezero. Let's get right to it. How heavy is an electric tricycle?

All right, so this is Peter at Sixthreezero. I run customer service, quality control, and operations. And I'm going to tell you today a little bit about how much an e-tricycle weighs.

Electric bikes and tricycles definitely weigh a lot more than non-electric bikes and tricycles, and that's because they have the electrical part, which is heavy. They've got a heavy battery, which has 50 cells in here, and we've got also a motor over here, which has a lot of copper windings and all that. It's a lot of extra metal. So whereas a regular tricycle might weigh 40-50 pounds, maybe, this guy is 80 pounds, so it's quite a bit more.

So also, with our bikes, a very expensive bike can weigh as little as 15 pounds, but that's going to be in the $10,000 range. A more affordable bike or an entry-level bike is still going to weigh about 35 pounds. You're not going to find an entry-level bike that weighs much less than 35 pounds. But an e-bike of the same design and all of that is going to be pretty much double that. So you're going to go from 35 pounds to 70 pounds. All right?

The e-trike, obviously it's got three wheels, it's a little bigger and all of that, it weighs even more than that. It weighs about 80 pounds. This guy's about 80 pounds. Some people don't realize that. They think that they might want to be able to pick it up to put it onto maybe a car rack or into a pickup truck, or maybe even carry it up some stairs. You got to know if you're going to be able to pick up 80 pounds, all right, it's not that easy. It can be done, but definitely with two people. But if it's something that you're thinking about doing regularly, definitely give it some thought.

So anyway, about 80 pounds is what we're looking at. I would say most e-trikes are probably in that range. It could be different if, for instance, the wheels weren't 26-inch wheels, but were smaller, maybe 20-inch wheels. This is a 250-watt. So as far as the electrical equipment goes, it's going to be on the lighter side. If you go with more battery, a higher wattage motor, or a higher voltage battery, that will also weigh more. All the electrical equipment adds a lot of weight to it. So anyway, about 80 pounds. See if you can lift that realistically if that's what you're concerned about.

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