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E-Bikes for Seniors and Baby Boomers

Hey guys, Dustin here of Sixthreezero. Want to talk to you about eBikes today, specifically eBikes for older adults or eBikes for baby boomers, or eBikes for adults, let's say, over the age of 50. E-bikes have really burst onto the scene in the last five or 10 years and even over the last three years gained in popularity by a lot. There's been a lot of conversation in a big segment of the population that is attracted to eBikes is older adults, adults over the age of 50 really, and a lot of people in that baby boomer generation.

           Want to talk about why are eBikes good for older adults, what are the benefits, why are older adults choosing eBikes, and why might it be right for you if you're in that age segment of about 50 to 75. I think the number one benefit I see in eBikes for older adults really is the ease on the body. I think mobility, in particular, is something we all value so much. We all want to be able to move places under our own power, whether it be via walking, by car, whatever it may be.

           What's great about an eBike for an older adult is if you've enjoyed riding your bike and, let's say, you used to ride 20, 30, 40 miles and you just don't have either the muscle strength or the stamina to go those kinds of distances that you once did, eBikes are great. They can either be in pedal assist mode or full throttle so you can still get your legs moving but let the motor do a big percentage of the work.

           If you still want to go 10, 20 miles, you want to ride by the beach from one city to the next and not be fearful that you can't make it back or your body may be too sore or something of that nature, eBike is a great option. I think a lot of older adults have found that to be the case that they can still go the places they want to go on two wheels, feel the breeze, be outdoors, things like that, but not be concerned about the pain in their body, being sore the next day, things of that nature.

           You can use a little bit of the motor power and still get the same feeling, and still go see the same scenery, and still, do the same exploration. In addition, so I think that's why a lot of people that age range are choosing it. I think it's also a great benefit for everyone because it allows anybody who still wants to be mobile in a bicycle type of way, eBikes are making that possible. I think the other thing it does is it makes different types of rides possible.

           You may have crossed that age range where you can't do the hills you once did but you loved a certain route, eBikes can make all those rides possible again. It kind of, it just makes things possible that maybe you stopped doing a couple of years ago because your body wasn't allowing for it, and that just happens over time. The other thing to is commuting places. There might not be practical ... Maybe if living in an over 55 community or driving long distances is not something conducive to an older lifestyle.

           A reason an eBike would be good for that lifestyle is instead of getting in your car and having to drive, you can use a bicycle. It makes going places easier, you don't have to drive in the car which, by the way, driving a car is not necessarily safe. Typically speaking, it's not, based on statistics. If there are paths in the community off the street because I necessarily wouldn't recommend riding in bike lanes in busy, busy streets if you're over the age of 50 or in that baby boomer category.

           Personally, just riding in the bike lanes for any age group is quite dangerous. Yeah, if you have bike paths or you live in a community and you just want to go from one place to the other or you want to go to the tennis courts or the pool or things of that nature, it's a very simple mode of transportation and you don't have to worry about burning your body out before getting to wherever you're going but you can still enjoy the outdoors.

           It's kind of this hybrid of you get the benefits, in terms of being outside, like a bicycle but you have the motor to really support you and dictate how sore you want to be or not want to be. In particular with Sixthreezero, we've really designed our every journey bike for that specific use case where it's here's a bike that is concerned with making sure that when the riders get off they're not sore. We want to make it so you dictate how sore you want your body to be.

           Especially with the electric bike, you can determine how hard do I want to pedal, how much do I want to pedal, how sore do I want to be the next day? Am I doing this for exercise or am I just doing this to get outside and feel the breeze? The beauty of our every journey bikes is we kind of, we've designed it so you're not going to feel pain while riding or after riding.

           Let's talk about the CPSC or the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Now, the way that they test eBikes is essentially the same as a bicycle. The classification that they look at is if the motor is less than 750 watts and if it travels less than 20 miles an hour with full throttle or less than 28 miles an hour with pedal assist. That's how the CPSC classifies what an eBike is. Now, again, the riding laws and everything is different state-to-state and sometimes even city-to-city so please check out, look up your state, make sure you're riding legally.

           Go ahead and check out our electric bikes in the top navigation of our website and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out. You can email us, or call us 310-982-2877. Please enter your height and weight on our website in the body fit tool, it's going to tell you thumbs up, thumbs down, which bikes are a fit for you. If none of the bikes is a recommended fit, please give us a call, we can customize, find something that will work for your body type. Our goal here at Sixthreezero is to find a bike that will fit your body.


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