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Why Beach Cruiser Bikes For Women Provide a Fun & Rewarding Fitness Activity

We've all heard the popular saying, "you never forget how to ride a bike." That might be true, but just because you remember how to cycle doesn't necessarily mean you're out there pedaling every day. In fact, the reality in the United States is that far fewer women cycle each day than do men. Plus, compared to women around the world, the cycling gap between American women and women in other countries is even larger. With so many different cruiser bikes for women available, it’s a wonder why more women don’t take it up as a fitness-enhancing part of their daily lives.

The fact is that people often overlook bicycling as a fun and engaging fitness activity. It's not all about hardcore mountain biking or heart pounding races driven by complicated gear changes. From cruiser bikes for women to the many other types of women’s bikes out there, there are plenty of different ways to approach cycling for exercise.

Why the bicycle, though? Why not hit the gym more often, or take up swimming? Of course, you absolutely can do those things — but whether or not you do, cycling still has a great deal to offer women everywhere! For fun and fitness combined, it's rare to find another activity which represents such a well-struck balance. There are a few reasons why you should take the time to find the right bike for your body and dust off your rusty cycling skills. Once you've gotten back into the swing of things, you may even wonder why you weren't biking more already and becoming one of those fit beach cruiser girls!

There Are Tons of Ways to Ride Cruiser Bikes For Women

When we were kids, a bike was a bike; if it let you ride around and have fun, most of us weren't too picky about bicycles at a young age. For those looking at cycling for fitness, though, the sheer amount of technical jargon and variation surrounding coaster bikes for women is often quite daunting. Why can't we just get back to the basics and enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike? Luckily for women interested in cycling today, there are plenty of options out there — and one type of bicycle is sure to fit your lifestyle.

From cruisers to commuters, you can take things easy or go a little faster, take more control or let your bike do all the work for you (aside from the pedaling, of course). Choosing how you want to ride is one of the most fun parts of exercising on your bike. Cruiser bikes for women, for example, are built for comfort rather than speed — that's why they're often "single speed," or lacking in a complicated system for switching gears. You just climb on, get comfortable, and head out for enjoyable low-impact exercise.

Your bike can tell the world a little bit about your personality, too. While you might not see many beach cruiser girls with handlebar streamers, the array of colors and styles to choose from is the next best thing. You don't get the same flair for your personality with treadmill running or yoga; putting your own spin on your bicycle is an easy way to engage with your fitness and make it fun again.

It's Easy to Make Fitness Social

Of course, there are some who find comfort in hitting the treadmill and running in silence for mile after mile. For others, fitness should be at least a little fun! While you won't always want to bike in the company of others, cycling is an activity which lends itself well to social participation. Whether you choose to join a women's cycling club or just get together a group of friends for a weekend ride, you'll be exercising your body while in good company.

Many cycling clubs get together to bike a distance to a special location, such as a bakery, cafe, or restaurant, before cycling back home. Think of what an excellent Saturday activity that could make for you and your girlfriends! When you're riding a bike that's well-fit to your body, you'll be able to enjoy the entire day in comfort. Exploring the area on bikes with your friends is a fun activity for adults, just like it is for kids.

You Can Get a Good Workout in A Short Period

Another excellent reason biking can be so rewarding for women is that it doesn't take very long to fit in your exercise. We're all busy these days; it's true — sometimes it seems like it's never been harder to find time for your fitness. Just half an hour of cycling could help you burn hundreds of calories, based on your level of effort.

You could do that in the morning or evening before or after work, or you could bike to do some errands. Not only will you burn calories and work out your body, but you'll get to save on gas, too. Who doesn't love skipping traffic as you cruise on by in the bike lane?

Biking Is Good for A Woman's Body

So, biking can be fun, quick, and easy for women looking for a new fitness activity — but what about the actual physical benefits? First and foremost is the benefit to your heart. As you pump the pedals, your heart must pump harder to deliver more blood and precious oxygen to your muscles. Over time, this makes your heart stronger and your veins healthier. Better cardio health has a direct impact on lowering the risk of developing high blood pressure!

Remember those calories we talked about burning? You can blast fat away with a good cycling routine, too, especially if you exercise regularly. Combined with a smart diet, biking creates a recipe for fun weight loss that doesn't put a ton of stress on your joints and ligaments. Meanwhile, you'll be able to develop more toned muscles in your legs and thighs. The exercise can have a positive effect on your lungs, too. Overall, there are a huge number of physical benefits for women who regularly ride bikes.

There Are Benefits for The Mind, Too

The positive rewards for women don't end with just losing weight and boosting your overall fitness level. Cycling can help to lower stress and improve self-esteem. Whether you ride with friends or just enjoy the solitude of a long cruise, you're likelier to feel better after you bike than if you didn't saddle up at all. Some research has even shown that women, surveyed about their cycling habits, say they feel sexier and more confident after beginning to ride more regularly. Regarding whole body fitness, there are few other activities that are so rewarding for women.

Are You Ready to Go Exploring?

The first step to enjoying biking as a fitness activity is making that choice to climb into the seat and go for a ride. Whether your goal is to see how far you can go and find new places or to join a club and have a blast with new friends, the best part is you'll be bettering your body and mind the whole way through. For women, cycling offers not just an excellent path to personal physical fitness and wellness, but also the chance to get out and enjoy the world from a new perspective. While there are plenty of decisions to make about how to bike, the first step is to make the most important decision: the one to begin cycling! sixthreezero has a great selection of cruiser bikes for women; order yours today or contact us for more tips on ordering the right bike for your wellness routine.


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