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City Commuting in 2022: Bike Types, Gear & Tips

November 1, 2021

If you haven't ridden your bike to work in the city before, the experience can be a little jarring at first. Don't worry though — just like all other things, bike commuting just takes a little getting used to. There are, however, a few steps you can take to adjust to your new lifestyle. Perhaps the most important is to equip yourself with the right ride and gear.

Best Commuter Bikes for Each Type of Traveler

Riding in the city presents commuters with a few different challenges. These are:

  • Staying safe and aware of traffic patterns
  • Arriving at work on time
  • Keeping comfortable enough while riding
  • Letting motorists and other riders know when you plan to turn or stop

To some extent, all riders deal with these problems when commuting in busy areas. Bikes that are good for getting to work should be both efficient and comfortable. Different riders, however, may find different frames to be comfortable enough to pay attention to traffic.

If you are relatively young or extremely experienced at riding on the road, a hybrid bike with features common to a road bike can work for you. These models are fast, but they position the rider horizontally, which can be uncomfortable in stop-and-go traffic or busy streets.

Beach cruisers and comfort bikes position riders upright as though sitting in a chair. While this doesn't allow for exceptional speed or acceleration, it is usually far more comfortable for long stretches or slow rides. Older riders often appreciate these frame types, as they tend to be easier to mount and dismount than ones with a high riding position.

Commuter bikes are a sort of middle ground between road bikes and comfort bikes. While they are often robust and quick, they're also fairly comfortable. As the name suggests, commuter bikes are among the most popular bikes for getting to work or school.

Which Gear Is Best for City Riding?

When riding in the city, you should equip yourself with all of the safety equipment you can afford on your budget. If you plan to ride at dusk, dawn, or any hours during which light is limited, forward and rear-facing lights are extremely important. Most LED lights manufactured today are plenty bright for city riding, but ones that have pulsing or blinking modes are easier for motorists to notice. Of course, you should also equip yourself with a good helmet.

If you have computers or other belongings to take along, pannier and messenger bags are essentials. Anytime you take electronics to work, make sure your bags are properly sealed and waterproofed.

5 Top Bikes for Commuting

Our top 5 Sixthreezero recommendations for commuting are:

  1. Ride in the Park
  2. Explore Your Range
  3. Reach Your Destination
  4. Body Ease
  5. Evry Journey

Each of these models is excellent for commuting comfortably. If you want some extra power or just want to save energy, look for the electric version of the model you are interested in. For standard commuting, 250 or 500 watts are usually more than enough power.

Specialized Commuter Bikes

Though you can get to work with any bike, those designated as commuters are generally considered to be the best for urban riding. Commuter models usually feature road tires, strong frames, medium seats, and a hybrid posture. While they are indeed great at their job, understand that your preference should supersede superficial categories. As long as your preferred model can properly address the challenges of city riding, you should go with it.

Cycling is a highly personal experience, so the kind of bike you choose for your daily ride matters. Make sure to do plenty of research before deciding. With the right gear and the right ride, your commute can be as fun as it is healthy. Shop Sixthreezero today.


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