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Women's Hybrid Bikes
Learn More About Women's Hybrid Bikes

Women's Hybrid Bikes

Riding a bicycle is freeing and empowering. It takes you out of your comfort zone while simultaneously placing you right back in it. Whether you’re riding through the city, along the coast or somewhere else life brings you, being on your bike is like being on a journey that knows no comparison.

Sixthreezero’s hybrid ladies bikes are meant to take you where you need to be with style and comfort. Built for everyday commutes and adventurous undertakings, our hybrid bicycles are the best hybrid bikes for women. You’ll find that they are created with comfort in mind and to be customizable to what you need at any moment.

Whether it is cruising to the beach, heading to the market, or even riding to work, sixthreezero women’s hybrid bicycles have the capacity for any occasion with the rear rack and addition of a basket through our customizer. Customize your sixthreezero hybrid bike and make it your own with our customizer. Choose your desired color, your accessories, and your speed. Be creative, be yourself, and most importantly, be free.

Easy Assembly

All of our women’s bikes come nearly fully assembled. The last few steps are easy, however if you feel unsure about completing assembly, we offer a fully assembled delivery service available at checkout.

Have a man in your life that you want to go riding with you? Check out our selection of men’s hybrid bikes.

Need ideas for places to take your beautiful new hybrid bike? Join our Journey Club to uncover new and exciting ride locations around the globe!



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Body Fit is a unique fitting experience that determines if this bicycle will fit your body.
We developed our own proprietary algorithm that will factor in your height and weight to each fitting answer. Our algorithm is concerned with making sure you are fitted to a bike that will provide you maximum comfort. Our number one goal is your comfort.
BodyFit ME
After entering your height and weight.
Click the BodyFit ME button.
If you see this box appear it means the bike is a perfect fit for your body.
Not a Fit
If you see this box appear it means the bike is not a fit for your body.
If this bike is not a fit, your body measurements will be saved in our system, so you can browse to other product pages and they will automatically tell you if they fit.