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Can Electric Tricycle Go Up Hills - Best 3 Wheel Electric Bike for Hills

Hey, everyone. Today, I'm going to answer the question, "Can electric tricycles go up hills?" Stick around. Here we are. We're at the hill. We are going to show you if electric trikes can go uphill. Alana is on an electric trike, a sixthreezero electric trike. I'm on mine, 250 front hub motor, and Alana weighs 115 pounds, and here's the incline of the hill. We're going to show you a screenshot of what it looks like in the elevation, but it's a significant hill. So, go ahead, Alana. Go for it, and show them if you can make it up there.

Throttle only.

Throttle only right now.

Five miles per hour, six, seven miles per hour, hit a pine cone, eight miles per hour, and now I'm going a lot faster. We've hit the top, nine miles per hour.

Now I'm going to do throttle only up this hill. I'm 215 pounds. Now, keep in mind we're not going to peddle at all. So, let's see if we can do it. Well, you can see we're struggling here. I'm moving a little bit. All right, so throttle only is not going to get us up the hill at 215 pounds, but I'm confident with the peddle assist, we can do it. So, let's go to the bottom, and try this again. Now, we're going to tackle this again in peddle assist, and we'll go together. So, Alana is going to lead the way. Here we go.


All right. I am in peddle assist level five. Here we go. I'm in fifth gear as well.

Now, you can see, even for me, in peddle assist, it is super easy and low stress getting up the hill, and obviously, Alana made it in peddle assist. But these throttles, I mean, they're good for flat ground. Just the torque of going up the hill, it is a lot of torque on the motor to just have the throttle. So, in peddle assist level 5, 215, no problem at all.

I am going eight miles per hour-

And I can see Alana breaking away from me.

level five peddle assist, and second gear. It's crazy.

And we're up.

It's nine miles per hour.

We are up, easy peasy. All right, so we made it up the hill. If you have any other additional questions, please comment below or email us at, or call us at 310-982-2877. Also, if you're in the market for an electric trike, visit our website, You can check them out there, or take our body fit quiz, our proprietary algorithm. You'll answer some questions about your body and your life. It'll recommend the perfect e-trike or e-bike for you. In addition, we have a 90-day, "Test ride your e-bike policy." If you don't love your e-bike within 90 days, send it back, no questions asked. No money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we'll warranty the bike for a year, and join our Facebook peddlers group, and download our app, two places where you can talk to riders before you purchase, see how they're using their bike.

In addition to that, you can ask questions, have fun, and after you have your bike, you can log your miles on the app and make friends in the pedalers' group. It's awesome, a ton of fun to connect with other riders. So, thank you for sticking around, and don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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