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Buying Bicycles At WalMart

Hey guys. Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Thanks for watching.Today I'm going to talk about Walmart bicycles and buying bikes at Walmart. Is a bicycle bought on Walmart good or bad? What's the deal?Before I get into it, if you guys liked this content, please hit the like button. Also, any comments, questions; comment below. We always respond. We'll get back to you. We'd love to hear from you, and please subscribe to our channel. We're going to be knocking out tons of cool content, including some bike ride-alongs and other informative pieces around bikes, and all things bikes.I know there's a stigma around Walmart. People say, "Oh, Walmart. Bad quality, low prices," things like that. I don't necessarily agree. I'll explain why. For some of you that may or may not know, we actually have sixthreezero bikes listed on Now, they're not available in the store. They're only on I can explain why.Walmart has been going through a transition. Obviously, with e-commerce growing, a lot of websites have been offering an expanded selection on their websites, because it's basically free to them. I mean we can put our products on Amazon, or on Walmart, and we actually shipped the bike for Walmart. So, if a sale happens on Walmart, we ship the bike to Walmart's customer. Might be a little-known fact. You may or may not have known that. And that's true of thousands of products, everywhere. I would say a lot of them are not coming from Walmart, they're coming from the actual manufacturer now.It's really good for everybody because it saves freight from our warehouse to Walmart, then to the customer. It's really a more streamlined approach. It's called a drop-shipping. It's something that's become, become really popular over the last 15 years with the growth of e-commerce.With the ability to have that, more websites have been expanding their product selection to have more product without having more costs. So basically, like I said, for Walmart to put our product on their website, no big deal to them. The consumer will then decide, which product do they like best. You're going to find a lot more expanded price ranges on, and that's because, again, there's no reason not to, for Walmart.Now, you may not see the more expensive products on page one, because maybe Walmart customers don't choose to buy a more expensive product. They choose to buy a less expensive product. And also, the people running the website would probably prefer to put the products that are less expensive, because they'll sell more on the front results page.But, with that said, you can go across other categories and I guarantee you'll see products on their website that you've never seen in the store before. Now, when you walk into the store, you're usually going to see the less expensive Walmart products, and that's because that's what sells, and that's what the Walmart customer appreciates is the best price point bike.To go back to my question, should you buy Walmart bicycles? Are Walmart bicycles good quality? It really depends. With that said, it doesn't mean Walmart doesn't carry good quality products, and this is true across all categories; TVs, cameras, everything. You're going to see the same products in Walmart that you're going to see in Target, you're going to see in Dick's sporting goods, you're going to see on Amazon. It's not like if it's just at Walmart, it's bad, or something like that.And that's the same for bicycles, and I say this, too, because our bikes are actually on, and they're pricing them the same as everybody else. I would never put them on there if they weren't a trusted retailer. And I can vouch, and say that we take our product quality seriously. Now, I'm not the most expensive product, but I'm not the least expensive product. And we also take quality seriously, in that we want to deliver a good value, quality product to our consumer.With that said, would I buy a bike at Walmart? Yes, I would. Now, are Walmart bikes in the stores generally going to be less quality than bikes in a bike shop, or on our website? Yes. Now that's not to say if it's good or bad. It depends on what you use, and your needs, of any product, is. An example would be basketball. If Walmart has a less expensive basketball, but you're going to play basketball once a year, buying it at Walmart for a less price, of a lower quality, is a great option.To me, I don't look at Walmart bicycles as bad or good. I look at it like, what's your use case? You know, if somebody came to me and they said, "Look, honestly, Dusty, I'm gonna ride a bike maybe once every two years. I just need to have it in the garage," I could come to them and say, "Check out Walmart."And I actually do that all the time. We get a lot of people requesting bikes for different reasons, different events, bike giveaways, even friends. A lot of friends will come to me and they're like, "Hey, can I get a bike?" And they're like, "Dude, what's up? Your cost isn't even as cheap as Walmart's retail price." And I'd say, "Well then I'd recommend going to Walmart, because if your use case is good for their price model, then that bike is good for you."Now, with that said, if you are planning to be an avid cyclist, and you're going to ride lots of miles, and you may put some serious torque and beat up that bike, I would not recommend a Walmart bike for you. For your riding ability.There are different levels of what products ... when you go into a bike shop or you buy from us, you're going to get more of that medium to high-end range of products. It may be too much bike for some people, but I can definitely tell you, without a doubt, most of our bikes will last longer than most of the bikes you would find in Walmart stores.Now, for the online piece of it, I think it's really a crap-shoot like I said. You're going to find all price points, all qualities, everything on You're going to find ... you might even find bikes over a thousand dollars on I actually think I have seen some with the prices getting even higher and higher, so it's the same bike, same quality.Now, just remember that. Just because it's in Walmart doesn't mean it has to be lower quality, necessarily, but generally speaking, if you walk into the store, and the bike category, specifically, they're going to have less expensive components than the components on sixthreezero, and definitely less expensive components than most bikes in bike shops.There are some other videos I've seen, too, where people take out some Walmart bikes, they ride them downhill. Some hold up pretty well, some don't, but just remember your usage. Please don't try to buy a Kia if you're going to go race on a track at 150 miles an hour necessarily. Buy the car that's going to be built for how you want it to perform. Don't expect to buy a bike at Walmart, and expect it to perform like a bike that costs $1,500.I think that's where a lot of people run into expectation problems is, you see this beautiful looking thing and you think, "Oh, it's perfect." You get it home, and after 30 rides you have an issue or something. Price is attached to quality to some degree. When you spend a little bit more money, you do get a little bit more product in most cases.I hope that helps. I mumbled a little bit, rambled on. But if you have any questions, want to comment, please comment below. I'll always respond. We'll get back to you.

And please like the video and subscribe to us. And if you want to contact us directly, please reach out (310) 982-2877, or shoot us an email, also on the top of our website ... If you go to our website right now, look at the top. Under the navigation, there's a BODYFIT 360 quiz. If you take that quiz, it's going to help fit you to exactly the bike that we recommend.Also, we have a 365-day test drive policy. If the bike doesn't fit or you don't love it, and it's been 364 days, send it back, no fees, nothing. We just want to make sure you'll love your bike.Thanks for watching. Don't forget, comment below.We'll see you next time.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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