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Buying an Electric Tricycle - 3 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Purchasing

Hey everyone. I'm Dustin and today I'm going to tell you three things I wish I had known before buying an electric trike. Stick around.

So today I'm going to tell you three things I wish I knew before buying an electric trike, but before we do hit the subscribe button below, stay in touch with us here at SixThreeZero, so you can be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out for products, giveaways, and all sorts of other things. So hit subscribe.

Behind me, I have the SixThreeZero electric tricycle, which is available in four colorways that you see behind me and I ride one of these and there are three things I really wish I knew before getting an electric trike, so let me tell you what they are.

Number One: Tricycles & Electric Trikes Ride Different than Two Wheel Bicycles

Number one. Trikes and electric trikes ride differently than electric bikes. That is really important to know. If you've never ridden a tricycle before, or if you're someone that only rode a tricycle when you were three, four, or five years old, and you've just been on a bike most of your life, when you get onto a trike, especially an electric trike, I think it's really important that you're prepared for the experience that you are going to have on an electric trike.

What I say, when I say they ride different, they feel different, it is a completely different experience. The way you turn. The way you accelerate, decelerate, and also what a tricycle is capable of, versus a bicycle is totally different.

One thing I'll point out is how you turn is a little bit different. You want to lean away from your turns on tricycles. On two wheel bicycles you'll want to lean into your turns and take the turn at a very decent pace also. On a tricycle you'll want to take turns much, much slower than on a two wheel bicycle. You need to lean against the turns on a tricycle. You can accelerate out of the turn. These are the kind of things when you first get on an electric trike, they may concern you a little bit, or you may feel like, how am I ever going to get used to riding this thing? But I will tell you, once you start to understand the way you move your body, the way it feels, it will become second nature.

There is a certain way to shift your body weight on a tricycle that you will become used to over time. But because most likely you've trained your mind on how to ride a two wheel bicycle, it can take time to adjust to the differences. Once you really grasp the idea that a three wheel bicycle is not a two wheel bicycle, it will become very easy steering and turning a tricycle. In reality it takes less to actually steer and ride a tricycle, but because our minds have been on a two wheel bike for so long it can sometimes feel complicated for first time tricycle riders.

The best way to get used to riding an electric tricycle is to go to a parking lot with a lot of wide open space. This way there are no obstacles you can ride into while riding. Just take your time and start riding slow, take turns slow. As you get more comfortable you can start to tackle trails or more narrow roadways. But definitely as you being to learn to stay in wide open spaces.

But I wish I had known that before I got back on a trike because the first thing you do in your head is you say, "Oh my Gosh. I can't do this." Or, "Oh my Gosh, this feels so crazy." In fact, we made another video with seniors riding electric trikes for the first time and you'll see that the first time people get on the electric tricycle, it feels different and they're not used to it because a lot of adult riders have spent most of their lives riding on two wheels. And for whatever reason now they're choosing a trike, albeit for errands or they have balance issues, or just in general they want to be safer, so it feels different.

You also will want to be more careful going down very steep hills on a tricycle, because you need to brake harder because of the added weight of a trike. When going downhills you'll want to ease the brake the whole way down on a tricycle. This will ensure you a safe, gradual decline down the hill.

A tricycle is also going to accelerate slower than a two wheel bike. A tricycle is obviously a heavier type of bike and thus will require more effort to get it moving. This is why opting for an electric version is a great idea because it can help with the acceleration as need. But on a tricycle you've got more rubber contacting the road and thus it will take more effort to get the three wheels rolling.

So again, it's important that when you get your electric tricycle for the first time, don't judge it based on it being a two-wheeled bike and also give it time. As you get comfortable with it will become second nature. It's just like when you learn to drive a car or ride a bicycle. It was uncomfortable at first because you didn't understand the nuances of how you turn and all of those different elements, but once you get comfortable, it will feel great.

Number Two: All Electric Tricycles Are Not Created Equal

Now, the second thing I wish I had known is all tricycles, all-electric tricycles, are not created equal. There are many features on the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle that aren't found on all e trikes. Those features are the pedal assist & throttle option, low step through frame height, ergonomic riding position, tire size, gear options, folding and not folding and also the vast amount of accessories available to customize your sixthreezero electric tricycle. Across the vast selection of electric tricycles these specs can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Let's get into the details of how each etrike can be built differently.

Electric Tricycle with a Throttle - Benefits of the Throttle

To start with the SixThreeZero electric trike, we have the capability for pedal assist and full throttle, meaning you can have the motor assist you when you pedal, or you don't have to pedal at all. You can simply push the throttle, which is located up here, and the bike will do all of the work for you. Not all electric trikes are going to feature this option. So, you have to think about what is most important to you. Would you like to have that option of the throttle? Do you not care? In the case of our electric trikes, it doesn't cost any extra. It's simply adding a little plastic piece here to connect the throttle to the motor, so you can control the motor here with your thumb, not just with the pedal assist. So, that's important to remember.

The throttle on an electric tricycle is a very fun feature that many riders enjoy having. Throttles on an e trike can come in two different ways, either a twist throttle or a thumb throttle. A twist throttle is located on the grip and works like the throttle on a motorcycle. A thumb throttle is located under the grip and is activated when pushed with your thumb. Both provide power based on how much the rider engages them. A twist throttle gives you more power the more you twist the throttle and the thumb throttle gives you more power the harder you push it down with your thumb.

There are a few benefits to throttles on an electric tricycle. Firstly, having a throttle can make starting a ride much easier. E trikes can be heavy and getting them moving from a complete stop can sometimes be challenging. With the simple twist or press of the throttle the electric tricycle will start moving. Once you have enough momentum and the electric trike has started rolling you can ease off the throttle and start pedaling. This tactic just makes the starting process of a trike ride much more enjoyable.

The other benefit of a throttle on an electric tricycle is at any point during the ride you can give your legs a break. Pedaling a 3 wheel bike can be challenging at times. Having three wheels means more traction on the road but it also means more effort the rider needs to put forth in order to keep the bike rolling. This is where the benefit of having a throttle comes into play. At any point you can stop pedaling, engage your throttle, and you can maintain your speed without any effort on your part. This can allow riders to give their legs a nice rest at any point during their ride. Let your legs recover so you can be rested for the next a part of your ride. This is an especially beneficial strategy if you are tackling long range rides or rides with a lot of hilly terrain.

Low Step Through on Some Electric Tricycles & Not Others

In addition to that, there are other features that make the SixThreeZero trike stand out from other trikes. But for you, think about what is most important and what you really need. As far as the sixthreezero Electric Tricycle, we have a very low step-through, upright riding position, so if comfort is important to you, and reducing body pain on your rides is important to you, the SixThreeZero electric tricycle would be a great option.

The low step-through frame on a tricycle is a crucial design element that significantly enhances the accessibility and user-friendliness of the vehicle. Unlike traditional high-step designs, a low step-through frame allows riders to easily mount and dismount the tricycle with minimal effort, catering to a diverse demographic, especially those with mobility challenges.For individuals with limited flexibility, joint issues, or age-related concerns, a low step-through frame eliminates the need for awkward and strenuous maneuvers when getting on or off the tricycle. This accessibility feature is particularly beneficial for older adults or riders with physical limitations, providing them with a more comfortable and dignified experience.

The importance of a low step-through frame becomes particularly evident in situations where stability and balance are crucial, such as when stopping at intersections or during sudden stops. The design ensures that riders can confidently place their feet on the ground without the need for extensive leg lifting or stretching, reducing the risk of accidents or falls. Moreover, the low step-through frame promotes inclusivity by making tricycles more accessible to a broader range of individuals. Whether for recreational rides, commuting, or fitness, the ease of dismounting encourages more people to embrace tricycle riding as a viable and enjoyable mode of personal transportation.

In essence, the low step-through frame on an electric tricycle is not just a design feature; it's a commitment to creating a more accessible and user-friendly riding experience. By prioritizing ease of dismounting, sixthreezero empowers riders of all ages and abilities to enjoy the many benefits of three-wheelers e bikes without the barriers posed by traditional high-step designs.

Ergonomic Tricycle Riding Postion

The position the riders is seated in is another element that is not the same across all electric tricycles. Some e trikes may require the rider to lean slightly forward in order to reach the handlebars. This is not an ideal position because it will put tension on the riders lower back and shoulders. The type of handlebars that are on the electric tricycle greatly impacts how much the rider will need to lean forward. A handlebar that comes into the riders body will allow them to sit upright in an ergonomic position and not have to lean forward. On all of the sixthreezero e trikes, the rider is seated in an upright position. The two types of handlebars on sixthreezero electric tricycles, the swooping cruiser bar and the mini ape hanger bar both come into the riders body. These type of handlebars allow the rider to keep a straight upright back and sit comfortably on their tricycle. If you are concerned about the sitting position on your tricycle make sure to find one with an upright riding position. It will reduce pain on your trike rides and keep you smile throughout the ride.

Tire Size on Your Adult Electric Tricycle

An electric tricycle can come with many different tire sizes. Tires on electric trike bikes can range from 16" up to 26" in diameter typically. But the width of the tire can also vary, from usually as thin as 2.125" up to widths of 4". The different tires serve different purposes and can handle different terrains differently. Smaller tires are best for shorter distance riding and also for a tricycle that may be ridden in tighter spaces. The small tires will be easy to turn and navigate with. They will also keep the electric tricycle closer to the ground giving the trike a lower center of gravity. Generally this will make the three wheel bike more stable and also will make it easy to mount and dismount. Larger tires are great if you plan to ride your electric tricycle on varying types of terrains like trails. Having the extra width will absorb the bumps and will also make it easier for the trike to traverse the varying levels of the terrain. Having the extra width of the tire can also add stability. The more rubber on the ground the better generally speaking for stability. But the added width will make it more difficult to pedal. Even if you plan to use the electric assist or throttle the majority of your rides, the bigger wider tires will drain the battery quicker. The added size and weight of the 4" wide tires will mean the motor will have to work harder thus draining the battery. It's important to think about how you will mainly use your e trike and what terrain you will most likely be riding on. This will allow you to choose the correct components and not overpay for your tricycle. While it may look cool to have big fat tires or you may like how compact and small a tricycle is with small tires, make sure to consider every part of the rides you plan to do. From the hills, to the terrain, and also your own body type, all of these factors play in to choosing the correct tires for your electric tricycle.

Gear Options on an Electric Tricycle

Electric tricycles of course have a motor, but they can also have gears like on a conventional non electric tricycle. The options for gears on a trike are usually one, three, or seven. It's uncommon to see speeds above seven on an electric trike but some types may. Seven speeds is most common on an electric tricycle. This will allow the rider to have enough gears to get them up hills with pedal assistance. If the gears are not setup correctly it may be difficult to match the cadence of pedaling with the amount of assistance you get from the motor. If you are pedaling fast and it feels like motor is doing all the work, this is called "ghost pedaling." This is when you don't have a high enough gear to match the output of the motor. You can also add a very large font chainring for a single speed or seven speed, by doing this your gears will match better with higher levels of assistance but it will be difficult to pedal up hills. This is why getting at least seven gears on an electric tricycle is recommended. It will give riders enough range to have a good pedal cadence both up hill and on flat ground with varying speeds. The other benefit of a multi speed e trike is you will be able to pedal without the assistance of a the motor. Should you choose to go out for a ride and not want to use the electric assistance having at least seven gears will make pedaling much easier than if you only had a single speed. It is something to consider if you think you may decide to use your electric tricycle sans the electric. Consider your riding habits and terrain before making a choice on the number of gears for your e trike.

Battery Size on Your Electric Tricycle

There are varying sizes of batteries on an electric tricycle. Batteries are usually measure in amp hours or watt hours. Batteries can range in size from 8 amp hours to 21 amp hours usually. The watt hour size would typically range from 288 up to 1,000. The larger the battery the more expensive the electric tricycle will be generally speaking. A larger battery will obviously be capable of taking riders on farther rides but there are some exceptions to this. Fat tire e trikes will require larger batteries because they are heavier and have more rubber dragging on the pavement. The thick wheels, usually either 3" or 4" will need more battery power to propel the rider.

It's also very important to consider where you are going to ride your etrike, this will have a large impact on the battery size you will need. If you plan to ride up several hills on your rides then it will be important to have a larger battery. The more uphill riding you do the quicker your battery will drain. If you plan to stay mostly on flat ground then even batteries on the smaller side will last for many miles.

There are other factors to consider regarding the battery. The weight of the rider will also impact the range you can expect to get from your electric trike battery. The heavier the rider, the quicker the battery will drain. Now, it's not just the rider's weight but also how they use the electric assist. A rider let's say over 250lbs who uses the throttle for an entire ride may only get a max of five to ten miles on their electric trike rides. But that same 250lb rider who only uses pedal assist may get 15 - 20 miles per ride.

It's very hard to accurately predict the range a rider will get with their battery. The same is true of cars, it will depend on the route, terrain, weight of rider and how the electric assist is used. As you start to ride your trike more frequently you were started to get familiar with the type of range you can come to expect on your rides. Choosing a bigger battery for your electric tricycle may never be a bad thing, but it will cost you additional money. If you don't frequent long rides, trails and just enjoy cruising around the neighborhood on your electric tricycle, then a small battery will work perfectly fine for you.

Foldable or Non Foldable Electric Tricycle

Foldable electric trikes are great for storing and taking with you. Generally the frame can fold in half, the handlebars can fold down and the pedals can fold up. This makes them very compact when folded and they can fit in a hatchback, SUV or and RV. Many riders want to transport their tricycle to a trail or park where they enjoy riding. If you are someone who may want to transport your e trike frequently then a folding electric trike may be a good option. But foldable electric tricycles are not always lighter than non folding trikes. It can depend on what the frame is made out of and also what kind of accessories are on the tricycle. Adding a basket in the front and/or rear can drastically increase the weight of an electric tricycle. It's important to think about what is most important to you, the cargo space, the weight or both. Generally folding electric tricycles will also have smaller wheels. Smaller wheels are good for some types of riding. It makes the tricycle much easier to turn and navigate tight spaces. But for longer rides where you want to cruise and get more roll out of each tire rotation a tire with a larger diameter is a better option. If you plan to use the electric assist for the majority of your rides, then you won't be able to really tell the difference between having a folding and non folding electric tricycle. The smaller tires won't have much impact on the rider. The battery will obviously drain quicker if you choose to engage the assist frequently. But all in all a foldable electric tricycle is a great option for easy transporting, storage and having a nimble, easy to turn tricycle.

Number 3: ETrikes Are So Much Fun!

Now, the last thing I wish I had known before I bought an electric trike is I didn't realize how much fun they would be, honestly. I say that because a lot of people turn to a trike or an electric trike for practicality, meaning they lost their balance or they just want to be safer and they don't want to be on two wheels for the fear of crashing.

I will say two wheels, three wheels, four wheels, it doesn't matter. Trikes are so much fun, especially electric trikes. The reason I love it and I have one in my garage, in addition to having other two-wheel bikes, is it's such a different experience. All ages and different types of riders can benefit from having a three-wheel electric bike. Electric tricycles have helped people of all ages get back into bike riding and regain a confidence they didn't have before. This is what made me fall in love with e-tricycles. I believe this is the reason they are so loved by consumers and will continue to grow in the electric bike space.

Three wheel ebikes are so fun, you don't have to worry about balancing it all. You'll never have to worry about tipping over or keeping the bike upright. It makes for a very relaxed enjoyable riding experience. Simply hop on and starting riding. I can push the throttle like this. It just goes. I actually choose an electric tricycle when I really do not want to keep my balance. I just kind of want to have fun, throw some stuff in the back, and ride to the beach. That's what also makes it fun you can take your dog so easily.

If you actually check out the SixThreeZero Pedalers Group on Facebook or Instagram, we've posted photos. A lot of people put their dogs in the back. You can hook up a baby seat to this as well. There are just so many different types of uses and different things you can do. We've also had a lot of fun with the electric trike here at our office by putting somebody in the back. I don't recommend that but that option is there. So yeah, I mean, I think if you're turning to an electro trike and there's a practicality reason for it, don't be discouraged. Don't think, "Oh, I'm not on two wheels anymore." This is so much fun. I love it and honestly, I look forward to getting on this for rides. But I will say, when I was looking to buy a trike, I was a little worried about the stigma at first, but I can tell you right now, not anymore.

In addition to that too, having the power makes it that much more fun, where you can just get up and go. Again, I'm not doing anything. I'll just back up for you here. Actually, I'll do a quick loop and you can see how easy that is. And again, I'm leaning into the turn-on trikes and I can go ahead and park it right here and there you have it.

So, if you are in the market for an electric trike, those are the three things I wish I had known before I bought my electric trike, my SixThreeZero electric tricycle, which is available in teal, cream, navy, and matte black. You can check it out on

Number one trikes are different than two-wheel bikes. They're going to ride differently. They're going to feel differently and it may take you a little time to get used to it. Number two, not all trikes are created equal. Make sure you find the right trike for your riding needs. There are options out there. The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle is a great all-purpose, comfort trike that can do a lot of different things for a lot of different people. And number three, trikes are so much fun and if you thought they wouldn't be, I recommend giving it a try and getting out there and going for a ride.

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions at all, please comment below. We'll get back to really fast or you can shoot us an email. The team at or call us at (310) 982-2877. Don't forget, if you are in the market for an electric trike, visit our website you can also take our body fit quiz on the website and we can recommend the perfect bike or trike for you. Or if you just know you want our electric trike, visit our website. You can see these bikes on

30 Day Test Ride Your Electric Tricycle

In addition to that, we have a 30-day test ride your E-bike policy. If you don't love your bike or trike within 30 days, your E-trike, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And on regular bikes, nonelectric, we have a 30-day test ride your bike policy, so we want to guarantee that you love your bike.

Lastly, be a part of our community, either before or after your purchase, and own a SixThreeZero, before you can download the app and join the Pedalers Group. It's a great place to connect with our current riders, hear their experiences, and ask them questions about their electric trike or any of their bikes, so you can get more information before you purchase.

Then once you have your trike, you can log your miles on the app, be a part of the competitions on the app, win prizes, and of course, log miles to help us achieve our People Pedaling goal for this year, 150,000 miles.

I think that is it. Thank you again for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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