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Buy Electric Bike - The 5 Most Important Things to Know Before You Buy E Bike

Hey everyone. I'm Dustin, and today I'm going to tell you five tips you must know before buying an electric bike. Come along with me.

All right, so today I'm going to tell you five tips you must know before buying an electric bike. Now, this isn't one of my five tips but always wear a helmet. So right here I have the Sixthreezero Simple Step-Thru electric bike. You can find this on our website, I'm going to get on this and take you for a ride while I walk you through the five things you must know before buying an electric bike.

So let's get right into it. Number one, not all electric bikes have a throttle and a pedal assist option. You can see right here on the Sixthreezero, we have a thumb throttle here. Some bikes may have a twist shift throttle on the grip, but not all have a throttle. Most electric bikes come at least equipped with a pedal assist function. Let's go ahead and go for a ride, and I'll show you that real quick.

It's very simple. Once you start pedaling, the pedal assists just kick in and there we go. And we're off and riding. Now if you're interested in having the ability to have the bike do all the work, then you'd want to throttle. You can just push it like this and I accelerate. Or you can twist if it's a twist throttle. But again, not all electric bikes are going to have that feature. Some may, some may not. It totally depends on the brand. So look for that in the specs, if you think that's something you're interested in having.

Now, number two, what you must know before buying an electric bike. The word electric bike has become very broad. There are so many different types of electric bikes now. So the number two thing you must know is there are tons of tire sizes, tons of riding positions, and tons of configurations. So it's really important before you buy an electric bike, you have to think about what your needs are, what's most important to you.

As an example, I am on the Simple Step-Thru electric bike from Sixthreezero. It has a perfect ergonomic riding position, the bar swoops into your body. It's very comfortable. In addition, it has this step-through frame, which is easy to get on and off. So if you're looking for comfort or ease of mounting and dismounting, this would be the electric bike that you would want. But there are other things, smaller e-bikes, folding e-bikes, and e-bikes you can put in the trunk of your car more easily. So again, not all e-bikes are created equal. Make sure you find the one that is right for you.

Okay, my third thing you must know before buying an e-bike is not all motor sizes are the same. E-bike motor sizes can start at 250 watts, and go up to thousands of watts depending on where you're going to use it, and how you're going to use it. So you really need to consider what you're going to use your e-bike for, what kind of hills you're going to going to use it on, flat ground pavement, or if you're going to be in the mountains scaling large mountains, you'll need thousand watts or more of power.

I'm going to tackle this hill right here. This is a 500-watt. I think 500 watts is a great all-purpose motor size for general around-town riding and some hills. Nothing crazy like mountain hills, but a hill like this will be no problem. So my one piece of advice is just you're going to pay more money for larger-size motors, which seems pretty obvious. So you don't necessarily want to get a motor that's huge if you don't need it because you're going to pay extra for it. Now you can see this is pretty substantial, here, I'm 215 pounds and I'm just casually letting the pedal assist get me up the hill here. So again, not all motor sizes are created equal.

Now, the fourth thing you must know before buying an e-bike, not all battery sizes are created equal. You can see right here on mine, I've got my battery in the back here. Easily removable if you have it back here, which is a plus. So it's also you want to consider how far you're going to ride, where you're going to ride, the kind of terrain. Also, the weight of the rider is going to impact the battery size you may or may not want, because the heavier the rider, the more you're going to drain the battery, the more hills you're going to ride, the more you're going to drain the battery. So just important to think about battery size. Now, the battery is going to be the one factor that dictates the price of an e-bike more than anything else. We're going to make a left-hand turn here. So it's very important to think about the size of the battery you need for the type of riding you're going to need.

Okay, lastly, my fifth tip. There are three different classes of e-bikes here in California. Lots of cities and states, municipalities, and local areas have laws. It's important that you know where you're going to be riding. You want to familiarize yourself with the laws of your cities, of the region. So you make sure you're not buying an e-bike that is possibly illegal. As an example, in National Parks, there are restrictions on the types of bikes you can use. Now, with that, it's going to be hard for law enforcement or rangers to identify what type of e-bike you're on. But if you want 100% be obeying the law, that's something you need to pay attention to.

So my five things you must know before buying an e-bike are: number one, not all E-bikes have a throttle. A lot of them come equipped with just pedal assist. So if you want pedal assist and throttle, something to look out for. Number two is the riding position and the type of frame. There are lots of different sizes, different step-throughs, and different wheel sizes. You have to make sure that you also match that up with your riding, and how you're going to be riding.

Number three, different motor sizes. Make sure you get the wattage, and the power that you need. Number four is the battery. Try to make sure you get the right kind of battery size. This is a 10.4 Amp power battery here. That's a good general-size battery. You can go up to 14 Amp power, or 15 Amp power. It's going to drive the price up, but it's going to extend your mileage. So think about how long you're going to be out there riding for a single ride.

The number five thing you must know before buying an e-bike, check your local laws. Make sure you're going to buy an e-bike that will be legal to ride in the way that you want to ride it. So those are the five things you must know before buying an electric bike.

If you have any other questions or you need help selecting the right e-bike, you can comment below or reach out to us, the Or call us at (310) 982-2877, or take our proprietary body fit quiz on our website. You'll answer a few questions about your body and your life and our proprietary algorithm will recommend the perfect e-bike for you.

In addition, we have a 30-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love it, send it back in 30 days, no questions asked. Lastly, before you buy your e-bike, join our communities. Download our app, join our Facebook pedals group, connect with existing Sixthreezero riders, see how they love their e-bikes, hear their stories, and see how they're logging miles. Then after you get your Sixthreezero e-bike, make friends, log your rides on the app, and post photos. It is a ton of fun.

So thanks for coming along on this ride with me. I'm going to go ahead and finish the ride, but don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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