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Building a Bike in a TSUNAMI | Survival Guide

Hey, everybody. Peter Colorado is here with SixThreeZero. Today we're out here in Huntington Beach, always looking for more adventure. The more adventure we can get, that's what we want. We want to ride our bikes at ... Oh, God, that's a tsunami warning. Helicopter, call a helicopter in. I need a bike right now. Airdrop it.

They sent me a toolbox too. If that tsunami warning is correct, I only have five minutes to get out of here. Going to clip that front wheel off. Turn that fork around. Don't lose my tools. We'll clean up all this trash after the tsunami.

Oh, my God. I can hear it. It's coming. Alarm is annoying. All right. Where are my pedals? Survival.

This is real life, folks. Sometimes you never know what's going to hit you on a live shoot. I don't know how much time we've got. I can see the swell out there. Oh, my God.

Get out of here, Nate. It's coming. Save yourself. Save yourself, Nate.


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