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Body Ease Women's Bike

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Want to talk to you today about the Women's Body Ease, where can it be ridden? And who's a good for. So the Body Ease was named for a very simple reason because it's easy on your body. We've designed it so it's an upright ride, very comfortable, also an easy step-through frame. So great for riders that maybe have a little bit more trouble mounting and dismounting a traditional triangle frame bike. So what is this by good for? Ideally, I would say this is a bike that's designed mainly for paved surfaces, but could also be used on hardpack trails. And when I say hardpack trails, I mean, usually very hard-packed trails. So a hard-packed dirt trail through a forest preserve or maybe some grass. I do not recommend riding this bike off-road through forestry or stones and branches, things of that nature.

So ideally, mainly on paved surfaces. So these bikes are good for somebody that is going to usually average shorter rides. I would say typically no more than 20 miles a ride. Although, 20 miles or more can be done. Just the positioning and the style of the bike are not really ideal for 20 plus miles. Also, I'd say casual riding speeds. So this is for someone that really isn't looking to break a sweat necessarily. It's more about comfort. So this bike is designed entirely with comfort in mind for the rider that wherever they're going, they just want to be comfortable. And if they do want to exercise or break a sweat or deliver groceries or pick things up at the store, that's fine but the number one goal is to be comfortable while doing it. And essentially for the riders that ride this bike, it's more about just getting active and being mobile, not about how fast you go or how far you're riding.

And again, it's also for the rider that's concerned about their body. So this might be for the rider that has pain in their back, pain in their arms, pain in their knees while riding a more traditional lean forward bike or a mountain bike or something of that nature. You just want to be able to ride a bike and be comfortable while doing it. So I'll walk you through some of the features that make it conducive for that type of rider. So starting out here, number one, you see the step-through frame, a really low frame. This is great for the rider that isn't comfortable lifting their leg really high to get on and off the bike. So I would say for typically, maybe riders 55 plus this is a great option. Makes mounting and dismounting very easy or for someone that has really short legs.

All you have to do is step right through the frame, you can get on the bike. Very simply. In addition, you can see we have two other features here, the suspension seat post and the suspension fork. So the suspension seat post is great because it's going to absorb a lot of shocks as you go over bumps and curves and things in the streets. So it's great because you don't have to feel that vibration in your body. The seat post is going to move you up and down as you go over these bumps, it's going to make the ride a lot smoother on your rear end. You're not going to feel a vibration in your butt when you get off. If it's a stiffer seat post, all the vibration you're going to feel in your body, this seat post is going to absorb a little bit more of that.

I'm also going up here to the suspension fork, it's very similar. So the suspension forecast two features. It can be locked or unlocked. When it's locked, the fork will not be in suspension mode, meaning the suspension will not move up and down. When it's unlocked, the suspension will move up and down. So in the lock position, it's great because it allows the wheels to roll a lot smoother and faster. When it's unlocked, it's going to absorb more of the bumps of the curb or the rocks or the trails. So it would be up to the rider. If you're looking to go and roll a little bit and ride faster, keep it locked. But if you're concerned about vibration and being comfortable on that ride, then unlock it. Let fork move with the bumps in the rolls of the road and the terrain. Much easier on your body.

Again, you'll feel less vibration in your arms and your chest, and your hands. Sometimes if you're going over lots of bumps and you don't have a suspension fork, you're going to feel a lot of vibration in your hands. And it can sometimes create numbing if it's enough vibration. Now, again, not going to be riding down mountains with this bike, but sometimes coming down a mountain bike, a lot of vibration, your hand starts to hurt over time. And then you can also see the seat. The seat is always really important when you're talking about a comfort bike. This is a dual elastomer seat. It's about a medium to wide width. It's great. It cradles the rear. It's very soft. It's going to absorb again, all the vibrations. So when you're looking at the back half of the bike here, you have the suspension seat post and the elastomer on the seat. So it's like a dual vibration system.

So to review the Body Ease, this is a great bike for recreational riders, entirely focused on comfort. They just want to go out for a ride. They want simplicity getting on and off the bike. They want their body in a relaxed position and they don't want to be in pain when getting on and off. The last thing I'll say is this bike does come in a three, seven, and 21-speed option. So if you're going to be doing very recreational rides, you don't really need gears, but maybe just a few speeds to get going a little faster or slower at any given moment, three-speed is a great option. If you're going to ride 10 plus miles and you want to have the extra speeds, seven-speed is a great option. You may occasionally ride a hill here or there so the seven-speed would be great for that. 21-speed option, if you know you're really going to ride 20 miles or you're really focused on comfort, but you still maybe want to break a sweat. You could push this up to the 21-speed option.

You could get going a lot faster. You could ride it a lot more aggressively. So even though it's called the body ease, the fact that it's available in 21 speeds does give it the capability to be geared for longer distances and maybe some exercise here and there. So if you have any other questions, want to ask us anything more specific about the Women's Body Ease, reach out to us at or call us on the phone (310) 982-2877. Don't forget to enter your height and your weight into the body fit calculator. It's going to give you a thumbs up, thumbs down, whether this bike is a fit for you. If you can't find a bike that fits you, give us a call, we can always customize and find something that's right for your body. And lastly, don't forget, free shipping both ways. And we offer a 365-day test drive policy. We want to ensure that the bike is right for you, and no matter what we're going to help you get there. So that's the commitment Sixthreezero makes.


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