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Biking Gift Guide: Popular Bike Styles & Accessories

Are you looking for bike accessories for yourself, friends or family members? Sixthreezero makes it easy for you with this biking gift guide that covers five popular bike styles. Check out some of the most creative and affordable accessories in today's market.

1. Cruiser Bikes for Men & Women

Cruiser bikes are ideal for relaxed, leisure riding on the waterfront and urban trails. Make rides even better with the gift of hydration in the form of the Kroozie Cup 2.0. This sleek, convenient accessory mounts to the handlebars, holds a soda can or 88-millimeter diameter bottle and adds a pop of color to any bike.

Many cruisers sport a rear rack that lets the rider attach a basket or use a bungee system to secure outsized cargo. The short or long Surfboard Rack is a handy gift that allows a biker to easily transport his or her board. The SunLite Gold Tech Lite Rear Rack with Struts combines an aesthetic design with a durable spring retention system.

2. Comfort Bikes

These bikes are generally smooth and stable machines, designed for the casual rider. Take comfort biking to a higher level with a water bottle cage or phone holder gift.

Water bottle cages mount easily to a comfort bike's down-tubes, providing a secure and convenient berth for a water bottle. Typically made of lightweight, durable materials, products like the Delta Alloy Bottle Cage cost just a few dollars.

Thanks to GPS and mapping systems, many riders won't hit the road or trail without their phones. Whether you opt for the silicone-inlay Clean Motion Rotating Cell Phone Holder or the Velotrac Pak Phone Holder, these products allow users to easily access their phone's audio and video.

3. Commuter Bikes

Visibility and security are critical factors for commuter bikers, which is why lights and locks make great gifts. Light choices range from the Sunlite Micro USB Rechargeable Front and Rear Light Set to the Beam Bug, a quick-mounting, battery-powered multi-functional mini light.

From combo to key locks, a lock is a useful gift for any commuter. The heavy-duty Securit Spyne Armor Key Lock features steel shells to protect the inner steel cable, a synthetic coating to protect the bike's bodywork and two keys.

4. Tricycles

A super-stable workhorse, the tricycle is made for accessories, and baskets and bells are practically expected.

Gift your tricycle-riding friend the handlebar-mount SunLite Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Wire Basket that's roomy, stylish and convenient for shopping. If you're interested in a more rustic-looking choice, try the Nantucket Tuckernuck Collection Rear Wicker Basket. This versatile accessory attaches to rear racks with two metal hooks or leather-velcro straps.

For a few dollars, a bell makes a delightful gift or stocking stuffer. The sixthreezero Bike Bell fits most styles of bikes and alerts other riders and pedestrians with its loud, clear ring. Want a more whimsical option? Try Swell Bells and choose from a clutch of creative designs, including Peace, Sugar Skull and Sunflower.

5. Fat Tire Bikes

Fat tires are for the die-hard two-wheel adventurers. Whether striking out on sand, snow, smooth pavement or trails, these riders put their bikes and bodies through their paces. That's why a comfort seat and grips or "hand clouds" make ideal gifts.

Made of comfortable synthetic materials, the sixthreezero Seat fits most bikes thanks to its universal seat post mount, and is available in black, brown, and white with black components. Leather Handlebar Grips for single-, three- and seven-speed bikes are not only soft and comfortable but also durable and good-looking.

If these ideas capture your gift-buying imagination, browse a bike retailer's websites for more popular accessories. From patch kits to car racks, you'll find accessories for every style of bike.


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