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BikesDirect: How to Select Discounted Prices

BikesDirect: Analyzing The Competition

BikesDirect is an online retailer of bikes. They specialize in making replicas of other well-known branded products. These products are then sold directly to the consumer. Their products are only sold online on their website. sixthreezero does not work with this company. In fact, we are competitors. They are in the business of only manufacturing and selling products that they make. In other words, they don't carry any brands on their site that they are not manufacturing. And that's similar to what sixthreezero does. We also manufacture our own brand, and we sell them directly to our customers. The difference is that we do sell them on other channels other than our website. But it wouldn't be in either of our best interests to work together.

How To Get The Best Deal On Bikes

If you were to order from BikesDirect, there are tips to ensure you get the best deal. Because they make their own products, it's hard to compare their products to others. This is because their products are less well known. I would suggest making sure you're getting a good deal. To do this take a well-known competitor, let's say Trek or Giant. Or even take a sixthreezero product, and perform a side-by-side comparison of all the specs. You want to make sure whichever bike you buy on BikesDirect has comparable specs. Either at a similar or more expensive price. For instance, say the BikesDirect bike, is $500, yet has the same specs as a Trek bike at $800. Then you'd be getting a great deal with BikesDirect. If you were to look at a bike on BikesDirect for $300, and sixthreezero offers a similar model for $300. Well, that seems to be about the right price for those particular specs. Therefore, it's your choice in regards to:

  • The bike that suits your needs better
  • The product that looks better to you
  • Or what's important to you in your buying decision

Other than that, I would say when looking at BikesDirect, shop around and do your research.

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